Charges Dropped Against CALM Compassion Club Volunteers

Neev Tapiero is the owner of the CALM compassion club in Toronto and still faces charges for marijuana trafficking. (Photo by Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star)Neev Tapiero is the owner of the CALM compassion club in Toronto and still faces charges for marijuana trafficking. (Photo by Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star)CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana trafficking charges against eight volunteer staff members of Toronto’s CALM compassion club’s were dropped today by the Crown; but owner Neev Tapiero still faces charges.

The charges stem from an aggressive police raid on CALM’s dispensary on March 31, 2010.

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CALM is one of Canada’s oldest and largest dispensaries – click here to visit their website.

Charges stayed against pot club volunteers

by Katie Daubs, Toronto Star

Trafficking charges against eight volunteer staff members of a Queen St. compassion club were stayed this morning.

CALM, which was raided on March 31st, sells medical marijuana to patients suffering from chronic diseases, including HIV.

Club owner Neev Tapiero still faces trafficking charges.

“This is a big win for the cause,” said lawyer Ron Marzel. “It’s also the right thing to do. If the government takes issue with a compassion club they should have that fight with Neev.”

Tapiero said he feels confident about the case and sees the stayed charges as a sign that the crown’s case is weak.

Amy Brown, who saw her charges stayed on Monday, was ecstatic.

“I had this perma-grin, I couldn’t get off my face,” she said.

Brown, who suffers from chronic pain, said the charges stopped her from travelling.

“It’s a big day. We knew what we were doing wasn’t wrong,” she said.

After the raid in March, Marzel said police were well aware CALM distributes marijuana for medical purposes only, and said he was “appalled” by the police action.

“Organizations like this have existed for a long time. It’s not a surprise to the police force that these organizations exist, “Marzel said, adding CALM is actively lobbying for clearance from Health Canada to sell medical marijuana. “This is a totally inappropriate response.”

Tapiero said this is the first time police have raided CALM since it was established in 1996.

About 10 per cent of the club’s 3,000 registered members have federally issued cards permitting them to possess medical marijuana. The rest have written approval from a doctor, chiropractor or naturopath, Tapiero said.

According to a police document obtained by the Star, charges include possession for the purpose of trafficking. Police seized 16,589 grams of marijuana, 1,940 grams of hashish, 207 grams of hash oil and a quantity of cash.

– Article from The Toronto Star.

Pot club charges dropped against volunteers

by CBC News

Eight members of a Toronto marijuana compassion club have had drug charges against them dropped.

But the club’s owner still faces trafficking charges.

About a month ago the Queen Street East club was raided by police officers who seized thousands of grams of hashish and marijuana.

The club, called Cannabis As Living Medicine, sold medical marijuana to people suffering from chronic illnesses.

On Monday, charges against eight of the nine people arrested in the raid were dropped — all except Neev Tapiero.

Tapiero’s lawyer thinks the Crown decided not to press ahead with most of the charges because “they really don’t want to prosecute the staff, the volunteers, for that. They really want to narrow down the issues — and I agree with them, it is something that should be narrowed down,” said Ron Marzel.

The only legal way for people to purchase medical marijuana is through Health Canada.

Compassion clubs have been asking for licences for years — but there has been no movement.

Marzel says he hopes this will be a precedent setting case when it comes to compassion clubs.

– Article from CBC News.



  1. Anonymous on

    Fine, in all likelihood Neev is a very nice person. I guess if you were involved in something shady you probably wouldn’t draw attention to yourself by running a Cannabis club. Sorry if my questioning of his motives offended anyone, like the “pig” guy.

  2. Dave Kush on

    Not only does a closed club prevent the Doctors’ recommendations from being fulfilled, if a Physician isn’t sure a patient can benefit from Cannabis, this provides a means of monitoring their progress and deciding whether a Health Canada licence is warranted. If Cannabinoids help the patient, they shouldn’t be limited to Tylenol, which by the way, contains a Cannabinoid called Paracetamol.

  3. Dave Kush on

    There IS more to the story. Neev’s actions are contributing to the growth of this industry and the availability of Medicinal Cannabis. By pushing the envelope, his actions also shed light on the shortcomings of the MMAR programme and will inevitably help to improve it. How much is too much to put yourself in the spotlight and risk your livelihood? What hasn’t been mentioned is that the CALM members who don’t have their ATP cards have no other means by which to procure Cannabis if their Doctor has given them consent by signing a CALM application. When the club closes, those Doctors’ recommendations can’t be fulfilled. Are the ‘Armchair Quarterbacks’ who criticize this service more qualified than an M.D.? Absolutely not. These clubs have thousands counting on them to provide relief. Like them or not, they need to be able to pay bills and stock their shelves so the people who need the meds can access them. Your Pharmacist doesn’t work for free and I doubt you do. Cannabis costs money. There needs to be a consistent supply, and quality is paramount. Let’s be realistic. This is medicine.

  4. Anonymous on

    Should such clubs be allowed to make profits? Until they are actually legal, why should owners of these clubs be allowed to make a profit at all? Breaking the law out of compassion for the sick is one thing, doing it to make a lot of money is quite another. All I’m saying is let’s see an accounting of CALM’s income and expenses so we can see what the situation really is. Why would anyone have a problem with that, unless they’re Neev and he was making a bunch of money and sending it to Pakistan or somewhere like that. Not everybody is as naive as the “pig” guy. Why would the cops suddenly bust the place and then release everyone but Neev? Maybe there’s more to the story than we know.

  5. Anonymous on

    Did I hit a nerve, Neev? Anyone who questions where all that weed and hash money went is a pig, huh Neev? I can see why you’d feel that way, Neev.

  6. Dave Kush on

    The fact remains, these clubs are required, at least until an individual can arrange to produce or designate someone to produce for them. Some people need Medicinal Cannabis in order to improve their quality-of-life. While I was waiting for my ATP and had nothing but debilitating pills, I was greatful there were clubs in Toronto with people who were willing to risk their well-being to apply some sort of standard to the process, and I happened to choose CALM. I expect them to turn a profit. Goodwill alone won’t pay the rent.

  7. Anonymous on

    Only persons interested in the cannabis culture visit this site. Users of cannabis and pigs. Why do you bother with your pig propaganda. Only sadistic hypocrites have any problem with adults consuming cannabis safely ( vaporized or edibles ).
    Someone has to grow it and someone else has to sell it. Just like any other flower. If the content of ths site bothers you then feel free to fuck right off to pig sites.

  8. Anonymous on

    90% of the customers only have a note from a doctor, naturopath or chiropractor. I bet a few of them were doing a lot of business in such notes. A naturopath has to hustle to afford the SUV and the vacation in Tahiti. I’m all for it, myself. You should only have to sign a form at the counter confirming that you suffer from one of the afflictions listed in the California medical weed program as qualifying, like anxiety. Just mentioning that it was probably a weed convenience store, like the old Herb Museum, and Neev probably made a mint from it. He didn’t pay his staff, what were his expenses other than rent and power? Bet the guy’s loaded. Should have made regular “donations” to the police Chief’s fund. Maybe they’ve been watching this guy for a while and he’s dirty. What do we really know about this swarthy Neev fellow? He appears seemingly from nowhere and he’s got a connection with somebody in hash producing countries, like NEPAL! No good ever comes out of there. Where’s he funneling the profits to? Get me a piece of plastic from a drycleaning bag and I’ll get the truth out him. I want to wrap a sandwich while I’m speaking politely to him. Thanks, that’s perfect. We’ll be right back.

  9. Anonymous on

    According to a police document obtained by the Star, charges include possession for the purpose of trafficking. Police seized 16,589 grams of marijuana, 1,940 grams of hashish, 207 grams of hash oil and a quantity of cash

    that’s a lot of dope !

    16.5 kg of weed
    nearly 2 kg hash
    a big mug of hash oil

    were all 3,000 members there lining up with empty baggies?
    I don;t think so..
    this seems like those sketchy
    California med pot places that get busted
    for wholesaling out the back door