Black Cherry Soda ~ The Quest for a New Mom

If you have followed me at all either on the internet or have read my book Dank you will know that I don’t consider myself a educated breeder as much as I do a collector of Elite genetics.

I have spent two decades growing out thousands of seeds or growing out clones and cuttings collected from friends and foes alike. Some times they herm out and seed your entire crop and other times you find that special plant that makes it all worth while. Now that I run TGA I have other talented growers on the look out for those special strains and that is how we found the Black Train Wreck used to create Chernobyl.

The problem is I am an extreme Pot Snob and very few strains actually impress me these days so when when does I get really excited. This is the case with this new bud/clone/cutting that came to us as Black Cherry Soda.

The bud first came to me through Dioxide my best friend and the creator of Chernobyl, Deep Purple, and Qrazy Train and as always we washed the bong and MzJill, Dioxide and myself sampled the bud and gave our opinions and all three of us loved this stuff.

It has a nice grapey fruit cherry flavor but the really unique part is the exhale when you actually pick up traces of Cream Soda, which we assume helped coin its name.

I’d like to thank Fat Dave for the sample that we enjoyed very much.

I smoked at least nine samples of assorted Purple Buds at the International Expo and not tasted as good as this bud. Grand Daddy Purps, Mendo Purps and many northern California strains all have a similar grape, merlot, musty taste but this was completely different. The smell was a sour grape odor and the flavor was sweet and fruity.

I asked Dioxide if he thought we could get a cutting from Dave and he said he would give it a try. The clone came to us in poor shape but some TLC by Dioxide and he got some nice healthy growth and was able to take a few cuttings which he rooted and brought one to me. I placed her into the veg area and she has been growing up and is a very healthy vigorous plant.

I’m really excited about the prospect of working with this plants genetics but first she will be tested fully to make sure she really is as good as our initial impressions.

Everyone in this story is a card-holder and this is all legal under or state laws which makes what I do easier than when I did it all underground.

It the next chapter we will see how she performs in bud.