Marijuana Will be Legal Soon (And if You Don’t Like it, Move to Canada)

If I didn’t want legal marijuana in America, I’d be seriously unsettled by the existence of a national marijuana holiday that gets more press than Thanksgiving.

The mere fact that multiple news organizations marked April 20th by conducting national polls on legalization is itself a profound statement about where we’re headed, more so when you look at what those polls show:

*A national CBS poll found 44% support for legalization.

*A national AP/CNBC poll found that 56% believe marijuana should be treated the same or less strictly than alcohol.

*Another CBS poll found that 56% of Californians support legalization, as the issue heads to the ballot this Fall.

Maybe it won’t happen this year or even the next, but it’s just an indisputable fact that we’re heading towards majority support for legalization. Those majorities could quickly move to end prohibition in many states, and there’s little the opposition could say that hasn’t been said a million times before. The American people have been subjected to decades of vicious anti-pot propaganda, and yet this is where we find ourselves.

If there was ever any doubt before, it should now be perfectly clear that those who’ve invested themselves in the political war on marijuana are fighting a losing battle. We’ll soon be finding out who was right and who was wrong. The debate will be settled once and for all in the most logical way possible: letting adults buy marijuana at marijuana stores and seeing if our society gets destroyed.

Anyone who remains convinced that this can’t possibly work would be well advised to just wait it out. Let your apocalyptic theories speak for themselves once the law changes and if everything goes to hell, I’m sure you’ll have a delightful time pointing that out to all of us. But don’t waste your time and ours on an argument you’re eventually going to lose anyway. If you’re so worried about the children, go read them a book.

– Article from (DRCNet) .



  1. bbn on

    Fuck legalising eed, greddy-ass white folks! This is the only way I have to make money, so if you legalise this shit, Im killing white people and taking their money ( because of slaverY)…Im serious, muthafuckaz

  2. Anonymous on

    fuck you bitch, americans are better than you british queers with your crumpets and rotten teeth, haha. bitch

  3. Anonymous on

    yes. totally. unfortunately, most countries will bend over for the US. its total political bullshit and political corruption. nothing will change until every single last politician is out of power. and that power is what Amerika feeds off of. and in today’s current capitalistic “society”, power and money go hand in hand. shouldn’t resources, technology and freedom of one’s mind, body and self be more powerful than a wrinkled up piece of green paper??!? but they keep a blind eye towards the fact that money is nothing. paper that represents gold that doesn’t exist. furthermore, what practical use does an average citizen have for the gold their “money” represents?? NONE. and how much can the US borrow before they are evicted? can they afford to repay their loans? why are they treated different than their citizens, who are often evicted or have things repo’ed with little notice. well take notice when the entire world’s economic system comes to a catastrophic end. resources and free energy will take over. no more exploiting EVERYTHING to get the most possible profit out of it instead of the most USEFUL products and service life?
    BAN OIL!!

  4. Anonymous on

    Canada was on its merry way to legalization in 2002 with the Nolin commission but then I forgot his name US ambassador to Canada under Bush administration came to tell Canada that they were not at all happy with stance of Canada on marijuana and that canadian politics created a lot of problems to the Americans or would create problems should marijuana becomes legal in Canada.
    And now ladies and gentlemen…California is about to become legal in California.
    Morale of the story: I’d rather buy California sun drenched marijuana than wet soggy british columbia buds.Once again US will be selling us like it did with other things (oranges,wines,grapes) and us poor canadians as always will contemplate a booming industry in California and wonder how come we missed such a good business opportunity by not creating our own marijuana industry.
    Thank you again Mr.Harper for putting Canada upfront with progressive marijuana laws and giving the impetus to a brand new industry ! Thank you !

  5. Anonymous on

    first off im gay so dont call me a homophobe you queer. secondly when you say FUCK AMERICA means fuck legalizing your crazy, and even if california does do it will that stop american corporate imperialism? fuck no it wont. so when i say FUCK AMERICA i mean it.
    p.s. im american

  6. one missed on

    Unfortunately there was one minor incident at the 420 party in Toronto, the cops found one guy with a 22 calibre handgun, so they busted him, but the next day the media and newspapers tried to focus on this factor, again, trying as hard to ruin the closer and closer we get to our finished age of prohibition and the stigma of druggies, DOPE HEADS CARRY GUNS, that is their attempt!!!! But the tokers made sure to point out they don’t encourage this and are shameful of this specific person which is really disrespectful to the rest of tokers and Canadians. But don’t forget, Toronto is full of idiots and wannabe gang members who get high on any public event status. He should be smoking the end of his gun barrel…. What’s that movie or show with that scene the guy who smokes a bowl out of his shotgun sitting in the tub which he forgot was loaded and blew his head off, too lazy to get up and get the bong! Ooopps, tokers don’t need guns, they can sense a lot of things just from experiencing the high and natural effects of the weed. We are able to predict enough that we can decide what might be dangerous or not. Especially dealing with these crooked laws for so long. Some tokers know there would have been a few idiots there, but some tokers aren’t just tokers, some are also into coke, etc, which gives them a nice ego boost, or paranoia trip out in public! Any body who pulls a gun out at an event like that, it is good to know the cops took him out quick. NOW, Canadian cops are taking care of real crime…most of the time, at least in Toronto, some smaller towns cops are idiots who don’t have a clue how to do their job.

  7. openeyed on

    Nice intro… you are really helping your US citizens and Canadians by naming this article ‘If you don’t like it move to Canada’. So now the authors suggestive point is that the US thinks they should just get the ones who oppose it the F outta the country, by trying to encourage the stiff ass anti pot people to come to OUR country! That will be more tension in their own country. Yeah, maybe some sarcasm and a joke, but an insult to Cnadians and another way to show the world the US will screw anybody, that is not helping this process. One step closer and now you start another problem with the country’s attitude. The US can smoke your mexican schwagg all you want and smoked it all those years!! Get the growers in action and help defeat the Mexican border drug war!! Its about time. Hopefully China’s lack of interest of manufacturing plastic garbage and a large labour shortage which is being brought to America, yes, America will start producing the trinkets & trash for them selves. If they want to produce garbage and buy garbage then China is on the verge of saying “Trinkets and Trash aren’t being made here anymore, if you don’t like it move to USA” Maybe this will make many jobs for US. But minimum wage jobs! Canada knows a lot more about weed and hemp than you think! Harper is Conservative, he conserves the current state of laws. Any politic is a fraud. My town mayor wears a wig in his newspaper photos! Maybe the US will mess this up. Since most laws don’t work properly. If it happens the US just defeated the purpose of almost a century of harsh punishment and discrimination with high costs, WHAT A WASTE OF EVERYTHING, so now you want to make Canada the ‘BIG EVIL’ of the world!!!! Nice neighbors, or nice neigors writing these articles. I think the one who wrote this should be moving to Canada since he/she fits in good with the ignorant people the US should be getting rid of. F%%% you Dumb NI666AZ ! If you want to throw your anti pot folks to another country it will cause more lag of time with Canada’s legalization process, then you might as well accept a load of Scarface cubans again! If Canada and US doesn’t both do this legalization, the US will have another border war started on the north end (not as harsh), but E’s and Crank still come from Canada sometimes, yeah, maybe we will help the US by buying some of their weed, but we don’t need to, and won’t do it if you talk like this and think people on this site will be brainwashed everyone to accept US laws are good all of a sudden and Canada the nasties of the world? The US can keep their own reputation because you ain’t passing it off on Canadians out of the blue like this. If Canada is US’s bitch, why would they stay illegal if US finally gave up their war. It won’t happen soon. There will be 40-50% police and DEA out of work, you can fire half your police force and they will have to get a job making key chains at a factory in Nebraska! Does this sound correct? Well, maybe a few details. So maybe China will be the scapegoat to keep the useless cops with a job now, perfect timing. Now your products will go up in price because it sure ain’t cheap as China labour. High price of garbage, higher price of weed. Yeah, go to Cananda you ignorant anti pot person. This is not what potheads say about these folks. The ones who aren’t in control of the law aren’t hated by smokers. The politicians are the ones hated by smokers, and the anti pot folks hate the politcians. Their just jealous their alcohol & tobacco aren’t in first place no more!

  8. Anonymous on

    Don’t be fooled my friend. Canada is still very much liberal towards pot. It is the Conservative who are not and will try to push that image. Sat May 1st Toronto and the rest of the world will show how liberal we are towards pot when we march our annual Marijuana March!!

  9. Anonymous on

    “Fucking Harper.”
    It wasn’t Harper that made the punishment for telling the truth about pot greater then growing or selling it. Most politicians has corrupt morals and are generally only saying and/or doing what will either keep them in office or get them elected next year. However there is often a huge disconnect between what is promised and what really ends up happening with a particular program or bill. If it works as promised, they will be grateful. If it costs too much and/or is not delivering the actions and/or effects it promised, it backfires and has to be handled by the party, by possibly a cover-up, denial of error, or resignation. Sadly I think the Liberals last attempt at “legalization” or “decriminalization” of pot was a pure and simple political maneuver for support stemming from the huge social unrest created by pot prohibition. However because in Canada today few people know the true economic benefits of hemp, the idea was only so popular. The economic boost hemp could create alone with proper campaigning could have bolstered huge support in rural farm areas that could grow hemp. Currently there is a licensing and inspection program for growing hemp, i’m sure that costs a bundle. And again, not Harper. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like the guy one bit, I think his tough on crime stance stands to only grow our prisons. Prohibition makes these costs necessary, not to mention the countless dollars spent chasing, convicting, and often mentally or physically harming people who smoke a flower top provided by nature. I agree with bitching about pot laws that my favorite pass time :), but it think our entire government is to blame to a certain extent. Its time for some peaceful change, and realize the UN charter on drugs is helping this world starved of hemp seeds, leaves, stalk and all associated products from hemp. Time to remove what should never be considered a drug, the all mighty tree of life, CANNABIS!

  10. Anonymous on

    Are you 12 your statement was rather broad.Besides if Canadian politicization weren’t such puppets of America and had some kind of back bone maybe Canada could try to leave the union.I think directing that anger at your gov. would be more constructive. Remember we’re all on the same side here? I thought Canadians were well Canadians not hateful. Don’t let your politicians give up your sovereignty. and American are good people
    -Canadian jedi rebel in the empire

  11. The Kush Kitten on

    I’m pretty excited to be in the generation that’s getting this done. I can’t wait til it’s legal. Set the medicine free!!

  12. Anonymous on

    ….and bad grammar.

  13. Anthony on

    The point the anti-american rhetoric spewers are trying to make is that the whole reason(or all the reasons) it is illegal in the first place stems one hundred percent sans question from the united states. lots of great shit comes for the US, but also, the bizarre hatred for and persecution of people for smoking cannabis seems to be largely an American export. And it is certainly true that they have directly influence drug laws THE WHOLE WORLD OVER negatively. This here movement in the direction of liberty is a chance for america to redeem itself of one particular evil among thousands, while substantial, it’s nothing too impressive and little to be proud of. Love you America, good luck!

  14. Anonymous on

    because, simply enough, you can still be arrested even if for one occassion (although I know as a fellow ontarian of more than one story wherein cops have sort of turned their eyes and taken the high road) cops choose not to take action. Also selling it is still clearly illegal, growing still clearly illegal. Marijuana still clearly illegal even if the laws aren’t fully enforced… imho

  15. Anonymous on

    So there was a huge 420 party in my city in Ontario…everyone smoking pot in public. The cops escorted the march and didn’t arrest a single person in spite of the haze that hung over the crowd. So exactly how is it illegal if the cops do not care any more??

  16. Anonymous on

    When you say Fuck America you say Fuck the Best Chance At Legalization. California alone is the 5th largest economy on the planet, when it legalizes, what better example? Fuck America indeed, homophobe.

  17. Brian Kerr on

    The drug laws in Canada are FEDERAL jurisdiction. Provinces can’t legalize Cannabis.

  18. maryjanesuncle on

    By allowing Canada to send Marc to jail in the US shows that in many ways Canada is in deed Americas bitch, if you dont like this words …save Marc..

  19. Anonymous on

    your a fag

  20. Anonymous on

    and that is exactly what the government is afraid of. Look at what Reagan said.. “These young people
    they get together,
    read books,
    smoke Marijuana
    and Talk”

  21. Anonymous on

    I have faith that it will soon. Once it does..we need to educate people on how to meditate while high. It will change their life. Once weed is legal, a lot more laws and bullshit will change. People will be more awake then ever.

  22. Jack Clark on

    I actually find your “Fuck America” comment quite offensive, it wasn’t America (as a whole) that did that, it was some of the boneheaded, narcissistic American politicians. Now, I totally agree if you’re talking about the crooked American politicians destroying the continent and everything in their path. Well, either way, you have to realize we have ‘changed the guard’ since the said Ontario incident, therefore the asshole(s) that harassed the Ontario government aren’t in office to harass the Californian government. Different times, different people, eh?! It will be legal there sooner than you think. Until then, just outgrow the gov’t! Peace

  23. Mark O on

    Isn’t it funny? The United States ceased the Ontario governments decriminalization through various threats and harassment, and now the United States is likely going to have cannabis legalized before Canada (and with the Conservatives, legalization doesn’t look too promising). Fuck America! This is the 21st century… why the hell is cannabis still illegal?

  24. Mitch W on

    I know, Right?

    All my friends always ask why I bitch about pot laws, well, It figures that Canada would be liberal for pott for years till I start liking it.
    Fucking Harper.

  25. Anonymous on

    We could have been first in Canada, but with the jerk’s whos governing now it’s like being in Malaysia.
    Next time…