Marc Goes to Jail on Monday Morning, May 10th

Jodie and Marc: Photo by Kelly ChristieJodie and Marc: Photo by Kelly Christie…but we hope to have him out on bail again the same day. Marc’s bail conditions require that he turn himself in at 9am on May 10th, or when the Justice Minister makes a decision about the extradition. The prosecutor claims that the Justice Minister has all day on the 10th to make a decision, so Marc can get out on bail after 1pm our time (4pm Ottawa) unless he’s ordered extradited.

The Justice Minister must apply for more time to make the decision if he doesn’t do it by the 10th. We would seek to have Marc released on bail for the same amount of time the Minister receives as an extension (likely 30 to 90 days).

I think we have to have the bail paperwork done and signed by our four sureties in different cities before they court will release Marc, but it seems that’s not likely to be done by 4pm if the bail hearing happens after 1pm… That means Marc would be sent to North Fraser pretrial for the night and we’d have to get him out the next morning, hopefully.

Apparently it’s possible that he might be able to get out on Monday without us having to finish all the paperwork first… but I don’t know how that would work out… so I guess we’ll just wait and see how it unfolds on Monday. Follow updates from me on Facebook.

Please contact the Canadian Justice Minister with this message:

“Please do NOT extradite Marc Emery to the United States. If he broke the law in Canada, he should be charged in Canada, not a foreign country. Don’t extradite Marc Emery, or the Conservative Party will be punished in the next election!”

(613) 995-1547
(905) 353-9590
(905) 871-9991

[email protected]

Honourable Robert Nicholson
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Jodie on

    You can’t defeat the enemy by taking out the pawns. You’ve got to go for the King.

    Marc’s goal was to sell seeds to Americans (and people all over the world) so they would “Plant the Seeds of Freedom and Overgrow the Government”, and used the profit from those seed sales to fund thousands of court cases, state initiatives, political parties/candidates, media campaigns, rallies, protests, compassion clubs, hemp stores, and SO much more.

    That was his goal and he knew there was risk involved. But without risk, there is no chance of success.

    He’s a brave hero for what he did. And he has always been willing to go to prison to demonstrate the insanity of bad laws — he did the same way before his cannabis activism, fighting to end Sunday shopping bans, music/print censorship, and more causes.

  2. Anonymouse on

    By now they wanted me to be behind closed doors so they could drug /torture me into giving them info that is ment for the world.

    your information is so useless and weak nobody would want it so you can relax.. And as for having the evil ones chase you so you are super stressed and then kill someone, well don’t . you will end up in the pajama ward for the rest of your life smelling stale piss and watching TV drooling on your meds tray till you die a retarded marshmallow years later. You have some soul issues pal that would be best resolved with some loving spiritual help, walk into your greatest fear- go into a Christian Church after hours, and talk to someone who will listen – you need to talk this crap out before it destroys you.. And smoking pot is not helping you one bit..
    drugs are for sick people & sick people are for drugs pot is a drug and its burning holes in your happiness— AND IT SHOWS–

    HERE I AM YOUR ADVERSARY AND I SUGGEST YOU SHOULD SNAP – IN A GOOD WAY – and leave off being nuts and work at being happy while you have an inkling its still out there to attain. Or end up a tragic case and that was your life.

    Its up to you..and it always has been and it always will be

  3. persecutedinalberni on

    LOL well one thing I and many others who have read your comments will see that you have a hard time understanding what I say so let me say it again and you might get it.

    I said by the way “YOU” talk it has I’m a cop,what I ment is you have a way of commenting the way a cop would.

    I mean you sound like a few dumb assed cops that persecuted me,ok.

    It doesn’t make a difference who is a fuckin christian, they still are the filth and scum that spread the hatred.

    I guess you assume I never seen as black person in a christian church lol that’s funny,regaurdless CHURCH is the ideal place to spread hatred for any colour.

    and I figure anyone with a brain would know if you asked and good white christian if they think blacks should be able to beleive in the christian faith most would probably say sure why not.

    However most will probably also say “just not in my church” and that is what religion does,seperates and devides.

    Most religions will welcome anyone just like I will welcome anyone into my neighbourhood,in either case you can’t do much about it and if you do it just makes you look bad.

    But that doesn’t mean I have to like you or really want you to live near me I just have to except it.

    I am smart enough to know there are back christians just like there are white muslims but sorry to say but when I think of the word christian(catholic)I ain’t thinkin of a balck skined person.

    The truth is most true christians/Catholics don’t think blacks should be allowed to do anything ok so wise up you dork,most people know that.

    NO matter when the book I read was written in either case I would have liked to see a black man walk into a whitemans christian church and have a seat lol.

    Like I said before You just come here to call others names just to make yourself feel good,I think they call it insecurity

    Most people come here to point out the facts about weed and I do beleive that is what I am here for and you too did what you came here to do aswell lol.

    But either way thanks for pointing out my mistakes it is good to have people like you around however it sounds like you have never smoked weed,am I correct?

    Oh and as far as making fun of my mind let me tell you this,I am in my 40’s and have had EEG’s ,catscan ECG test and other tests aswell and each time I surprise the fuck out of everyone involved,OK

    No I ain’t braggin just tellin the truth,any doctor/scientist or technician geek that scans or tests my brain wants to take it apart and study it some more,OK.

    Below are some site that are not my site but others who know what I say is real and true. and CATCH,citizens against technilogical and community based harassment,multistalker/gangstalker is just a few of the places you will find info on how they fool lesser minds into beleive this stalking is just in my mind.

    I have been persecuted by my government and the RCMP the main goal is to write me off as insane but most of all get me to snap so I kill somepeople so they can inprison and controll me.

    By now they wanted me to be behind closed doors so they could drug /torture me into giving them info that is ment for the world.

    They have done this to many others that ended bad,go educate yourself on the matter because soon you will all see what I am gonna pull out of my ass.

    Unlike Marc Emery I can legalize marijuana in one beatifull sunny after if I choose to do so I just need you the people to get it done.

    When my family and my wife beleive in the accusations I have made against the law and have gotten my government(Mr Harper) to confess to my boot what they did to me I will then solve serious crimes no one else can OK.

    My blog is coming back online soon enough and it will get everyones attention,untill then go check out those sites I provided so you will have a better understanding when you see it all on the news.

  4. Anonymouse on

    I can’t believe anybody as dense as you could ever be a cop
    I suspect you are just a stoner idiot
    unless you mean you think I’m cop
    in which case you are still a stoner idiot
    but with a side order of paranoia
    as to your suggestion I own shares in the Satanic Industries?
    you are a dumbass deluded paranoid stoner idiot

    *& if you _look, you’ll seemany many American Blacks
    were then and are now _Christians- so wise up you doped up dork
    Martin Luther King was a Christian Preacherman

    So when the elves next open the doors
    of that dusty old barn dance library
    full of redundant old crap you are on about
    be sure to ask if they will rent you an apartment in there –
    you’d fit right in pal

  5. Anonymous on

    Yet another example of our rediculous government bending to the Americans. We must all “decide where you stand in the struggle”. If Marc sold over 3 million dollars in seeds, it is quite obvious what the people want. You think we live in a free country? This should open your eyes to the truth. As a medical marijuana user I highly resent what this govenment is doing. Our Prime Minister would be better suited on the Howdy Doody show. Totally against drugs as he downs his glass of booze. Open your eyes, this is what happens when a country has too many politicians with nothing to do. Thanks to the idiots trying to control us they have made Marc a Canadian icon and martyr. Thanks you morons.

  6. persecutedinalberni on

    Well like I said I do plan on going back for annother look since yes you may be right since I did flip through 5 or 6 books.

    So I don’t mind admitting I’m wrong but I do know It said niggers and gypsies and perhaps I did condfuse it with other books since these are the things I am allways looking for in old books.

    Like I said I ain’t here to bullshit so you and at the time I was gathering info on phrases and sayings and explanations that we once used that are no longer used,it was for something I was writing at the time.

    But again I didn’t know I had to write a fuckin book for people like you who come here to shoot down everyone who isn’t perfect like you.

    The fact is it is illegal because shit like that was put in books so when the good little christian kiddies would ask “Teacher or mommy what’s marijuana?” they had something to bullshit with.

    The message was clear ” don’t be a nigger” be a good christian and stay away from marijuana, it was common for explanations like that.

    Let’s face it we all know anyone against marijuana is an uneducated brainwashed idiot since there is a wealth of information explaining the conspiracy behind it all on how it became illegal.

    Unless you have shares in the oil/chemical/plastic/cotton/lumber industry and if you do well then you are a smart little tyrannt then aren’t you?

    If it makes you feel better when and if it all ever makes it into a book I will be sure to be more exact,lmfao.

    Oh and the way you talk it has “i’m a cop” written all over it lol

    Thank’s for the amusement lol

  7. Mary on

    Emery’s biggest mistake by far is taking swings at the 500 lb gorilla knows as the US Government. In any fight you need to know the odds – unfortunately Emery let his ego and big mouth lead him straight into the jaws of the shark without calculating the risks. That’s just colossal stupidity.

    Emery could have had his seed business continue and be right here in Canada but instead opted to be driven by his ego and big mouth. A bad combination indeed.

  8. renney b. on

    this is not right and they know it but, as michael jackson sang ‘they dont realy care about us…’ the cannabis / hemp movement has suffered far too long under these evil dictators and it is time we the people rise up in this time of revolution and claim our human right; as marc says,’overgrow the government’. we have watched and we have prayed but, it seems god has not heard our cry for freedom; send us another brother moses… marc you are the real deal brother, you might not be perfect but, which one of us is… lead us to the promise land of cannabis heaven joshua, they will not be able to stop you… the stars are align and like greece ; babylon the great has fallen, the egyptian army has drowned in the red sea ; so children of the cannabis culture it is time to wipe away the tears from our weeping eyes…

  9. Anonymous on

    I find it strange that Arijan and Franco from green house seeds can fly into LAX and attend the thc expo in los angeles without being arrested as dangerous seed sellers. Yet Marc Emery is going to prison for it.
    My reasoning-Green house seeds do not have the political agenda that Marc has.

  10. highcrimes on

    I will make a wave of calls again, today!

  11. Anonymous on

    Jodie, Mark we are all with you on this. My thoughts are with you both. My words of disproval have gone to Mr. Rob Nicholson.

    I believe in what you both stand for..

    You have my full support.

  12. Anonymouse on

    The most important book you have ever handled
    worth thousands of dollars
    the reason you posted your story
    and you don;t remember what its called
    how convenient- for Mr write crap and share it here

    especially after you told me that after two vague clues
    I should be able to guess what it was called
    but you are so dense you don’t know what its called yourself
    & you were there and I wasn’t
    but you keep on about barn dancing as if that had anything to do with a dusty book about >>beatnicks using marijuana a century before they came into existance and 70 years before the English speaking world had any idea whatsoever of the vague local Spanish slang term word for the cannabis plant- marijuana.

    even for a west coast stoner are a space case..

  13. Zak Starkey on

    ^You are right. I apologize.
    Be it what I wrote yesterday was….well, very stupid. I just was spewing none-sense because I was pissed/ being a retarded asshole. lol sorry It does happen from time to time.

    I was reading through Treating Yourself Mag. on a plane ride the other day, that’s why I left the hate about Marco/I’m-so-fucking-paranoid-my-life-is-less-exciting-than-an-empty-Petri-dish. I wish I could be right about everything.

    I fucking love reading weed Mags on planes.
    And try not to worry about reincarnation too much, it’s more of a metaphor than anything else. Being hatefull…. your right it’s a waste of time/energy/life. The cosmo formation of enlightenment has taught me that at least.

    lol jet lag is a fancy bitch and sometimes forces hate into my brain.

    I like Marc and his ego(not always a bad thing), he’s more punk(Pissing off John Walters in front of his face) than even he’s prly aware of(from an outsider’s perspective). Kind of reminds me of when Elvis hit up Nixon for a spot in the DEA. LOL funny shit….

  14. Christopher Goodwin on

    Marc Emery will be in jail Monday MAY 10 2010 the BC Supreme Court, 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC. Marc Emery will be speaking at 8.30 am then turning himself into the Sheriff’s at 9:00 am. Protest with him at the US Consulate 360 University Ave Toronto. 11:00am eastern time. Then Marc Emery will turn himself into the Sheriff’s at NOON est. If Marc Emery is EXTRADITED and for as long as he is in jail, we must be unmerciful & unrelenting in our activism.

  15. persecutedinalberni on

    In the 1930′ and 40’s when there were some cabins and a resort,I think it was called bishop’s located at Sproat Lake just outside Port Alberni.

    I was told my more than one person and many other local people could tell you that yes the rumour was that there were a few movie stars that would come and spend Time at the resort.

    I was told that yes even greats like John Wayne and a few other famous people once went to this resort to holiday and I was told that people once danced in this old building(not actually a barn)that is now used to store things.

    The old man who let me into the building to have a look around is now dead as this was at least ten years ago.

    You can bet the only reason he let me have a look around was to bragg about all the stuff in the building and to tell me the history about years gone by.

    The stuff was the accumulation of one family gathered over many years,there were alot of antique toys and dolls ornaments that were all old.

    And yes everything was covered in dust and I do mean everything it looked like there was a blanket covering everything.

    My coworker went to the old train set but I went to the book shelf since like I said I looked around the room and so I could see where the riches were.

    I allways knew that more care should be given to all this stuff but it was not my place to say but i knew there was alot of money in all the antiques in the place.

    Years later(a few yrs ago)I went online and did some searching on antique books and their value especially one that are in mint condition.

    In the business of old books mint condition means it looks like it just came off the press and never used,well that is what this book looked like.

    It was a set of four books and just taking a wild guess I would have to say they are worth a few thousand dollars each if not more.

    Now as far as the book goes no I did not remember the name of the book I just know it was an encyclophedia and they were about 4 or 5 inches thick.

    I remember checking the date of the printing/copying and It was 1880 something 1883 if I’m correct and I remember not wanting to handle it to much as I am aware of what this does to it.

    You don’t just slam it down and slap it open like you would a new york phone book, I had enough time flipping threw it without getting the oil from my hands.

    The old man is dead now but his children and grandchildren still live here and there is a chance it is still sitting there to this day.

    It may have been sold off but either way I know I can make a few calls and talk to the right people to find out if I can go out and have a look again.

    If it was sold then the name and type of book could be found too aswell through records.

    As I have stated I have plenty of filming to do and I would love to open this book up for my camera so I could show ignorant dumb asses who probably still would not beleive it anyway.

    So yes I do plan on talking to the owners again because I have many things that will get your attention that is one of them because these are the things these tyrannts don’t want you to know.

    I have many things that the man doesn’t want me to tell you that you have a hard time dealing with in the first place.

    Now I do beleive that if you went and spent the time looking you might find the truth, try looking in museums/bookstores/antique dealers/internet and many other places.

    If you look hard enough you will find that YES this is how things were viewed back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

    So now that you questioned me on it I will just have to go do some searching and if I find it I will do a nice little video on it for youtube.

    If the owners have it and let me I will open the book up and read it out for all the hitlers out there that think marijuana is illegal because it is bad for

    Sorry I started something here I was just telling a story about my veiws based on the things I have learned and one of the things I learned came from a book that was printed in the 1880’s.

    In the future I will try to remember that some people need to know everything.
    I didn’t know I had to explain it all,I actually thoughtothers were aware that yes they did make and print books that made statements like that back then.

    But with that you can see how a corrupt government would persecute me as it is aware that I will educate alot of people with the things I say.

    The fact is I am good at detective work and can research and investigate things and when I do it makes the law and the MAN look bad.

    Say as you will just tell me how many other people do you know that write blogs and getharassed by the cops and government that show up at their homes trying to make them look bad.

    Twice they came and harassed me about my blog and they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on but they still came to let me know they don’t like what I am telling the world.

    That is why I took my blog offline untill I was complete in explaining what they did to me or they would just keep harassing me and so when it is ready to go online I will show you what I mean.

    I will place it online and they will use every lame excuse to harass and try to stop me.

    I had to explain at my blog that it is all fiction just so I could keep writting what they did to me and so they would leave me alone.

    You can bet that even though I have clearly stated it is fiction it is all the truth of what they did to me.

    Now back to what the issue is here,we should be all banding together to stand up to american hitlers and say NO after all it is all a big lie and all about hatered and racism.

    That is all I was trying to say folks was that the whole marijuana law was based on hatred/racism and controll so why are we letting another country take away someone for selling seeds.?

  16. Sparkky on

    What if Marc appeals in the staztes to the supreme court there? I think it would be wise to Go get sentenced in the states then appeal, then take it to the supreme court there. Canada’s supreme court won’t do anything to change the laws in North America and the world. Only the states can do that!

    Good Luck Marc!

  17. Anonymous on

    So you have one thought in your whole life, and that was it?
    Here’s hoping reincarnation is kinder to you than your free will

  18. Anonymous on

    To persec:

    You make a suspicious claim about sketchy information a book that you honor but never reveal the title.. Cite the book title, publisher and direct quote on the page number or please, fuck off
    Dave here doesn’t buy your crap either and calls your voyage of discovery
    ” Imaginative Story telling ” , aka making up fiction as you skid along.
    In his own sweet way he’s telling you to fuck off while he tells me to back off.

    Now when the beam is shining on you, your response is that its up to _me to guess what the name of the magic book that predicts the coming of the Beatniks..
    Such an earth shaking volume is in your hands, right? the owners knew the special value of but gave away to a nutcase so they could mumble about it on a stoner website ? That’s beyond generous, that’s retarded.
    Does not add up .. not even a little bit- not even with John Wayne doing the funky chicken off to one side.

    so when you and dipshit Dave return to the magic book barn with Dora the Explorer, please look for a dusty mint condition copy of ” The Marc Emery Autobiography ” published in 1920 that he has yet to write in prison over the next five years.. Check page 666- where he mentions this conversation.

  19. Anonymous on

    I believe Marc understands that although he could face up to five years or serve no time, this is a very important event in marijuana legalization. It will get tons of media, and perhaps make some people understand that marijuana is not an act of criminals by any means.

    All the best luck in this ridiculous and shameful hearing.

  20. persecutedinalberni on

    Well I didn’t think I had to explain the whole thing here since I have blogs and allways a book or documentary so just wait till you see it on the book shelves then you can buy a copy.

    Yes an old bard that had lots of old things in it that yes kept dry because it was look after by the family it belonged to,the same family that allowed me to go in an have a look around at all the old things in it.

    I was there to do work on the building because yes it was looked after because yes the owners knew what was in it.

    Yes 1883 now go be a detective because since you are so smart, I bet you could find out exactly what book I am referring too with just what info I have given so far.

    Now I could spend all friggin year sitting here explaining it all to you,infact here is something else for you to question about my story.

    The owners even told me that back in the 30’s and 40’s well known people like John Wayne used to dance in this building I am speaking of.

    Yes John Wayne now if you want to argue this go ahead I will not respond since I too said “no way in this shithole town ?” lol

    And yes that is what it’s explaination for cannabis was,again you should go find out what fucktard of a religious hatemonger wrote/compiled the book.

    I think every judge in the country should have to read it out loud to every person they charge/imprison before handing down a sentence for any marijuana related offences.

    Then we will see how that goes over with the people.

    Now just to let you know I ain’t here to lie and tell bullshit stories OK
    and why is it that the ones who talk the bravest hide like cowards behind the word ANONYMOUS,(should be an E at the end of that word)lol

  21. Anonymous on

    So Marc is being extradited for a law which is currently unconstitutional in Canada, as declared in R.v. Parker and affirmed by Justice H. Borenstein? Wow, that’s a pretty egregious violation of Emery’s s. 7 Charter rights. Are the Liberals and NDP just going to stand by and let that happen, let Canada disgrace itself like that?. For shame, Iggy and Baldy, for shame.

    Emery was merely making medical marijuana seeds available to legal growers, by Heath Canada’s recommendations. Some unscrupulous Americans took advantage of his program and pretended to be authorized. Marc couldn’t check all those orders to make sure they were all legit. He had to go on faith that Americans are honest and truthful. What could he do about lying DEA agents placing orders, for instance? It’s hard to weed the scum out.

    Canada didn’t charge him because they know very well that Canada’s weed laws have been ruled unconstitutional, and therefore without force or effect. They HAD to extradite him, he would have beat them in Superior Court if charged in Canada.

  22. Jose Melendez on

    [7] Turning now to the issue of striking down section (4)1 of the CDSA.
    [8] The Crown submits that I have no jurisdiction to declare s, 4(1) of the CDSA unconstitutional. I can find it to be unconstitutional but I cannot declare it to be unconstitutional. My jurisdiction is to deal with the issues presented in the case before me. General declaratory powers are the exclusive jurisdiction of the Superior Courts.
    [9] I am not declaring the criminal prohibition unconstitutional. The Court of Appeal did that in Parker. That Court stated that the criminal prohibition on possession of marijuana is unconstitutional absent a constitutionally acceptable medical exemption. Given my finding that the Government has not enacted a constitutionally acceptable exemption, then, in accordance with Parker, the law prohibiting possession of marijuana is unconstitutional.
    [10] Mr. Long is charged with a law that is unconstitutional. Even though he himself is not in medical need of marijuana, it is certainly open to him to challenge the law on the basis that it is unconstitutional [2] It is well within his right to argue that the current criminal prohibition is unconstitutional as it fails to provide a constitutional exemption for those in medical need – even though he is not one of those persons. Having succeeded, he cannot be found guilty of a law that is unconstitutional. Therefore, the charges against him will be dismissed.
    Released: July 26, 2007
    Signed: “Justice H. Borenstein”


  23. DiamondInDaRuff on

    I wrote the Honorable Nicholson for you…If that don’t work…then keep praying and praying……I just can not support sending Marc to jail for this…I am American(with Canadian roots)! And I am a chronic pain patient that benefits from using cannabis…..If I die, it will be from the morphine, not the cannabis, unless I get gummed down of course….

  24. Anonymous on

    Good Luck fighting the extradition. But if it’s time to go think about mending fences. Think about an apology to the Christians, the beer drinkers, and all the other groups Marc stereotyped and offended. Like when Marc ran for the BCMP in Langley and said people over 70 should be denied health care and allowed to die because they drain the system. It never hurts to mend fences when leaving town.

  25. Anonymous on

    CCHQ should get laminated pictures of Marco Rendo (and all the other haters within the movement)and put them in the urinals so everyone can piss on their faces. Just a thought.

  26. Anonymous on

    Dinkytown,Minneapolis/Minnesota is supporting you. I had no idea who you were or what was going on until I met a guy the other day walking around campus wearing a free marc shirt/carrying a massive ganja leaf sign. People that don’t even smoke weed are like wtf…you can get 5 years in federal prison for seeds? LOL what if my stoner gf comes over with her shwwag-dank(It’s a new term being used to “mids”) and accidently drops a bunch of seeds on my carpet? Am I liable for a jail sentence? Holy FUCK! What if the seeds are immature and impossible to grow a plant with? Can I still be charged?

    Needless to say, your message is spreading. When/if your extradited, I’ll try to send you some money and books to read(that is… if I even can). How would I go about doing that? Your lovely wife is a treat, should I try and contact her through facebook or something? lol…I won’t hit on her or anything don’t worry. Although she should be hit on constantly because there are very few of that calibar out kicking these days. She seems like a big ole’ sweetie!:}lol sorry….

    Have you read the Galactic Pot healer by Phillip K Dick?
    I’m sure you have, but I have so many Phillip K dick books I could send them all to you if you want. I also have alot of Friedrich Nietzsche stuff too. Might help you forget about being in a jail cell.

    No worries brother, the Americans I know are not haters like that silly piece of shit Marco Rendo. I’d be willing to bet that, that guy(Marco plays pollo with himself)Rendo fucks himself to ‘teenagers dancing on youtube’ videos everynight with Taylor Swift’s “15” video playing in the background. He’s prly into the whole “virgin girl” pissing and taking a shit on him craze… the symbolical meaning of his life….Marco Rendo sounds corroded, like a decaying coal miner who gurgles when he attempts to talk to people. I’m shocked there aren’t more Canadians looking to deal that guy some reality(SUCKER PUNCH TO THE FACE). His Dj and guests didn’t even have respect for him. LOL You could tell that guy from Michigan that was on after you MARC was like WTF, Who the fuck is this troll that keeps interupting me! Rendo must be really short and constantly looking up to people. Is that symbolical too?…..I had to say something because I just heard that radio episode with that silly peice of shit Marco Rendo.

  27. Dave on

    It’s called imagination/story telling. I suppose that doesn’t go over well with a logical person like you? You don’t even have enough imagination to come up with anything better than ‘anonymous’. You’re like a switch controlled by others; you’re either “on” or “off” nothing creative. I just hope you’re not in a position to influence the next generation?

  28. zigzagburnin on

    These is very said to see. Why is our government going against everything we built as a country? Our rights as a Canadian have been changed by another country. We built ourselves as a country of freedom and helping while our neighbours built them self’s on just taking. There are like a bully in school, give us want we want or will make you pay. We are teaching our kids in schools that bullying is not right, well it is high time we teach our governments the same thing. We cannot let another country take advantage of us after we have help them through thick and thin. Right or wrong we have backed them up we went to war for United States and we are still at war for them. All we ask is let us deal with our own problems and if we need your help we will ask for it.
    You say you trying to better the world, so then you must listen to your people, but you say you are now why are they moving to our country if yours is so good. God and mother nature has given us something precious to use for illness that is natural and less harmful than anything we have made , which they have their own copy right you should say for it so we can’t mess with it. Now we defy there gift and make it so that we are punished for using it. It gives peace against or pain and dealing with our society, But yet you keep it from us, why? What have we done for you to punish us? Our culture has given us brave and smart people to help you listen but all you do is throw them in jail. I guess it would less people in jail and harder to launder your money through the system if you gave us our right. We for you and with you to make you grow all we ask are to let us have some peace.
    Marc you are a brave and smart man, you have stood up for you right knowing this will help everyone not only in the cannabis cutler but everywhere, It show us that we should speak up when these rights are taking away and protect what we deserve.

  29. maryjanesuncle on

    Still can not believe the lunacy of this event, my heart goes out to you both

  30. Anonymous on

    so you broke and entered an antique filled barn?
    how stupid and criminal
    and so you, persecutedinalberni
    magically found a book from 1883 AD
    and that old mint condition book covered in dust
    stored outside in a barn in Canada
    for 120 years that had a passage about cannabis and > beatniks-
    …a societal sub group who would not come into existance
    for almost a century in the future ?

    you are a drugged up lying asshole
    faking a vision is the work of a severely fucked up brain

  31. a friend on

    i wish marc well and hope he recovers from this.

    it shocks my american conscience that he will be charged for this as a crime
    with punishment to be prison.

    he never commited a crime in amercia and the worse he should recieve is a small fine.

    i believe in you marc, please keep up the good fight.

    a friend.

  32. persecutedinalberni on

    I agree okie luv he should get an award,I realy have respect for the man for all the non-violence he has shown over the years.

    Beleive it or not I think of people like Marc to keep me from using violence on the people who persecuted me,it’s worked so far lol.

    I read through all the times he’s been arrested and still he uses no violence and it’s pretty amazing really.

    There is a way to legalize it the peacefull way and the right leaders can do the job if done right.

    However at this point and time in history I am also aware the same can be done with violence aswell and these Hitlers are the ones who would bring it to that level.

    I know it makes me mad to the point that the non-violent way is no longer an option as far as I am concerned.

    Let’s hope we never have to resort to violence to legalize it.

    Hang in there Marc and Jodie,You can bet every good tokers thoughts are with you both.

    But now to you Mr obama who could free him now,I have a story for you.

    I once came apon a old barn and in it were many very old antiques and everything had a layer of dust and my eyes lit up(it was like gold) because there were hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of antiques.

    There in the corner stood a bookshelf with many books and they too had a layer of dust and it looked like the books hadn’t been opened for 50 yrs,honestly 50 yrs.

    Anyway like a magnet a book called me over and so I walked right over to the bookshelf and reached up and pulled out one of four big books off the shelf.

    I blew the dust of it and found it was an encyclophedia printed in 1883 and so I opened it carefully because I was aware of it’s value as it was in mint condition.

    I flipped through the pages and again like a magnet the word cannabis sativa popped up and so I read it.

    It said, a substance or narcotic used primaraly by niggers,beatnicks and gypsies.

    Rather funny that the government that gets it’s first black preesident is persecuting a man who is fighting for freedom,wake up Obama.

    If I could have anything in the whole building it would be that book so I could keep to show any mother effer who says the war on marijuana was not based on hatred and racism.

    It’s all about hatred and controll.

  33. Okie Luv on

    Keep Marc in Canada! Award him the Nobel Peace prize for his non-violent Freedom Fighting! If Douche Bag Nicholson send him across the border then you Canadian’s should be ashamed for cow-towing to this Nazi U.S. government. I am already ashamed of my government for being Nazis. Free Marc NOW!

  34. pokewithdastick on

    made another call man im on a roll but im taking up the names of my friends as well only because they dont know the number and are to lazy to call. but they dont think marc should be extradited to the U.S. either if he does tho are we going to be able to meet him?

  35. pokewithdastick on

    i will indeed keep calling multiple times to the minister of justice till he decides not to extradite marc emery. i have made my fourth call already

  36. pokewithdastick on

    i called all 3 numbers and added my own message as well as the one above. my message included me not believing in our corrupt government and our conspiracy like policies also saying that i am a US citizen.

  37. Bruce from Tucson on

    Marc, they’re TRYING to fuck with your head.
    However, you are WAY more resolute than they can imagine.
    So many people’s hopes, prayers and best wishes and dare I say love
    are with Jodie & yourself
    (and the wonderfully nice people who are a part of your daily life @ CCHQ)
    I hope no pen ever touches that paper.
    NOW !
    Meantime, lots of those hugs M & J !
    ( Just in case. )
    Don’t sign it Mr. Nicholson ! ( Who is sovereign over you in the end: Canada or USA ? )

  38. Liberty Lover in Nova Scotia on

    I say in peace let Marc be extradited and sent to a US prison
    and then we the people of Canada launch a constitutional
    challenge to rewrite such laws so that this never happens
    to anyone ever again and while the ball is rolling legalize
    marijuana and educate those who need such education.
    Thats what Marc says he wants want, that the stoner sub class
    are pro active while he is stuck in the rat infested evil violent
    sexually perverted hellhole which is the US prison gulag system
    be that one day or five years- its up to us super stoners as of Monday
    anybody want to help out ? we desperately need money and computers to begin

  39. Anonymous on

    People might also want to add the words “a Canadian being sent to prison in another country for up to life and at least 5 years while another Canadian who did the exact same thing, Richard Baghdadlian, was charged in Canada and given a sentence of 2 years community service is extremely shocking to my conscience as a Canadian who was unable to prevent the election of the dictatorship known as the Conservative Party due to their deceiving the majority of the population into voting for them”. Since the sentencing policy differences between Canada and the US are shocking and appalling, if you extradite him you will be violating Marc Emery’s section 7 Charter rights and I as a Canadian citizen feel compelled to at least verbally attempt to persuade you not to violate the Charter. I am also giving a copy of this letter to Marc Emery for use at the lawsuit against the government of Canada after you extradite him, as I know you will because you are a Harper clone and a psychopath like him. Thank you for your time Mr. Psychopathic Justice Minister.”

    Merely threatening to punish them at the next election won’t do much, considering they have double the votes of the next closet party. They have the majority of the population thoroughly programed.