Montana Marijuana Clinic Firebombed Before Moratorium Vote

Someone threw a molotov cocktail through the window of a Billings, Mont., business that provides marijuana for medical use early Monday and spray-painted “NOT IN OUR TOWN” on its storefront, the second such act in as many days, authorities said.

The incidents come as the Billings City Council is scheduled to vote Monday night on a six-month moratorium on approving additional marijuana businesses.

A rock was used to break the glass of Montana Therapeutics at 4:30 a.m. Monday, and a beer bottle filled with gasoline was lighted and thrown inside, according to Sgt. Kevin Iffland of the Billings police. A passerby reported the fire.

Fire crews quickly put out the small blaze, Deputy Fire Marshal Trevor Schilling said.

About 5 a.m. a day earlier, surveillance video showed two young men spray-painting “NOT IN OUR TOWN” on the front of Big Sky Patient Care and throwing a rock through the front door followed by a flaming bottle, Big Sky owner David Couch said.

Nobody was injured in either instance.

Trevor McFarren, co-owner of Montana Therapeutics, said his business provides marijuana for about 50 people and has never had a problem, a complaint or even a bad phone call since opening in January, he said.

McFarren said he believes that Monday’s council vote is linked to the attack, which he said caused about $2,500 in damage.

“I’m sure they’re trying to fuel the fire about” the vote, he said. “It’s more of an attack on the community than anything.” Couch also said he has not had any complaints since his business opened in April. He declined to say how many patients Big Sky has.

“If anything good comes out of this, it will probably be a desire for more education in the general public,” he said.

Police have no suspects, Iffland said. Surveillance video may have captured what happened, but the building’s owners do not want to release the video to police until they speak to their attorney, Iffland said.

Detectives were investigating whether the acts were committed by those who oppose such businesses or by business rivals, Iffland said.

– Article from The Washington Post.



  1. Anonymous on

    Black market dealers tired of having their customers stolen?

  2. Adam on

    Then again, they probably don’t smoke pot with theirs, so they are damaging eight different areas of their brain. I think the one area in which pot doesn’t protect the brain is probably related to temptation, LOL.

  3. Adam on

    Here in Nova Scotia we have liquor only in government stores. So basically, we have a high concentration of “soup nazis” selling beer here. I’ve been baited into getting possessive of my I.D. and was banned for saying ONE thing about it… all these grown men start to surround me like they’re some kind of police officers. It’s pathetic, I’m 21 and I can hold my monthly whiskey better than they can.

  4. Adam on

    ASTUTE! Thanks for pointing that out.

    I think in terms of P.R., they are practically bombing themselves. This will be seen by the wide majority of Americans for what it is – life in the Bible Belt.

    It’s not happening elsewhere, is it? I don’t know. Please inform if it is…

  5. Anonymous on

    The rival “drug dealers” who are so scared of losing business are those who sell alcohol. It’s all about money. They would rather hurt disabled people than lose business to marijuana. As marijuana is gradually legalized, there will be many more acts of violence like this, but none of these acts will be committed by marijuana smokers. It’s the alcoholics who are violent and hateful. Peace.

  6. dacolliemanbri on

    local drug dealers getting rowdy cuz their bussiness is getting taken over

  7. Anonymous on

    I love how these drunken assholes used a beer bottle. The police and community in general should see the irony in using a beer bottle to take out aggression against a perfectly legal store. Alcohol=Violence. I am quickly losing faith in the ability for people to think for themselves.

  8. Ditch weed expert on

    I’m a little tired of Marijuana having this medical tag hung around its neck.

    My Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld says:, “ANYBODY THAT USES MARIJUANA USES IT FOR MEDICAL REASONS”! Not if your dying!

    Its my choice for any reason but


    A communist!

    That is the issue not based on social benefit!

  9. Anonymous on

    Funny… i don’t see any stories and people throwing Molotov’s through Gun shops or alcohol shops or tobacco shops trying to run those guys out of town. I wonder why that is? Though something tells me that if it was, the criminals would have been caught by now.

  10. Anonymous on

    As the previous comment suggests, this is a hate crime! Are cannabis users not a distinguishable minority? Exactly! However, medical marijuana is for those that NEED it to live, which makes this act even more twisted.

    This is completely absurd if we think about it, considering the individuals that did this are obviously okay with coffee shops, stores selling alcohol, shops selling tobacco, and pharmacies offering a slew of addictive drugs.

    If this isn’t the government behind this (which I would suppose is quite possible considering their track record), the average American is dumber than I previously thought.

  11. Bhonze on

    I wonder if they will consider this a terrorist act or a hate crime? if it were for any other issue it would be; and they say people that smoke weed have a problem!