Free Marc Emery: Cannabis Activists ‘Occupy’ and ‘Shut Down’ Conservative MP’s Offices

'Free Marc' organizer Jacob Hunter protesting outside Conservative MP Andrew Saxton's office in North Vancouver. (Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer - click to enlarge)‘Free Marc’ organizer Jacob Hunter protesting outside Conservative MP Andrew Saxton’s office in North Vancouver. (Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer – click to enlarge)CANNABIS CULTURE – Vancouver, Toronto and Oshawa marijuana activists held political occupations at three Conservative Party Member of Parliament constituency offices throughout Canada on Friday in an act of defiant solidarity. The message: “Free Marc Emery”.

CLICK HERE for info on the May 22 WORLDWIDE RALLY for MARC EMERY and start a protest in your town today!

At about 10am, activists from the British Columbia Marijuana Party and Cannabis Culture, protested the office of Conservative MP Andrew Saxton to demand an end to Marc Emery’s pending extradition to the United States. However, when the activists arrived, they found the office locked and empty.

“We’re going to go to every Conservative office,” organizer Jacob hunter told a CBC reporter, “and if they decide to shut down they are going to be taking a lot of vacation days, and that’s something they’re going to have to explain to the Canadian taxpayer.”

Since they couldn’t bring their message face-to-face to North Vancouver Conservatives, the activists bought some sidewalk chalk from a local store and decorated the building with colorful messages of peace and pot freedom.

The “Occupation” campaign was launched last Tuesday, when Conservative MP and Heritage Minister James Moore was targeted by the mega-phone wielding crowd as protesters gathered around the front counter in his small Port Moody office.

The protesters rolled joints on Moore’s desk, shouted in their megaphones, and discussed the folly of the Drug War with local police, who at first tried to remove the activists, but let them stay after a phone call to the Crown. The protest made headlines, and the video was even posted by the Globe and Mail.

According to Hunter and CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer, who appeared on CBC’s Power and Politics with Evan Solomon to talk about the rallies, the action is just the start of a continuing “relentless” campaign.

Indeed, Saxton’s office wasn’t the only Conservative protested on Friday morning.

In Toronto, Ontario, over a dozen Marc Emery supporters occupied and rolled joints in Conservative MP Peter Kent’s office at 7600 Yonge Street in Thornhill. A group call the Toronto HASHMOB claims to have inspired many people to take action and more office sit-ins and protests are coming over the next few days and weeks.

At the office of Oshawa Conservative MP Colin Carrie, activists collected over 100 signatures from citizens who want Marc Emery to remain in Canada and presented them to Carrie’s secretary. They too rolled joints on the Member of Parliament’s desk and made their message clear.

On Monday, May 17th the office of Conservative MP Patrick Brown in Barrie, Ontario was occupied by protesters. The promise of more occupations to come is not an empty threat!

Demonstrators hope people use the videos and pictures of these direct action campaigns as a guide for your own protest!

Hunter, who participated in the occupation of Conservative MP James Moore’s office in Port Moody earlier in the week, stressed the importance of citizens taking direct action to the media.

“Whether or not it’s for Marc Emery, or to repeal prohibition, we want everyone to know that it is fully legal to protest inside your member of Parliament’s office,” Hunter said. “Go to their offices, occupy, sit in, let them conduct business, but let everyone who goes in there know why you’re there.”

Rallies in opposition to Emery’s extradition are scheduled to take place around the world on May 22, with Vancouver’s rally taking place in Victory Square, and the US Consulate in Toronto. Worldwide Rallies for Marc Emery are being planned all across the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Australia and Europe.

CLICK HERE to see if your city is on the list – if not, start your own rally!



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    Can you please make it more explicit what exactly YOUR definition of “stoner” is? It just seems to me that you have one certain idea or ideal of what a stoner is. Is it a person who consumes cannabinoids from plant material? Is it one who does this and then does absolutely nothing else besides sit around on the couch all day? I mean I use cannabis every single day, probably similar to the way one would enjoy a fresh cup of coffee (caffeine) every morning. Now I guess that would make me a stoner. But I am much more than just a stoner, stoning is one part of my life, but I am a full time student at a major university in the US. I’ve just finished my third year as an undergrad studying chemistry as well as philosophy. So when I graduate maybe people will call me a stoner, others possibly a chemist. But really I just want to be considered a human being. But to get to the point of you saying that the game is over, I believe you are heavily underestimating the movement, for all across the US things are truly beginning to change. The fact is, innocent non violent people are being put into prisons, and people are finally beginning to see that it is a waste of time and money. Why is it that if I consume cannabis then my brain does not function on the same level as one who does not? Throughout my time here on this planet I have come across thousands of un intelligent straight edge, non cannabis users and never have I thought to myself “stupid sober” (or something a bit more clever). So I mean you can label people all day long if you want and call names, do whatever, because behind the scenes there are plenty, PLENTY of intelligent cannabis users (stoners) and these folks are the ones you won’t notice. So please leave your opinions to yourself so that the rest of the people who risk their freedom everyday using this plant don’t have to see your scum splattered on this page or any other.

  8. parksvillain on

    Your comments are contradictory. If you’re saying we’re all special and equal, then why do you treat all “stoners” with such disrespect and hatred?

    And who are you calling stupid? I’ve never wandered into traffic, nor do I plan to.

    Lastly, you would insult the protesters in Thailand for standing up to their government to fight for their rights? On a day where many were killed and wounded, including a Canadian policy analyst and journalist? Distasteful and unpatriotic, especially from (an RCMP doghandler?)

    You would have us all following blind to our final demise. Someday you’ll realize that you’re surrounded by stoners who are working every bit as hard as you perceive yourself to be doing to improve our lives as Canadians, functioning in a society that sometimes appears to be as good as it gets in this world. At other times it feels like babylon system is taking over, when douches like you run your mouths.

  9. Anonymous on

    You think its a game…. you are the one playing… Marc is not the LEADER of anyone who is not part of the “Marijuana Political Party” and most stoners have not become and never voted for it. He has respect from others for his so-called attempts that may not have caused any progress to you, which is not true or the world wouldn’t know about these events. YES send an e-mail goof, to who’s address???? If you really want to know who your dealing with you have a DEATH WISH!!!!!!!!! You want to change your access to this messenger???? COME & FIND ME YOU FUCKING GOOF!!!! Your a stupid instigator, NOW YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT PRIVATE. Taking it personal, want to go to the next level???? Death Wish! JOIN THE POLITICAL PARTY AND USE YOUR ARGUING SKILLS TO HELP THE GOVERNMENT WITH THIS DUMB PROHIBITION… IF YOU WANT TO MEET ME GIVE OUT YOUR ADDRESS, IF your close enough you might get what you want, not likely?? Marc Emery doesn’t represent all stoners, there are many out there that do not get effected by this only knowing that its another scam mass media hysteria which you’re PART OF!!!! Especially if your not from B.C… and to say that Jodie should become a Widow! You think its great to say stoners have been defeated, not really, more tax dollars towards prohibition, MORE FEAR IN YOUR MIND!!!!! More wasted time & energy which is happening right now. Obviously the government isn’t defeating anything because they just need to use guns & prison to put anyone in their stigmatized place. JUSt TELL US WHO YOUR “US” is??? Maybe someone will contact the headman. THE OTHER SIDE!!!! YOUR SIDE!!!!! GOVERNMENT? Who do you represent? Because you think your speaking for others too??? What is your description of ‘US”??? Pissed off citizen selfish conservative who was offended there was a pot protest near your place?? ? SUPER ANTI WEED FANATIC? COP, NARC? FAGOT? IGNORANT GOOF? NO LIFE? COMEDIAN THAt DIDN’T GEt A GIG? SO IF YOU THINK ITS GREAT TO ATTACK A WOMAN LIKE JODIE AND CALL HER A WHINEY GIRL AND ABSORBED BY WIDOWHOOD, MArc is NOt dead!! THESE MESSAGES ARE PISSING YOU OFF, GOES TO SHOW YOU AIN’T SHIT BUOOY? NO BODY IS EXPECTING JODIE TO LINE HERSELF UP FOR A RAID! You seem to know what crying girls are like, you like to get off on that too!???? And obviously there is some progress if a permit exists for a headshop???? YOUR JEALOUS and in Fear of the process that is starting,… you failed!!!!!! You couldn’t handle a sweet tasting potent bud since your absorbed in your arrogant power trip which is enough for your low tolerance! Can’t handle knowing stoners are still going to enjoy their tasty chronic after this phase of DEA’s playground sessions. THE DEA FAILED, they didn’t get the 20 yrs for Marc they thought was necessary!!!!!! Half of the states are trying to legalize so wouldn’t USA be moving forward? Not with FEDS in charge!!! Suck Columbia’s coke and Afghanistan’s heroin CIA financially powered drug dealers cocks your dreaming about which keeps your society alive. Have you ever tried marijuana??? If Not then you are really clueless! If you have and its not your thing then why you here? Its already illegal and you want to make sure it stays illegal??? Or do you just hate all stoners who have a few comments??? Will Legal weed make a difference for you. There won’t be irritating protests so why don’t you just help it become legal!!!!! You get what you want, a clear view of the neighborhood without green pot leaf flags and hippies roaming around 1 or 2x a year. YOu WERE AFFECTED by 4/20 & Global Marijuana march! You’re the SISSY! Using crying girls as an example, your fantasy!
    Another free of charge comment, go jerk off while Jodie & Marc in a police cruiser is on the news for your amusement. Keep yourself happy that you’ve dedicated yourself to the wrong side and can’t turn back now because your too stubborn! Don’t forget if you like to know Marc has been confiscated by the USA then you’re also letting this factor go by which really goes beyond the legalization and cannabis info. If the stoner movement.. which is not real… there is no name for these folks, other than stoners sick of prohibition and at least show they have balls to do this and not turn into domestic terrorism like the soon to be even more dangerous drug dealers are on the way to become!!!!. Heroin addicts won’t protest for legal smack!!! You’ve already got what you want, rub it in like your immature ego laughter induced piss stained carpet on your knees, RUB it IN, A5-3-5.

  10. Covey69 on

    I totally agree with you.

    I too dream of the day we live in a drug free world, where faeries dance and unicorns prance, what colour will your Dragon be?
    Now who where’s a tinfoil hat..
    40 years of war still going with NO win in sight.
    You keep believing that and I’ll keep hoping to beleive what I say.

  11. covey69 on

    Now what was you’re purpose in attacking me in such a way?
    I’m confused, you’ve obviously agreed with everything I’ve said so, HUH?
    Maybe you should actually read my full post..

    I’ve had 3 children who have stomped my pride into nothingness so I’m pretty sure, you would have to do a lot better then that, insulting me.

    Politics is a game, If you had read what I said, you would see I agree.
    It is, in a place of reality where the people on top with the most money can inflict their power on anyone and considering the level of ambition we are taught to live by.
    Squash us like a bug when they feel it’s necessary for their gain or should be like Marc, an example of what they can do, with the money they have.

    I never said the President was responsible in anyway, I said he’s a politician like the rest.
    If you’re going to point things at least refer to whats their instead of what you perceive, slow down and read it again.

    I personally can’t wait for the game to change..
    and it’s going to, I just hope in my lifetime.

    I would love us all to sit at home and the ones wanting to can be involved with our Government and , We The People, Vote The Laws.
    Without Corruption by commerce.
    Maybe soon we will be such a automated society that we no longer require physical labour and spend most of our time growing within and becoming more.
    It’s ok you call me a nut becasue I know some others agree and perceive the same and some will always be the main of all thought, while others have not been programmed, we program ourselves by never believing anyone’s thoughts but going out in search of knowledge to perceive the truth in your own perspective with the knowledge you have gained.
    Bless any man who believes no one, including me but goes out to teach themselves the knowledge.

    How many times have you read an article in a paper or a freind tell you knowledge and went around telling people this knowledge given you, without ever checking it?
    Now we have no excuses with this wonderful Internet.
    We were limited to encyclopedias that unless you purchased the newer ones ever year you were limited to the truth’s given even though some went on being shared and was incorrect, the internet has changed that by being alive in it’s evolving and is trying to be controlled and this is where our opportunity lies much like the growth existed in a time of The Great Alexandria Library.
    Don’t you hate people attacking you without cause or means or evidence to converse with, they know nothing and attack with their nothing.
    They crave the emotional reflection, it feeds them, that’s why we call them TROLLS.

    We are not scared of change and it’s coming weather you like it or not

    I can dream and who knows, if enough of us open our eyes/minds/intelligence we will finally see, their is a better way.

  12. Anonymous on

    hey dogboy… kill yourself. k thanks.

  13. DogBoy on


    Then that’s the smallest win on the history of the world dude

    when YOUR leader is captured by OTHER side and SURRENDERS
    that’s called ” game over ”

    and what now?

    Jodie Emery is a whiney little girl
    absorbed in her sudden widowhood
    and trying to obtain a city business permit for her headshop

    she is incapable of leading _anybody _anywhere
    except possibly astray or down a cul de sac

    the Stoners are now defeated
    in every way imaginable
    you are probably the last one to catch on
    do you want us to send you verification by email
    or will this do?

  14. DogBoy on

    You mistake,
    at your own peril
    the cosmic struggle of
    Good VS Evil
    with stupid
    intoxicated people
    wandering into
    oncoming traffic

    Hurry up and win
    you are growing older
    every day at 420
    well on your way
    to becoming
    a traffic cone

    Look at Thailand today
    and they were
    a thousand plus strong
    with great public support
    but got their asses beat flat
    because they mistook
    the cosmic struggle
    between Good VS Evil
    with their own
    raging selfish
    sense of entitlement

    Everybody is special
    that’s what makes us
    – equal

  15. Anonymous on

    These sissy like comments are only more proof stoners are not trying to instigate, as you have proven, BOO HOO, you’re getting off on it like mentioned earlier, now, if you want to turn the opinions into non sissy stoner impressions, than guess what, here’s a taste of ignorance like you are made of….. who the FUCK is WE your referring to in your comment??? the goof ‘s dick you suck? Your invisible imaginary friend? or your brainwashed ego…??? Your wannabe gang of anti weed fanatics??? It is hilarious because it is meant to be hilarious, your hypnotized and commenting the opposite, caught off guard and look like an idiot again, keep trying to write a Haiku poem because your cheap ass literature attempts are not impressive. Like stated, going out of their way to stay calm… and now again you like to provoke more ignorance, so you are a government puppet, well here’s some ignorance to accommodate your views. You don’t have anything else to prove other than… ”’yeah, I see them fail, goof stoners deserve it, they are all burnt out and I’m pissing my pants in laughter because I’m not a stoner”’. Its nice to see you’ve changed your comedy source to cannabis culture, as your current life urges to become part of this information. Your still a goof who needs to smoke a cannon, your probably an alcoholic chain smoking sociopath, are you proud of it? Again your lucky to be text and not face to face because trying to rub it in is lame. There has already been enough proof of the discrimination, but there is no loss to anyone who you’ve been offended by or tried to irritate… Oh boo hoo, I’m on a message board that would erase the real comments that should be sent!!!! Good luck sending a forum message that will not look sissy!! It will be removed, try to text something really nasty and it will disappear, so you and the others with your similar attitude are accommodated again so you can feel NON-sissy. OOps, I made another free entertainment for this goof who likes to see failure…. JUSt BECAUSE MARC EMENRY IS IN PRISON DOESN’T MEAN THAT ANYTHING HAS FAILED… YET. FAILURE IS WHAt THE GOVERNMENT HAS DONE FOR ITS EXISTANCE… HOW DO YOU EXPECT ANYTHING DIFFERENT TO COME ABOUT…. Do you think its necessary to become violent with the law & politics to not be sissy, avoid violence? This is still considered a nice comment. So you can follow in the sarcastic footsteps of the ones you are still arrogant towards…. blah blah blah, take it as a compliment for the few minutes to type and review this JOKE of conflict of opinion!!! So you know whats its like to see a girl cry with kleenex, you rape girls!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA., and who’s apologizing….??? For what??? Trying not to look rude is more of a hassle than being rude….

  16. parksvillain on

    are you here? What is the purpose of your comments? The only person who would try to instigate with comments like yours is a washed-up victim of the system who resents seeing happiness in the world if it doesn’t come with a hefty price to pay. I bet you take advantage of others all day long to feed your ego; you’re jaded and full of hate.
    Why are you here on this board, on this planet? What are you doing with your life?
    Why don’t you try using the herb, a little at first then more every day until you figure yourself out? Then happiness and love comes easy and you wouldn’t have to act a bully.

  17. Anonymous on

    And we know we shall win
    as we are confident
    in the victory
    of good over evil.

    you would create violence
    making enemies of your neighbours
    because you fear
    that we know the secret to this life
    that you are missing
    good over evil

  18. DogBoy on

    “…who loves to see the stoners FAIL..”

    Yup. we are sitting back and as you say, watching stoners fail.
    We don’t have to do anything else because, as you point out,
    they fail all by themselves again and again and again

    This site is called Cannabis Culture
    and yes,
    its hilarious whatjerks these bumbling stoner drunks are
    and no,
    Nowhere does it says that
    this has to be a suckie drug apology failure club
    like you seem to be running over there
    with your box of kleenex
    and girlish wimpering
    that’s pathetic, even for a girl

  19. UncleBob100 on

    Because they are stupid and sadistic. You answered your own question bro.

  20. Anonymous on

    Seems like your also just as well to say that the only change will be when nobody smakes cannabis, you’re stating that as long as you smoke, you’re goijng to jail, well if the only change that can satisfy you is a drug free world… good luck getting that to happen, so when you stand up for something new… your wrong, you will be stood up by the current unnecessary laws, another hypocrite! % yrs longer and Marc will be an old useless stoner in your opinion, some of these anti-cannabis folks are really brainwashed again and don’t know that their comments are not really making a point but only making them fit the stereotype of an ignorany little bitch who loves to see the stoners FAIL, are you a sober straightedge person. This site is called Cannabis Culture, not Cannabis ‘Propaganda or Cannabis ‘WAR’, or, Cannabis ‘Turnoneachother’. Or Attack Cannabis legalization attempt, WHAT WILL IT DO TO MAKE YOUR LIFE WORSE IF CANNABIS WAS LEGAL.

  21. Dogboy on

    You are outdated’
    you hold everyone else back

    so when the rest of us
    stand up for something new
    it will be a drug free world
    not a return to the 60s

    the next door you hold open
    might be a jail cell door
    cause Marc Emery will be as old
    as your grandfather
    when he gets out

  22. DogBoy on

    If you want to oppress us with violence
    and war in the streets
    keep it illegal

    OK if you say so

  23. Joshua Coker on

    This is a general comment to everyone.

    I’m a stoner, and have been for over a decade. I work hard at all my jobs. Im courteous. I am one of those people that holds doors for others and offers a friendly hand.

    I am ostracized, to some extent, for my views aswell as my use of Marijuana, but thats what I’ve chosen.

    Marc chose to pick this fight, as I have chosen. And we would all be better people if we could stop thinking about ourselves for a minute and work for the bigger picture like Marc.

    We need to step outside ourselves and decide, do we want to be cattle and sheep or do we want to live for ourselves?

    I’m choosing a free life. And I’ll do whatever I have to to see that the next generation gets it.

    We have to realize that we, the stoners are going to be attacked, like always, but that we must remain vigilant. Let negativity feed resolve, and let opposition push us to fight harder for our goals. Marc can be free, if we decide that thats what we want. Everyone has the power within themselves to do something incredible. Its just finding that power thats the hard part.

    I found mine, through Marc, through my Grandfather, and through a plant.

    We don’t all need to agree, but we all do need to get along, and until all people are considered equal, this crap will continue.

    So, my fight now goes to the men and women that hold the majority of us back, from doing what we want, and from being who we are; non-violent, happy, people.

    There are a million and one reasons to keep marijuana illegal, and not one of them is a good one. Do the research and you’ll find, marijuana is a medicine and hurts no one. It does just the opposite. (

    This fight is for the people in my opinion. A step towards freedom and independence from systems that are outdated and work to hold us back. Its time we all stand for something new. Marc is our inspiration, let this be the first step towards a new future of compassion and understanding.

    “Men should not petition for rights, but take them.” – Thomas Paine

    Joshua Coker

  24. Ryan on

    See my previous post, and take off your tinfoil hat old man. Nobody is out to get you. I have this very entertaining image of you shouting racial slurs and seething as you wrote that. One of these days people will understand that the US president is merely a talking head. He’s not responsible for this extradition. Politics is a game, and they’re all the same.

  25. Covey69 on

    Just another piece of shit politician selling out for the best price.

    His Quote,” Oh Yeah, I inhaled, that was the point.”
    What to sideways some info to let the people think you are something you never were!
    Another piece of shit ass fucked up politician..
    I’m very sorry for Marc and I Honestly didn’t beleive it would go through.
    I would like to go by The Conservatives here in Edmonton Ab now that I know.
    Thank you for that..

    Marc who started my path of Truth has been extradited…

    We Lost Jack Herer..
    Bless him and his freinds and family

    The Honorable Rick Simpson is staying in Europe to not go to jail..

    All The Greats!!
    Persecuted, dead and gone.

    Why can we not stop this insanity.
    What level of corruption truly exist in us and our Government.

    We can rally a 420 in max proportions, why can we not do the same for Change and Marc.

    How do we rally everyone, The Gay Rights movement maybe they were in the closet but at least they never were in a possession of persecution leading to saving your own skin by selling out others.
    That is where our trouble lies, we can never be sure of the people around us being coerced by some Officer looking to get that bust and them saving their own asses.
    As soon as some thing like Marc begins and gets into the media, these people do a simple task of either undercover people, whom they chance on which now puts them into a risk situation.
    I don’t know what it’s like for kids but I do remember being harassed by Officers while trying to buy a little Cannabis (.08 gram).
    I wonder if it is as bad as it was as a kid when I was growing up, innocent people doing their thing , non-violence in their hearts and working to make a living like everyone else, except our choice brought persecution becasue we didn’t love the alcohol like other did.
    Where’s my other choice?
    I have 2000 different kinds of consuming alcohol to remove stress, feel good, whatever peoples reasons are for enjoying and that is Our Only Choice for relaxation.
    Illogically we live in a society where many have said over and over, top doctors , research specialists etc to agree it is less harmful then alcohol and yet we will destroy our society to make sure it stays illegal even at the price of $100000 and $50000 a year to incarcerate these (most likely) young adults who will suck the taxes dry on this one.
    Never worked for the states and we are moving towards this insanity.
    Old age people whom have to stay in Old Peoples homes are costing the tax payers $20000-$25000 a year to live a reasonable healthy life..
    We are increasing everyday in these older people and where is the money going?
    To put people in jail that will not change anything more then it has in 40+ years of this insane WAR!
    Go tell an old person who’s fees get higher everyday that we will be cutting them to put people in jail to give you false security of Obvious evidence of 40 years of useless waste of money.
    Legalize everything and stop this insanity..
    When that day comes, I hope I’m still alive.
    We are GREEDY!!
    where is the balance?
    I have no criminal record and have been in the papers/news for running into a burning building to help a 90 year old neighbor out of her house.
    I would risk my life, it’s the right thing to do, what shocked me was when I got over their many neighbors just stood and watched.
    Not even enough to bang on the door.
    I have 3 children who have given me 5 grandchildren and soon 6 at the age of 40 and I feel very blessed but I will teach my family truths about anything I learn to help them defend against an irrational, illogical and corrupt world.
    After learning through Freemen people how to educate myself of our rights and confronting many, I am shocked at how much goes out their through pure lies and manipulation, maybe mostly ignorance..
    I went after my Condo Board and lawyers and pay day loans and landlord and tenets and every friggin time, we have these rules applies and laid out but these people attack us and lead us through lies and their own ignorance taught to them, you would be shocked or maybe most of you won’t(Seeing how naive I have been)
    for example;
    My Youngest of 21 gave her deposit on a place and they held it for days and then denied her.
    I brought the Act up Online and even called the Landlord and Tenets line for advice.
    I found myself educating them on mistaught information and the Landlord called back 3 hours later telling us her place was ready.
    If you look in just the dictionary of the Act, you will see instantly that a Security Deposit is a Tenet giving Security Deposit to the Landlord.
    I simply asked, “How can she be giving a Security Deposit, when she’s not a tenet.”
    Isn’t that a control on someone forcing all their eggs into one basket, where are the renters rights on that. You should not be limited to only one place at a time there by preventing you from finding a place knowing already the difficulties in just finding a place.

    I have been shocked into seeing truths for what we are..
    Go and read these Acts and Bylaws and see for yourself..
    This is why We Lost Marc, becasue we live in a society controlled by commerce and whoever has the money, makes the rules.
    Direct Democracy is the only way, for the PEOPLE, NOW!
    We cannot win a continues losing battle..
    Have you ever played a board game where you never read the rules and believed the freind/opponent in what they taught only to find out they were taught incorrectly or lied and you gave up your rights, Again and Again And again!!
    Learn to defend yourself!!

  26. Jose Melendez on

    Is marijuana LAWFULLY(1) included in US Controlled Substances Act Schedule I, drugs with “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision”?

    Consider Marinol, a synthetic chemical that works like THC, a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. At 100 percent strength, Marinol is around four times BC Bud’s potency, or twice as strong as hashish. Generically named Dronabinol, warning labels specifically PERMIT driving and using machinery when users know how the medicine affects them.

    31 US states have medical marijuana laws on the books, if not enforced(2).

    Even the title of U.S. Patent No. 6630507, “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”(3) demonstrates currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and no lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.

    Regardless, for similar reasons and according to the Ontario Court of Justice, Canada’s laws against marijuana were found to remain unconstitutional since Parker, in R. v. Long.(4)

    So, under what US or Canada law are cannabis and cannabinoids _legally_ prohibited?





    Contact HHS to ask them peacefully and reasonably at the top link on this page:

  27. Ryan on

    You went too far by referencing the president in that manner. It is people like you who give people like me a bad name. How can you say things like this in public and defame the rest of us. Not all stoners are irreverent tools, like this guy above me. Some stoners have great jobs, have great relationships with family, pay taxes, and even open the door for you just to be nice. Yes, plenty of us are worthless, that comes with it being illegal. More on topic, Marc aided thousands of Americans in breaking the law. He WANTED to be a martyr. He didn’t necessarily want to go to jail, but he wanted to further the cause (and he has).

  28. Anonymous on

    Being dismissed, whats the point of this comment.?? You’re ignorant – dismiss – ignorant – ignore! Dismiss!!!!! ,,…. wouldn’t that be the point, the ones who scorn are the real rude pricks??? And your standing up for that just like mentioned you hypocrite!!!!! It really shows how quick you are to get an ego rush for being sober??? Thats all anyone does who is a non drugged up Canadian is try to intentionally make it considered something bad and that they are crazy and useless stupid stoners. You’re probably drinking everynight and a smoker and half the people you know! Be against it and suck the governments cock, and Obama’s black cock! Scorn like you want to, you’re the brainwashed useless goof who is the example of what it is…….. insane in the membrane!!!!!! You Can’t handle someones insane outlook of what is happening in society, oooh it almost broke the calm & cool barrier for their double standards, if thats what you think is insane your really lame. Detox is not necessary, EAT OBAMAS BLACk COCK, you must detox it from your controlled mind, if no one takes anything seriously anyway than it doesn’t matter if its rude or not, if you need military discipline in the house of commons to address issues than you’re just offended someone gives an example and you still want to suck your MP’s cock, anothers opinion is supposed to make it easier not to be scorned or for you to scorn for your amausement???? SCORN, SCORN, SCORN, INSANE, INSANE, INSANE, INSANE, SCORN, SCORN, INSANE INSANE in The membrane

  29. parksvillain on

    You ooze with hate and malice
    rubbing salt in the wounds
    of peaceful citizens
    who are only here because
    they care about the world
    we are creating for our children.

    You would persecute anyone who
    gets in the way of your simple life,
    so you can get your measly dollar and buy
    your way into a better world
    instead of working for it.

    Rise up and fight for your rights
    They can’t take them away now
    We need to be free to live this life full of beauty.

    Look inside, look outside,
    look past the hate in you
    and realize that the beauty
    of all cultures lives within reach.

    All that you have
    you don’t deserve.
    You take away our freedom
    to make yourself stronger.

    To sow the seeds of happiness
    is much easier than you think
    but hate and aggression
    will take any advantage.

    If you want to protect us
    let us grow
    If you want to oppress us with violence
    and war in the streets
    keep it illegal

  30. Anonymous on

    Heys buds just wanted to give you props for being super cool. Hating on people for wanting to rise against our shitty government on something that shuoldnt be illegal to begin with.

  31. Anonymous on

    HOw many things do I need to explain…? Before I look like the rude prick????

    you don;t have to explain anything
    you already come off as a rude prick

    your insane words make it easy
    for non drugged up Canadians
    to scorn & dismiss all you stand for

    detox is affordable

  32. Anonymous on

    Next time you ask the Canadian government to legalize Cannabis and say they can’t because of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, just say Rob Nicholson proved that the Convention can be ignored at will. If he can choose not to prosecute notorious drug kingpin Marc Emery then he can obviously choose not to prosecute any other drug trafficker. Apparently, the UN can’t really do shit when their Conventions are flauted by corrupt governments like the Conservatives. Guess we can just tear that Convention up and legalize all narcotics now. Thanks for proving that Rob. No UN stormtroopers showed up or anything.

  33. Anonymous on

    The DEA gave Canada evidence of Emery’s international marihuana exportation offences and Canada just let him hang around since 2005 waiting for his appeals to run out. For 5 long years one of America’s most wanted drug kingpins was allowed to cavort about in Canadian society with total liberty. What the hell, Canada? He could have killed us all with deadly marihuana seeds. How do you explain that complete inaction away? “Oh, we didn’t think it would matter if we let Pablo Escobar the 2nd do whatever the f*ck he wanted for five years. Not like he could arrange to go to another country or anything and simply, ESCAPE JUSTICE. Never occurred to us to prosecute him here and now so we could get his deadly ass off the streets, pronto.” Yeah, that’ll fly.

  34. Anonymous on

    SO the first comment was meant to promote against legalization and insult stoners, because the stoners had the patience you don’t have to stand up, at least to a minimal effect knowing they’re not trying to cause a big problem, but when you know it will cause you 30 seconds of distraction you A.D.D. victim, you want to say you need to let us fail in this not so real protest. The protests are not that bad… this isn’t an aggressive protest, if you keep making stoners out to be useless goofs who are idiots then it can irritate you as much as possible, it is working bitch, at least to piss you off!!!! Because you are scared to lose 50 ft of clear sidewalk space on your way to the liquor store or to your slave work office once a year????. You know, these stoners have been really going out of their way to stay calm and non-violent during these attempted protests with a frustration of anxiety hoping the law will consider this, the more they avoid and ignore and reject the suggestions, the harder we will push because we try to respect the plant & the so-called laws of freedom, blah, blah, blah….. If there were no protests at all then we would look really weak, but it’s not gonna happen, and the more it goes to show that even other citizens and not just the law & government are against it means it will cause another clash, you aren’t helping, go to another web site to insult things you aren’t part of!!!!!, ….if someone wanted to say they will spank you, you must be a HOMO!!!, Somewhere down the line a stoner will decide to take it to the next level. One of them will get pissed and drop their disciplined attitude and join in to the already dramatic world of negativity. Provoking someone will not work on most, but someone will get off on it, just like you are!!!!. YOU’RE ALL LUCKY WE ARE PROTESTING WEED, IF IT WERE SOMETHING ELSE AND WE WERE AS COMPASSIONATE ABOUT IT, IT WOULD NOT BE A CALM & COOL!!!!!!!! What else makes you brainwashed, WE DON’T NEED TO SEE 20 ADVERTISEMENTS FOR LIQUOR every day, and breathe in tobacco walking into every store possible, because smoking in public is outdoors only, if this is not an american issue (smoking outdoors of any establishment, bar, store, department store, etc in Canada). Then go stand at the closest freeway and suck back those dirty fumes, long time ago you could smoke inside a mall, in the clothing section walking around the place on the verge of burning holes in every piece of clothing! This was nothing back then… if smokers got to keep their smoking designated areas, THEY ARE GETTING SPECIAL TREATMENT TO SUCK BACK CHEMICALS, THEY GET THE FRONT DOOR OF EVERY STORE POSSIBLE!!!!!!! Alcohol gets almost 20%++ of advertising space in the media. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH CANNABIS!???????? SOMEBODY HAS TO START THIS PROCESS AND IF YOU THINK IT FAILS AND ARE HAPPY TO SEE IT FAIL AND GETTING A HARD-ON TO SEE IT HAPPEN MAKES YOU THE TYPE OF PEOPLE WHO JUST NEED TO GEt A CROSSbOW IN THE FACE! TO GEt THE POINT ACROSS! YOUR A GOOF….. BRAINWASHED!!!!!!!! IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!… HOw many things do I need to explain…? Before I look like the rude prick????

  35. Anonymous on

    In regard to the office protests, Thanks for confirming that such in- office protests are legal as long as you don’t obstruct normal business operation. Now there’s no reason for a day to go by without at least one such protest somewhere in Canada. The MPs will all be nervous about when their number will come up and how they will respond to the accusations of Canada letting flagrant Cannabis exporters run around loose for years and years without so much as a ticket and telling other countries that if they don’t like Canada exporting narcotics to them they’ll just have to extradite the exporters and prosecute them themselves. Zup widdat Nicholson? Canada doesn’t have any police or judges anymore? What the hell we paying you for when you let crime run rampant like that?

  36. Anonymous on

    “so how will you snatch him now from the crocodiles jaws?” Oh, I don’t know, how about international law? Do you really think Canada can just choose not to prosecute a confessed and proven worldwide Cannabis exporter? Under what international treaty is that acceptable? Certainly not the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, a treaty Rob Nicholson apparently hasn’t bothered to read. Maybe when a few “stoners” go into his office and tack it to the front of his desk he’ll become more familiar with it.

    Nicholson will either do an about face and prosecute Emery here or he can live with the fact that he will forever be known as the Justice Minister who flagrantly violated that treaty, the very treaty that Canada and the US often cite as the reason why they can’t legalize Cannabis. It works both ways, nerd-ass dickwad Nicholson, because it’s now the reason why you can’t choose NOT to prosecute Emery in Canada. Didn’t think we’d notice, did you weasel face? Oh yeah, we noticed, at least one of us did, me. I know stoners can be a little slow but I gotta figure at least a few others will catch on too before too long, especially since I keep reminding them in these blogs.

  37. Anonymous on

    Your stoner leader has been gone for less than a week
    and your resolve has already dissolved
    so how will you snatch him now from the crocodiles jaws?
    its too late
    it’s way too late
    to do anything
    but wave goodbye
    if all you can do is act like brats
    while your own camera records your cheeky stunts

  38. Pedro on

    Why is it that those who want Marc extradited all sound stupid and sadistic?