Things You Can Do To Free Marc Emery

CANNABIS CULTURE – Want to help Free Marc Emery and end cannabis prohibition, but don’t know what to do? Here is a list of 75 things you can do to help FREE MARC EMERY from US prison.

On May 10th, 2010 the Justice Minister of Canada ordered Marc Emery extradited to the USA to serve a five-year sentence and on May 20th, Marc was taken into custody at SeaTac FDC in Washington state. He was sentenced to 5 years on September 10th, then sent to D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, Georgia where he is serving his sentence while awaiting transfer home (please go to for ways to help support Marc’s transfer applications).

The chart below includes 75 ways to help, with ratings on effectiveness, risk, and cost. Please ad your own ways in the comments section!

Go to for more information about Marc Emery

Way To Help Effectiveness Risk Cost

Make an appointment with your MP’s office to speak to him or her for 15 minutes (Click here to find your MP)

5-10 0 $10

Contact the Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, and tell him to accept Marc’s prison transfer request when it is made from the USA.

Steinbach Office
8-227 Main Street
Steinbach. Mb. R5G 1Y7
Ph:(204) 326-9889
Fx:(204) 346-9874
E-mail: [email protected]

Parliament Hill
Suite 306, Justice Building House of Commons
Ottawa. Ont. K1A 0A6
Ph:(613) 992-3128
Fx:(613) 995-1049
E-mail: [email protected]

Lac du Bonnet Office
Box 266
Lac du Bonnet. MB R0E 1A0
E-mail: [email protected]

5 0 Phone call charge, or stamp

Contact the Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson, to say you are disappointed in his decision to extradite Marc Emery, and promise you will work to defeat him in the next election. (Click here to get the addresses at

3 0 52 cents

Wear Free Marc Emery button everyday (Click here to buy a button from the CC Store)

3 1 $2

Wear Free Marc Emery shirt 3 days a week (Click here to buy a shirt from the CC Store)

5 1 $25

Use Free Marc Emery stencil to spray paint on construction walls, poles, etc. (Click here for a website to order from, or make your own)

4 3 Possible Mischief fine $50-$200

Give $100 to an active anti-prohibition politician

4 0 $25-$100 (tax credits lower actual costs)

Vote in the next federal election for Liberal, Bloc, NDP or Green

4 0 0

Get letter published in newspaper print edition (Click here to find contact information for your newspapers)

1-2 0 $0

Put comment on online media story about Marc

1 0 $0

Demonstrate with good sign in front of Rob Nicholson’s office (Click here to get the address from

3 0 $25 for a good sign

Demonstrate at Marc’s prison vigil (Click here to find a link to the prison vigil information and address)

3 0 $0

Demonstrate at your own MP’S constituency office chanting “This voter’s Canada includes Marc Emery” or “Free Marc Emery”

4 0 $0

Demonstrate with a good sign on Parliament Hill, Ottawa Ontario

3 0 $25 for a good sign

Call the Howard Stern radio show and say “Free Marc Emery Prince of Pot” Live on air (Click here for Howard Stern’s website)

6 0 $10 long distance

Write a letter to Barack Obama requesting a pardon for Marc Emery (Click here for Obama’s contact information at

1 0 52 cents

Run as candidate in next Canadian or US federal elections and make freeing Marc Emery part of your campaign

2-6 1-2 $500-$1000 or more

Get your favorite bands to wear free Marc Emery t-shirts

1-4 0 $25-$100

Write and perform a song about Marc Emery and put it on YouTube (Click here for a list of songs about Marc Emery)

1-5 0 $0

Paint Free Marc Emery on your nude or topless body and visit busy places

1-5 3 Up to $500 fine or arrest

Organize a rally at a main intersection or a DEA office in your hometown. (Click here for a list of Rally Tools and Click here for a “How To Protest” article)

1-4 1 $200 for signs and info handouts

Give out Free Marc Emery pamphlets to students at your High school, collage, or University (Click here for links to handouts at

3 1 $50 for 250 post cards

Attach a Free Marc sign to the side or top of your car, truck or vehicle (Click here for links to signs at

3-5 1 $100

Attach a red sticker with white text that reads “the prosecution of Marc Emery” under the “STOP” on a stop sign, so it says “STOP the prosecution of Marc Emery” — or “STOP the Drug War”

2 1-3 Possible mischief

Make a Free Marc Emery banner or large sign and bring it to a sporting event or concert (Click here for links to signs at

4 1 $100-$200

Give out 300 Free Marc Emery pamphlets at your next pot rally (Click here for links to handouts at

3 0 $50

Tattoo “Free Marc Emery” on your arm leg or somewhere it can be casually seen

5 0 $200

Have a “Help Free Marc Emery” meeting with friends or activists and determine a course of action

2 0 $0

Rent or obtain an auto-dialer to leave a Free Marc Emery phone message for tens of thousands of numbers in a local area (no long distance charges). Messages should invite recipient to visit

5 0 $250-$1000

Hire a local aviation company to have a Free Marc Emery banner flown over your city

5 0 $500 and up

Arrange for a media interview with Marc from prison (Contact [email protected] for information)

7 0 $0

Buy a Free Marc Emery ad on your local TV listings channel

5 0 $150 and up

Ask your teacher or professor in your politics, history or any other class to discuss Marc Emery and prohibition with the class. Offer to make a 5-20 minute presentation

2 0 0

Mail 100 Free Marc Emery postcards to Congressmen, members of Parliament, media organizations, Cabinet Ministers in Parliament or the White House

3 0 $50 for 250 post cards (no postage required)

Invite Jodie Emery to speak at a event you organize, and get media to attend (must provide Jodie’s costs)

2-4 0 $100-$1000

Arrange an interview with your local or familiar media for Jodie Emery to speak about Marc Emery and prohibition

4 0 0

Donate $25-$500 to Jodie Emery’s Green Party campaign in Vancouver, as the ampaign will focus primarily on exposing the failed prohibition policies of the Conservative government and adopting Green Party policies (Stay tuned for website launch)

5 0 After tax credits for donation isn’t as high

Stamp “Free Marc Emery” on currency

3 2 – it’s illegal $25.50 for rubber stamp

Announce to police and media that you will hold a 2.5 gram marijuana bud, (wearing a Free Marc t-shirt) inviting arrest as a protest (Click here to read about Andrew Carroll’s marijuana possession protest in New Hampshire)

6 4 $50-$500 fine

Write a guest editorial on “Why we must free Marc Emery” in a local or student newspaper

2 0 $0

Write a Free Marc Emery note or bulletin and blast it to your Facebook or Myspace friends

2 0 $0

Mention “Free Marc Emery” in your Twitter tweets

1 0 $0

Contact the major media like John Stossel (Fox) CNN, 60 Minutes, New York Times, owners to cover Marc’s situation

2 0 $0

Establish a Free Marc Emery thread on blogs or social networks concerned with cannabis, law reform, libertarianism, green politics, progressive politics or anything else

2 0 0

Hand out Free Marc Emery leaflets to fellow travelers on buses, trains, ferries and other transit (Click here to get handouts from

2 0 0

Stand outside rock concerts or sports events with Free Marc Emery signs and hand out pamphlets. Better yet, get 10 people to stand at different doors (Click here to get handouts and signs from

3 1 $50-$100

If you belong to a unique cultural or ethic group, write a pamplet in your native language and give it out at cultural events related to your ethnicity

4 0 $50-$200

Hold a neat and ledgeable Free Marc Emery sign at the busiest intersection in your town or city for a few hours. Do it once a week. (Click here to get handouts from

3 0 $0

Ask your local hemp store or head shop what they are doing to support the Free Marc campaign. Suggest they carry the Free Marc Emery t-shirts, buttons, to sell and put up a poster up in the store

3 0 $50 for a good sign

Try and convince your political party leader to speak out on Marc’s behalf

2 0 $0

Have a Free Marc Emery pavilion or kiosk in a major park or square

4 1 $350 for signs and pavilion rentals

Design and organize a Free Marc Emery float for a parade

5 0 $500

Make Free Marc Emery stickers and put them on everything

3 1 $100

Contact famous cannabis and hemp users and activists on their websites and urge them to speak out on Marc Emery’s behalf. (Rob Van Dam, Billie Joe Armstrong, Willy Nelson, Sean Paul, Tommy Chong, Daryl Hannah, etc.)

2 0 $0

Contact major cannabis law reform advocates and urge them to officially state their support for the Free Marc Campaign. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: – Marijuana Policy Project: – NORML:

1 0 $0

If you live outside Canada, hold a “Free Marc Emery” sign and demonstrate in front of the US Embassy, US Consulate, Canadian Embassy or Canadian Consulate (Click here to get handouts and signs from

4 1-2 depending on country. $50 for a good sign

Hold a sign and demonstrate in front of the ministry of Justice in Ottawa or the US attorney Generals office in Washington D.C. (Click here to get handouts and signs from

3 0 $50 for a good sign

Set up your own Free Marc Emery information booth in your front yard

0 0 $0

Wear a “Free Marc” t-shirt during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics for tourists and athletes to see. Try to get on TV or radio, as media will be everywhere. Display banners when you know TV is recording or broadcasting

5 0 $25 for shirt, $2 button, $50 sign, $150 for big banner

Play the “Prince of Pot” or “The Union” DVD to friends, family, fellow students, or work (Click here to get the DVDs from the CC Store)

3 0 $20 for DVD

Put a huge “Free Marc Emery” poster in the window of your house

1 0 $10-$50

Donate $25-$100 to assist paying for Marc’s 4 lawyers: US, Canadian prison transfer, personal and business, and Vancouver extradition lawyers (Click here to donate at the CC Store)

5 0 $25-$100

Change your computer screensaver or desktop to “Free Marc Emery”

1 0 $0

Circulate to your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and YouTube friends, the videos about Marc’s imprisonment (Click here for Jodie Emery’s YouTube and Click here for Pot TV’s YouTube)

2 0 $0

Draw or paint a unique Free Marc Emery poster, stencil, bottom of your own design and send it to [email protected] and [email protected]

2 0 $25

Go to everyday to see the latest “Free Marc” news and redistribute new info to your social networking sites

3 0 $0

Buy Free Marc shirts for your friends and family to wear (Click here to get shirts at the CC Store)

2 0 $75-$150

Send Marc a letter in prison and include photocopies of letters you send on his behalf. Also include a photo of you wearing a Free Marc t-shirt, hoodie or button or at a Free Marc rally, demonstration, parade or vigil (Click here to get the mailing address at

2 0 $3.00 for postage

Check and find out if Marc needs a book that you could send him in jail from Amazon or Chapters. Be sure he has not already recieved the book you chose (Book list will be not be posted until Marc is imprisoned in the USA)

2 0 $15-$60

Put a Free Marc flag on your car aerial or bicycle basket

2 0 $15 for a flag

Make a Free Marc Emery pumpkin for Halloween

2 0 $5-$10

Make a video about Marc and upload it to YouTube and other video sharing sites

0-9 0 $0 and up

Replace your profile picture on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites with the “Free Marc” logo (Click here to get the logo from

2 0 $0



  1. Anonymous on

    Ever wonder what you can do to help support medical marijuana in your own state? Find out how easy it can be to make a difference in states with and without medical marijuana laws at MARIJUANADOCTORS.COM. Here are 5 easy ways to help patients in need get medical marijuana safely and legally.

  2. Tim Chase on

    Since when has a seed of a plant ever hurt anybody? My guess is never, so if Marc never harmed anyone there is no reason why he should be in prison. Seeds are not drugs. So as I see it Marc Emrey never committed a crime.
    I think it’s funny how more than 50% of the U.S. population smokes marijuana. So that’s the majority, which means it should be legal right now. Americans should be able to call upon a vote for the legalization of marijuana at any time. We should say FUCK the senate and congress, they are our representatives. Which means we own them, they must do what the people tell them to do, because the people run this country not those fake greedy senators.
    The people must rise up and and legalize herb, It will save a crumbling nation. I guarantee it will help the economy in more ways then you can imagine. It will also cut the crime rate in half because weed fuels crime organizations. But if you make it legal people wouldn’t have to but the herb from drug dealers and the real criminals. Instead we can turn it into the number 1 cash crop. Also the prisons which are filled with harmless civilians who shouldn’t be there will be freed able to return to there families and go back to help supporting the economy. That sounds better to me than have them all locked up for no reason while the taxpayers pays millions of dollars for them to be in prison, when they can be out in the world helping society. Also the country will save so much so Fucking cash
    i can go on for days talking about why pot should be legal but I’m gonna stop go smoke a joint to relax because at the end of the day everybody needs something to take away the stress and enjoy this peaceful tree of life

  3. persecutedinalberni on

    Yup that’s true thats why I had all those american spies following me everywhere and invading my privacy and my rights.

    That is why I am sitting with my signs protesting for the third saturday in a row for Marcs release,because I too was fucked by Mr Harper who sat back and allowed Americans to come in and persecute me.

    Like I keep saying folks just beleive in me and what I say and things will work out fine for you.

    Demand an investigation into what I say,go ahead call the ministry for children/EIC/RCMP/Red Cross/ESSMEDIA and ask them when are they going to confess to the crimes they have done against me.

    Like I keep saying it is all about discreditting me because they want the people not to follow what I say and want you all to think this is all in my head.

    I am out there with my signs every weekend and will be untill marc is back home in this country and someone should tell these bastards one more time I am coming to collect “SLOWLY BUT SURELY”.

    Your green buddy forgot that just like in 1812 our country has more braver dedicated freedom fighters who would fight to the death than america has.

    I would fight to the death to keep my country from becoming america so please hurry and ask for the truth in my accusations and I promise Canana I will do just that.

    It is time to wake up Canada.

  4. 'Thunder Red' on

    The USA powers have been going for a ‘United States of North America’since before the war of 1812. A USA ‘Green Beret’ military member told me in 1971 “If any Canadian believes that the USA gave up on taking over Canada after the war of 1812 they are insane. That is why we have a ‘Warehouse population’ none of our systems work properly, we hav a very small military, and they are trying to disarm us. The USA wants chaos in Canada so they can come in and “rescue us” and stay

  5. Derek Read on

    If you send a letter or postcard from within Canada (using Canada Post) to our Prime Minister, an MP, or Senator it does not require postage. Write something, get the proper address and drop it into an post pickup box.

  6. ElectroPig on

    Plant seeds on public property.

    Plant them on the main street of YOUR home town…in the concrete planters lining the main street…in the hanging baskets in the business district…on the municipal gardens in front of city hall…the police station…the firehouse.

    Plant them along country roads, highways…in ditches, creek and riverbeds…along disused train tracks…but PLANT THE SEEDS where they WILL BE SEEN!

    If there are plants sprouting on the main streets of THOUSANDS of cities, towns and villiages across North America THIS SUMMER, they’ll have to come to the realization that there are MILLIONS of us who already know the truth!

    Jack Herer was right: Hemp can save the planet…and although Marc seems primarily interested in the constitutional and freedom issues right now–and he is NOT wrong at all–we need to do everything we can across the US and Canada to ensure that the MAJORITY of the public knows the truth. This is just one more way to get the word out.

    If there are major media reports all across the entire continent that “weed is growing on every main street in North America”, this WILL be a story that gets international coverage, the larger and longer it grows! With mainstream coverage comes mainstream OPPORTUNITIES to inform the public of THE TRUTH! If we get the “general public” to ask intelligent questions, we, THE INFORMED, can answer those questions honestly, and we can END PROHIBITION before the end of summer!

    IF WE ARE SUCCESSFUL, we must demand the release of ALL CANNABIS/HEMP POLITICAL PRISONERS! And yes, that most definitely includes Marc Emery!

  7. Anonymous on

    overgrow the government!

  8. on

    yeah indeed perfect agree with you

  9. michael c petersen on

    hello my name is mike petersen, i am a us resident that will admit that the us sucks comepletly. If i could of ben born a bit north lol i would of. I have ben following all the cannabis news and watching the war on drugs very tightly and basicly i want to help free marc and help the word of legalization, and i know that im one person but one person is always alble do tons. i just dont know what more to do other then what im currently working on. i just care about about what he is doing and what he has done. I WANT TO HELP

  10. Anonymous on

    I’m guessing I am not the only one in agreement that aside from the everyday affects of the drug war and it being seen first hand (obviously) on a marijuana activist site, the only thing truly depressing are the rediculous comments that some people feel inclined to leave lately, most of which hardly represent the marijuana culture as a whole.

    The site is depressing now that the founder of the site is in jail after giving his life and millions of dollars for something I am waaay to chickenshit to even mention in most social settings. Lets go back to just fun articles, oh and other people get locked up too so somehow that justifies anything..

    OH MY GOD, I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE PROPOSING ACTS OF CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!!! Yeah, like that has ever been historically proven to be a useful tool to destroying oppression, from every thing to womens rights to gays rights to blacks rights etc…

    Oh, I cant believe that last guy wrote something I didn’t like…so…. Ill come back with calling him names 100 times and further undermine the good name of responsible people for sensible policy and end to prohibition…

    Or any of the other random shitty comments I’ve seen macking on Jodie at a very hard part of her life.

    People that will never walk a mile, now that’s depressing.

  11. Anonymous on

    All these tactics would be useful against Bill C-15 which in some ways is a far more pressing concern. Although Marc needs to be set free it is more important to stop Bill C-15 before many more innocents are sent to jail.