Vancouver’s Global Marijuana March Was A Blast

Burnin' not Concernin' at the Vancouver Global Marijuana March. (Picture by Stephen Hui, Georgia Straight. Click to enlarge)Burnin’ not Concernin’ at the Vancouver Global Marijuana March. (Picture by Stephen Hui, Georgia Straight. Click to enlarge)I had a blast (or two) at the Vancouver Global Marijuana March yesterday. Through the billowing clouds of smoke one thing was clear: Vancouver loves cannabis!

Hundreds assembled at the Downtown Vancouver Art Gallery then marched through the streets waving banners, shouting rhymes and taking our time to make our presence known all the way to the beach at English Bay.

Brother Kiwi’s beat-mobile broadcast fly vibrations as the sun came out to shine brightly on our march, and crowds gathered on the sides of the road to watch the parade and get high off the fragrant fumes.

“We Smoke Pot!”, “No More Drug War!”, and other chants echoed off the façades of local shops and caught the attention of many who joined the march.

Earlier in the day, the cops tried to arrest a peaceful pot-smoker in the crowd who supposedly had a warrant for marijuana possession, but some Hug Power and negotiations with nervous officers averted disaster and meant another day of freedom for a flower criminal. Aside from the minor incident, police could not have been more cooperative and courteous, and pulled out all the stops in shutting down streets to make way for the smoky marchers. Many thanks to the VPD for keeping it super-friendly.

At the beach, activist speakers including David Malmo-Levine, Chris Bennett, Neil Magnuson and yours truly warmed up the crowd before the smoke session at 4:20, when free joints were tossed around thanks to a local medical marijuana patient. was in the house and saved the day several times with vehicles and equipment, and a large brother named Lumpy came to the rescue with a gas-powered generator on a long-board when the sound equipment drained the juice out of the large battery pack on our slow march to the beach.

By the end of the day my windpipe was sore from shouting into a megaphone and coated with a thick layer of cannabis resin all the way to my lungs.

Thanks to Stephen Hui at the Georgia Straight for the fantastic photo and video essay and to The Canadian Press for their video coverage.

I’ll post more photos as they become available. Thanks to everyone for a Vancouver march of the Highest quality!

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.