‘Rogue Officer’ Fired by Vancouver Police

Vancouver police Chief Jim Chu says he has fired a constable on his force for allegedly using a police database illegally and selling marijuana both on- and off duty.

A two-month investigation involving 30 officers from both the Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP culminated Wednesday in the arrest of the constable and an alleged accomplice, Chu said.

“Just a few hours ago, we arrested one of our own, 31-year-old Constable Peter Hodson, and charged him along with his co-accused, Oscar Lapitan, with trafficking marijuana,” Chu told a Vancouver news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Chu said Hodson is also facing more charges, including two counts of breach of trust and and one charge related to the illegal use of a police database.

In addition, he was charged with breaking and entering with the intent to commit extortion in connection with alleged street-level drug trafficking, Chu said.

All charges relate to alleged offences that occurred between Dec. 4, 2009 and April 20, 2010.

“I have taken the step of firing Hodson as of today,” said Chu. “He is no longer a member of this department.”

The chief said that what was uncovered during the investigation of Hodson “was disturbing and disgraceful.”

“Investigators observed behaviour that suggested Hodson was trafficking street level amounts of marijuana both on- and off duty,” Chu said

The investigation suggested no conspiracy among other officers but “the actions of a single rogue officer,” said Chu.

“I want to reassure the public that the integrity of the VPD, while shaken by this abhorrent incident, has not been broken.”

Hodson is in custody and is expected to make a first court appearance Thursday.

– Article from CBC News on April 21, 2010.



  1. Anonymous on

    Did they send a gang of armed men to his house, break his door to pieces, beat him up , threaten him if he didn’t answer their questions and make no mention of anything about “rights” then steal a bunch of personal belongings having nothing to do with the warrant and not list any of it on the seizure list? Why not? Why the special treatment? Wasn’t he disabled enough for that? Worried he might shoot back? What’s the deal with that, Chu Chu?

  2. Anonymous on

    corruption corrupts completely. its super easy money, you dont have to pay for it, because you bust people and take it, sell it, and because its illegal huge profits are easily made. this will continue to happen until its legal.

  3. Atlanta Toker on

    This really isn’t all that “abhorrent” to me, the beatings that police officers give citizens in compassionate care centers would rate as much more abhorrent in my book. These officers know that marijuana should be legal, that people should’nt be arrested and is far less troublesome to the public at large than alcohol.

    Suspend him without pay for a while and explain to him that at this point of stupidity in the law it is illegal for the police to be involved in selling marijuana and then put him back to work. He didnt murder anybody. I’m sure some of the charges have been trumped up so you can make it as “abhorrent” as you need for it to be so law enforcement can get its point across.

    You should lighten up, he didnt rape or murder or molest anyone.
    Lets have law enforcement stop their “drama queen” overtures…

  4. FreeSpirit on

    Are the officers not making enough money?? They need to sell weed to pay their mortgage?
    Sounds like a successful war on weed…. Even the cops are cashing in! They need to legalize it and move on and focus on the real drugs that destroy lives.

  5. Pedro on

    If you’re a trigger-happy cop and shoot-to-kill the mentally-ill, the Police Department will reassign or suspend you with pay while there’s an endless internal-investigation; but become involved in marijuana, you get fired immediately