4/20 on Canada’s Parliament Hill

A large smokey and friendly crowd clearly dominated Parliament Hill on 4/20. (Photos by Frank Malenfant - Click to enlarge)A large smokey and friendly crowd clearly dominated Parliament Hill on 4/20. (Photos by Frank Malenfant – Click to enlarge)CANNABIS CULTURE – One of Canada’s biggest crime sprees settled down on Parliament Hill this April 20th to a sunny afternoon of indictable smoking. Over 3,500 people packed the Hill by four o’clock and dozens more continued to stream in.

At 4:20 the thousands cheered. There were banners, beavers, guitars, friendly faces and lots to smoke.

Security was normal saying, “There’s nothing going on here.” There were no provocations or arrests. The weather cooperated. The rally was a mixed gender group in their mid-twenties. We Are Change Ottawa was present on the steps supporting the 9/11 truth movement, playing guitars and handing out discs..

Alan from Ottawa said, “If this was a cocaine rally people wouldn’t be sitting around playing guitars and blowing bubbles. Marijuana should be legal, we don’t do it to be bad.”

Jay also from Ottawa said, “I wish it could be legal because I always wanted to work for the government.”

“If we brought sleeping bags and didn’t leave it would probably be legal in three days,” said Stan from Hawkesbury.

I asked people if they voted. Ron from Shawville said, “I don’t vote. My individual message doesn’t get anywhere in this world. It takes 4:20 on the Hill to be heard.

People started leaving about a half hour after Four-Twenty. Apparently everyone got the same idea at once and the local food courts and restaurants were soon over flowing.

It was a large smokey and friendly crowd that clearly dominated Parliament Hill on Tuesday. Their combined peaceful presence was awesome and did not go unnoticed by the many suits and laminated badges that had to negotiate their way through a crime spree, walk into Parliament and serve a nation.

With any luck they didn’t miss The Nation sitting on the front lawn.



  1. renney b. on

    this is the only way the politicians in ottawa can see the evidence, through the demonstration of this nonviolent smoke out that they are out of touch with the people… power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately; even after this graphic demonstration the halls of justice seeks to imprison more of our citizens with bill s-10… marijuana is food, medicine, clothing and fuel oil so, why are they still trying to scare the people away from it!!! why are they locking up people for it, why are they killing people for it, why wont these evil politicians set our people free!!!

  2. Dave on

    Closet doors are opening; good show Ottawa, thanx!

  3. Buzz Killjoy on

    Aside from his obvious utility as a current distraction, Jaffer has never been accused, nor acted like, he’s ever been in possession on cannabis.

  4. Spanner McNeil on

    You know this whole Jaffer thing is the tip of the ice berg as far as most people are concerned. Certainly as far as the average person goes. Parliament is currently a gateway into a sprawling John Le Carre novel.
    I was thinking about all those resources, the 6,000 pages of blacked out documents and staffing required to spy on and set up Marc Emery. I understand now how our political and military elite can create so much trouble because Harper is spending all his resources on Marc rather than policing his own Hill.
    These proposed clearly obviously unacceptable marijuana laws come in the midst of Marcs’ extradition which can only serve the leagues who profit so enormously from prohibition. This is a method of ghosting for crime which brings us back to Le Carre.
    On April 20th Minister Richardson had gall for speaking to selected special reporters while hiding in the recessed shadows of his Parliamentary cave. We saw them climb over all the pot smokers to see him. The front lawn was packed right then with people interested in what Richardson would have had to say. What an ideal moment it would have been to have the courage to face the people.
    What did everyone in the Harper Valley PTA think the RCMP was going to do that day? We were surrounded by hundreds. What do you expect them to do the next time it happens? Do you expect them to arrest their own sons, daughters, nieces, nephews sitting peaceably on the front lawn? Did you expect this while their mothers, fathers, and grandparents watched from the windows of Parliament, the House of Commons and all the windows surrounding? Would that be the Harper way of celebrating Kent State?
    How many have to be locked up according to Harper? Harper wants to lock up five million people – presumably the same people who didn’t vote for him. Look what he’s done to the leader of an opposing Marijuana political party that disagreed with him. No one remembers voting for Stalin.
    Parliament is out of control. Can any of them be allowed to sign another piece of paper? Who knows? The trust is gone. I don’t know if it’s the rackets or schemes or no mention of minimum mandatory jail time for white collar political crimes but this is an extremely dangerous out of control Parliament.

  5. Spanner McNeil on

    I made another mistake too, Scott. Around the corner at Majors’ Hill Park there were another three or four thousand. So how about that, Ottawa had over seven thousand people rallying for immediate change in the politest way possible.

  6. Scott on

    There was at least one arrest on parliament hill, some shirtless guy who was just crouched over in a ball unresponsive sleeping for 2 hours,
    the media went crazy when he was in handcuffs and about 6 journalists were taking pictures, but i have yet to see them online