The World Marches For Drug Peace

Thousands light up in Toronto for the 2010 Global Marijuana March. (Photo by Sol Sadie)Thousands light up in Toronto for the 2010 Global Marijuana March. (Photo by Sol Sadie)CANNABIS CULTURE – Thousands of pot-smoking protesters in over 300 cities worldwide boldly marched through the streets yesterday to call for “drug peace” as part of the 2010 Global Marijuana March.

The event, also known as The Worldwide Marijuana March, draws thousands every year who oppose draconian drug wars in countries around the world. This year’s march was held in over 300 cities, making it the largest far, thanks to the help of a diverse group of organizers and organizations (Click here for a list of participating cities).

Hundreds of video cameras were in the crowds, and YouTube is blazing with video from everywhere.

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Of course, The Media can’t resist a good pot-puffing photo-op, and many of your favorite mainstream, alternative and citizen news teams were there to cover the action. Here again is a CC media roundup.

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Pot smokers light up at Queen’s Park for rally

by CTV

Thousands of pot smokers lit up near the Ontario legislature Saturday afternoon, for the 12th annual Toronto Global Marijuana March.

The crowd initially gathered at Queen’s Park, and was estimated to be as high as 40,000 in number.

Some of those who took part told CTV Toronto that they were there “just to smoke weed,” but others said they were trying to send a message.

So many people lit up that there was a noticeable haze in the park.

In fact, many of those who took part are self-described pot activists who want to see Ottawa decriminalize the drug.

Gavin Gerbz, co-founder of the Toronto Freedom Festival, said that stopping the prohibition on pot should be a no-brainer for legislators.

“I think the conversation of decriminalizing marijuana is more than ever relative, and we’re really looking forward to the upcoming federal election next year,” said Gerbz.

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Photos: Global Marijuana March protests pot prohibition in Vancouver

by Stephen Hui, The Georgia Straight

Marijuana activists and supporters marched through downtown Vancouver on Saturday (May 1) to send a “smoke signal” to governments that pot prohibition must end.

The Vancouver event was one of many protests held around the world as part of the annual Global Marijuana March.

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March for marijuana ends on Parliament Hill

by CTV

Cities around the world took place in the Global Marijuana March on Saturday, including in Ottawa — where supporters for pot legalization began at Confederation Park in Ottawa’s downtown and wound up at Parliament Hill.

Up to 300 cities will mark this day. In Canada, Marc Emergy — Canada’s so-called “prince of pot” — presided over the Toronto event. His supporters are fighting his extradition to the United States for a drug sentence.

Supporters also marshalled resources on Twitter and Facebook to drum up support for the event, which was expected to draw 20,000 people in Toronto — the largest Canadian crowd this year.

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Denver pro-marijuana marchers in a huff over ticketing

by Heather McWilliams, The Denver Post

Clad in marijuana-themed T-shirts and waving pro-pot signs, about 75 marchers hit Denver streets Saturday for the Global Marijuana March, but when officers ticketed two protesters for consumption some marchers got mad.

“I’m angry and disappointed with the Police Department,” said Miguel Lopez, event co-organizer. He called the tickets hypocritical, saying police took a more permissive response to smokers at the 420 “smoke-in” held at Civic Center on April 20.

As officers singled out a woman for consumption, about two dozen marchers stopped, shouting angrily at them. One marcher used a bullhorn to spread his message, “Denver police are breaking the law.”

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Marching for marijuana

by Arrianee LeBeau, KVAL News

EUGENE, Ore — Dozens of supporters of the 2010 Oregon Cannabis Tax Act took to the streets to raise awareness about two initiatives.

Organizer of the event Jim Greig said he hoped people at the event would walk away with more knowledge about marijuana and its many uses.

“There are still a lot of people that haven’t even accepted the fact that marijuana is an acceptable medicine. An alternative medicine,” Greig said.

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Canadian pot-lovers join others around the world at pro-marijuana rallies

by The Canadian Press

TORONTO – The pungent smell of marijuana rose above crowds in several Canadian cities on Saturday at rallies calling for the drug to be legalized.

In Toronto, hundreds gathered near the Ontario legislature before a march through downtown streets.
Marc Emery, a well-known marijuana activist who’s been dubbed Canada’s “Prince of Pot,” was expected to lead the march as grand marshal.

Emery is awaiting extradition to the United States on drug charges.

A similar event was held in downtown Vancouver at the city’s art gallery, which is the scene of several pot rallies throughout the year.

Hundreds listened to speeches beside the countdown clock for the recent Vancouver Olympics as people in the crowd smoked up and munched on pot brownies.

Then, with Bob Marley songs playing from speakers on a van driving alongside them, the crowd marched towards a popular beach with a police escort.

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Toronto protesters mark May Day

by CBC

Thousands of protesters filled the streets in Toronto on Saturday in separate marches marking the fifth annual May Day and calling for the legalization of marijuana.

May 1 is International Workers’ Day, and people demonstrated in many major cities around the world.

According to CP24 News, one group of protesters marched from the Ontario legislature at Queen’s Park to Bloor Street and onto Yonge Street, where they doubled back.

A large number of people with banners, loudspeakers and drums were marching for the legalization of marijuana.

Live music, merchants and information points were also part of the event.

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Hundreds show up for pot rally


AUSTIN (KXAN) – “It’s not a war against drugs it’s a war against people, it’s a war against your personal liberties and personal freedom,” shouted one pot supporter.

Hundreds turn out at the capital for a rally supporting legal marijuana.

The Third Annual Texas Cannabis Crusade was sponsored by “NORML,” a group that promotes legalization.

The rally included a afternoon march through downtown.

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Photo gallery: NORML Rally in Dallas (May 1)

by John Michael Flores, Pegasus News

DALLAS — An enthusiastic crowd of about 50 people showed up in downtown Dallas on Saturday as part of the 2010 Worldwide Marijuana March, organized by DFWNORML, the local chapter of The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

The group met at the Earle Cabell Federal Building at the corner of Griffin and Commerce Streets to raise awareness of the need to decriminalize marijuana use for medicinal purposes.

Participants waved flags and posters, and cheered as cars drove by.

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Marijuana March


People marched in Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls and across the nation today, to make marijuana use legal.

A non-profit organization in Washington, DC organized the marches. ‘NORML’ was founded in 1970. Its website says members support getting rid of all criminal penalties for private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults.

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Hundreds march to legalize pot

by The News & Observer

RALEIGH — More than 300 people gathered at the State Capitol on Saturday afternoon to call for the legalization of marijuana.

The protesters, mostly in their teens and 20s, chanted “Legalize” and “Let’s free cannabis” as they marched along Fayetteville Street. Marchers held up signs saying “Bongs Not Bonds,” “Free the Weed” and “Honk for Weed.”

“It should be legalized and regulated like any other drug,” said Ben Smith, 23, of Lexington who marched in the rally.

Protesters urged the state legislature to pass the Medical Marijuana Act.

The legislation didn’t make it out of the state House Health Committee last year.

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Medical marijuana march


A march in Calgary Saturday afternoon called for the decriminalization of pot and easier access to medical marijuana.

The sixth annual Calgary Worldwide Marijuana March included recreational users and also Calgarians who have multiple sclerosis and other conditions.

Many have Health Canada exemptions allowing them to legally posses, cultivate, and consume cannabis.

But event organizer Keith Fagan says access to medical marijuana is too restrictive, and he says Canada should be more like the U.S. in the number of people legally allowed to use medical marijuana.

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Man critically injured in accident at marijuana march

by Adrian Morrow and Teri Pecoskie, Toronto Star

A man has suffered life-threatening injuries after falling out of a tree at a march for marijuana legalization Saturday afternoon.

The man was perched about 20 to 30 metres up a tree at Queen’s Park around 4:20 p.m., as the Global Marijuana Marchunfolded below.

As the tree swayed in the wind, someone called emergency crews to rescue the man. Before help could arrive, he fell.

Paramedics arrived quickly and transported the man to St. Michael’s Hospital in critical condition, said EMS duty officer Dave Viljak.

The man’s name and age are unknown.

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Pot lovers light up Queen’s Park

Tom Godfrey, Toronto Sun

Thousands of Toronto pot smokers were puffing their gongs and spliffs without fear of arrest at Queen’s Park before taking part in a march calling for the weed to be legalized.

The air around the legislature reeked with pot as an estimated 25,000 users, mostly between 18 and 35, gathered to spark one and view arts and crafts that is part of a fourth Toronto Freedom Festival that takes alongside a Global Marijuana March involving people in 200 countries.

Festival organizer Blaine Dowdle said the event promotes the legalization and medicinal use of marijuana.

“We are encouraging people to look at alternative lifestyles,” Dowdle said Saturday. “We would like cannabis to be taxed and regulated and available for use by those who need it.”

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Successful Global Marijuana March In Ottawa

by Spanner McNeil, Cannabis Culture

CANNABIS CULTURE – Advocates of marijuana rallied in Ottawa’s Confederation Park under a cloudy sky and marched to the steps of Parliament on May 1, 2010.

“I’m Wes Bartlett. I’m the head organizer. We gotta start building something here.”

“What do you think can be done in the next little while?” I asked.

“Well you know it’s really just support. You need people to get out and educate people that aren’t. People are affected by misconception and stuff. We just need like, we just need more big events like this especially in Ottawa. The politicians are looking all the time. It’s where it most matters.”

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Vancouver’s Global Marijuana March Was A Blast

by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture

I had a blast (or two) at the Vancouver Global Marijuana March yesterday. Through the billowing clouds of smoke one thing was clear: Vancouver loves cannabis!

Hundreds assembled at the Downtown Vancouver Art Gallery then marched through the streets waving banners, shouting rhymes and taking our time to make our presence known all the way to the beach at English Bay.

Brother Kiwi’s beat-mobile broadcast fly vibrations as the sun came out to shine brightly on our march, and crowds gathered on the sides of the road to watch the parade and get high off the fragrant fumes.

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