New movie “The Principle of Pot” documents Marc Emery and Canada’s cannabis activism scene

Marc Emery, the Prince of PotMarc Emery, the Prince of PotThis incredible movie, Part 2 of “The Principle of Pot”, is about Marc’s marijuana freedom-fighting career and Canada’s cannabis legalization battle. It uses tons of media, interviews, and old news footage to document the story of MARC EMERY and how CANADA almost legalized cannabis! MUST-SEE!

Watch it tonight, and learn all about how:

– Marc came to Vancouver in 1994, kick-started Canada’s marijuana movement, and became world-famous as the PRINCE OF POT

– Cannabis was almost LEGAL in Canada in 2003 with help from Marc’s efforts and money, “Summer of Legalization” tour, and more

– Marc funded the marijuana movement in Canada and the USA with millions in marijuana seed money for a decade

– The USA stopped legalization from happening in Canada in 2003, and the Vancouver Police were behind the US extradition request in 2005 after Canada refused to charge him in 2003

– Marc went to prison in September 2009, but is currently free on bail awaiting the Justice Minister’s decision on extradition

– The Conservative Party of Canada is “tough on crime” and “anti-drugs” but also in a difficult position: should they extradite Marc Emery to the USA, potentially violating law and enraging millions of people, or should they keep him in Canada?


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This is an AMAZING collection of footage and facts documents Canada’s brush with marijuana legalization, and PROVES that MARC EMERY has been the most important, pivotal player in Canadian and American cannabis activism history. Please watch and share!

P.S. Part One of “The Principle of Pot”, which has 4 segments, is available here.

The Principle of Pot: Part 2, segment 1

In this segment: “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”; marijuana book censorship; The 2 Live Crew (cont’d); why marijuana was made illegal; a failed strategy; Sunday shopping success; good bye London, hello India; from civil disobedience to civil rights movement; millions of law-breakers: the oppression of the marijuana people; morality and heroism: Roark versus Jesus; the Howard Roark of Cannabis?; facts versus warmth and sensitivity; “seething hatred for the state”; Jesus of Nazareth.

The Principle of Pot: Part 2, segment 2

In this segment: 1994-2001 – Emery’s Plan; Hemp BC; Cannabis Canada; U.S. interference; Cannabis Culture; raids on Hemp BC; Marc Emery Direct seeds; Pot TV; Cannabis Culture; Marijuana Party of Canada; BC Marijuana Party; Vansterdam.

The Principle of Pot: Part 2, segment 3

In this segment: Iboga Therapy House; 2002 Vancouver Mayoral election; 2002 Canadian Senate Report on Marijuana; Emery visits the U.S Drug Czar; 2003: the summer of legalization and the winter of our discontent; the hand-off.

The Principle of Pot: Part 2, segment 4

In this segment: from abstract principles to concrete allegations of fact; a liar with guns; the NDP, socialism, and libertarianism; 90 days imprisonment for passing a joint; the bible, the Christians, and the marijuana people; prophesy and destiny.

The Principle of Pot: Part 2, segment 5

In this segment: 2005 raid on Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture HQ; arrest of Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey, and Greg Williams; U.S. DEA Extradition request; plea deals; North Fraser Pre-Trial; 2010 Olympics; Scott Reid, Libby Davies, and Ujjal Dosanjh petitions in the House of Commons / Parliament; Stephen Harper on YouTube; marijuana legalization; death of Jack Herer.

The Principle of Pot: Part 2, segment 6

In this segment: the issues facing Canada’s Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, as he makes his decision about whether or not to extradite Marc Emery to the United States of America; analysis of Emery’s 20 year strategy, including its philosophical and practical implications.


Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. highcrimes on

    😛 I like the article lay out.

  2. ale on

    marc you are a genious! while i dont agree with everything about choice because when should someone be given the freedom to choose? at what age is a child truly responsible for their own actions? some people who are 30 are still doing mistakes that children aught to know better than to do. someone has to be out to look after these people too. and if you think that the country is mosty smart people who know whats best for themselves you are sadly mistaken. however i love the documentary and you are one of my heros. i wish you only the best my friend.

  3. TruthSayer on

    Jodie is looking HOT in her political photos.

    Good luck on the campaign!


  4. ray christl THC Ministry Cambodia on

    The two part film is overwhelming.The brilliance of mind , and clarity of thought-presentation-style etc… The genius IQ with superior EQ,this combo skyrockets the “Prince” to a “Machiavellian Mahatma”.True Holy ( Holi gives linguistics the origin word)Person…finest example of humanity.Ayn Rand would agree he’s a SUPERMAN of Nietzschean proportion. Please CC family us get started in Cambodia.

  5. Jomila on

    Keep on fighting Marc you are a hero for our movement. You have brought light to many for a well worthy cause. God Bless and best wishes

  6. renney b. on

    amazing documentry of marc’s life mission , i love it and trust that all his dreams come true. marijuana legalization is indeed a worthy cause and man you are one of my heroes…

  7. Anonymous on

    Quite a sophisticated and sustained argument concluding that the government’s only option to “beat” Emery is to NOT extradite him. In other words, if they extradite him they are playing right into his strategy and will give him what he wants — namely, a lessening of respect for government and a shift towards anarchism through his martyrdom.

    Well worth a watch for the background information alone but the argument that runs throughout is the real tasty morsel.