Maine Lawmakers Vote to Tax Medical Marijuana Sales

The medical marijuana that will be sold in dispensaries in Maine will be subject to the state’s sales tax. The provision was part of the final catch-all tax bill enacted by lawmakers and signed into law last week.

Maine Revenue Services recommended against taxing medical pot, but lawmakers on the Taxation Committee decided otherwise.

“It is helpful to people who need it or want it, but it is not a prescription medicine,” Taxation Committee Co-chair Joe Perry, a Bangor Democrat told Capitol News Service. “Over the counter medicines are currently taxable, and we viewed it more like that — it’s not an actual prescription, the patient gets to get it, over the counter medicines are taxable, we thought marijuana ought to be taxable.”

Supporters of the petition drive that put the question on the ballot are not surprised or upset. In fact, they say if the state gets tax revenue from marijuana sales, it will bolster their argument for the law in future Legislatures because eliminating the program will cost the state revenue.

– Article from MPBN.

Maine bill allows 8 marijuana dispensaries

by Associated Press

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bill to set up a dispensary and distribution system under Maine’s medical marijuana law is awaiting a final Senate vote.

The House voted 126-17 in favor of the bill yesterday following a debate in which defenders stressed the importance of the drug as a palliative. Opponents questioned whether the state should expand access to a drug that’s banned on the federal level.

Maine is one of 13 states that allows medical use of marijuana. But there was no formal system for obtaining the drug other than growing small amounts until last November, when voters expanded a decade-old medical marijuana law.

The bill before the Legislature allows up to eight dispensaries, and sets a process to establish fees for patients, caregivers and dispensaries.

– Article from Boston Herald.