Free Marc Emery: Cannabis Activists ‘Occupy’ and ‘Shut Down’ Conservative MP’s Offices

'Free Marc' organizer Jacob Hunter protesting outside Conservative MP Andrew Saxton's office in North Vancouver. (Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer - click to enlarge)‘Free Marc’ organizer Jacob Hunter protesting outside Conservative MP Andrew Saxton’s office in North Vancouver. (Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer – click to enlarge)CANNABIS CULTURE – Vancouver, Toronto and Oshawa marijuana activists held political occupations at three Conservative Party Member of Parliament constituency offices throughout Canada on Friday in an act of defiant solidarity. The message: “Free Marc Emery”.

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At about 10am, activists from the British Columbia Marijuana Party and Cannabis Culture, protested the office of Conservative MP Andrew Saxton to demand an end to Marc Emery’s pending extradition to the United States. However, when the activists arrived, they found the office locked and empty.

“We’re going to go to every Conservative office,” organizer Jacob hunter told a CBC reporter, “and if they decide to shut down they are going to be taking a lot of vacation days, and that’s something they’re going to have to explain to the Canadian taxpayer.”

Since they couldn’t bring their message face-to-face to North Vancouver Conservatives, the activists bought some sidewalk chalk from a local store and decorated the building with colorful messages of peace and pot freedom.

The “Occupation” campaign was launched last Tuesday, when Conservative MP and Heritage Minister James Moore was targeted by the mega-phone wielding crowd as protesters gathered around the front counter in his small Port Moody office.

The protesters rolled joints on Moore’s desk, shouted in their megaphones, and discussed the folly of the Drug War with local police, who at first tried to remove the activists, but let them stay after a phone call to the Crown. The protest made headlines, and the video was even posted by the Globe and Mail.

According to Hunter and CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer, who appeared on CBC’s Power and Politics with Evan Solomon to talk about the rallies, the action is just the start of a continuing “relentless” campaign.

Indeed, Saxton’s office wasn’t the only Conservative protested on Friday morning.

In Toronto, Ontario, over a dozen Marc Emery supporters occupied and rolled joints in Conservative MP Peter Kent’s office at 7600 Yonge Street in Thornhill. A group call the Toronto HASHMOB claims to have inspired many people to take action and more office sit-ins and protests are coming over the next few days and weeks.

At the office of Oshawa Conservative MP Colin Carrie, activists collected over 100 signatures from citizens who want Marc Emery to remain in Canada and presented them to Carrie’s secretary. They too rolled joints on the Member of Parliament’s desk and made their message clear.

On Monday, May 17th the office of Conservative MP Patrick Brown in Barrie, Ontario was occupied by protesters. The promise of more occupations to come is not an empty threat!

Demonstrators hope people use the videos and pictures of these direct action campaigns as a guide for your own protest!

Hunter, who participated in the occupation of Conservative MP James Moore’s office in Port Moody earlier in the week, stressed the importance of citizens taking direct action to the media.

“Whether or not it’s for Marc Emery, or to repeal prohibition, we want everyone to know that it is fully legal to protest inside your member of Parliament’s office,” Hunter said. “Go to their offices, occupy, sit in, let them conduct business, but let everyone who goes in there know why you’re there.”

Rallies in opposition to Emery’s extradition are scheduled to take place around the world on May 22, with Vancouver’s rally taking place in Victory Square, and the US Consulate in Toronto. Worldwide Rallies for Marc Emery are being planned all across the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Australia and Europe.

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