Marc Goes to Jail on Monday Morning, May 10th

Jodie and Marc: Photo by Kelly ChristieJodie and Marc: Photo by Kelly Christie…but we hope to have him out on bail again the same day. Marc’s bail conditions require that he turn himself in at 9am on May 10th, or when the Justice Minister makes a decision about the extradition. The prosecutor claims that the Justice Minister has all day on the 10th to make a decision, so Marc can get out on bail after 1pm our time (4pm Ottawa) unless he’s ordered extradited.

The Justice Minister must apply for more time to make the decision if he doesn’t do it by the 10th. We would seek to have Marc released on bail for the same amount of time the Minister receives as an extension (likely 30 to 90 days).

I think we have to have the bail paperwork done and signed by our four sureties in different cities before they court will release Marc, but it seems that’s not likely to be done by 4pm if the bail hearing happens after 1pm… That means Marc would be sent to North Fraser pretrial for the night and we’d have to get him out the next morning, hopefully.

Apparently it’s possible that he might be able to get out on Monday without us having to finish all the paperwork first… but I don’t know how that would work out… so I guess we’ll just wait and see how it unfolds on Monday. Follow updates from me on Facebook.

Please contact the Canadian Justice Minister with this message:

“Please do NOT extradite Marc Emery to the United States. If he broke the law in Canada, he should be charged in Canada, not a foreign country. Don’t extradite Marc Emery, or the Conservative Party will be punished in the next election!”

(613) 995-1547
(905) 353-9590
(905) 871-9991

[email protected]

Honourable Robert Nicholson
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.