Toronto Cops Raided Compassion Club Over “Community Complaints”

CANNABIS CULTURE – Toronto police say the aggressive raid against the city’s largest provider of marijuana to medical patients, the C.A.L.M. Compassion Club, was due to “community complaints.”

Division 51 of the Toronto Police issued the following statement regarding last week’s raid.

Nine people face 27 charges in drug investigation, $210,000 of drugs seized

Broadcast time: 17:19 Tuesday, April 6, 2010
51 Division 416-808-5100

On Wednesday, March 31, 2010, at 3:39 p.m., as a result of community complaints, officers from 51 Division executed a search warrant at 106 Queen Street East, Cannabis As Living Medicine, also known as C.A.L.M.

It is alleged that:

– employees were involved in the sale of marijuana and hashish, – police located 16,589 grams of marijuana, 1940 grams of hashish, 207 grams of hash oil, a large quantity of hash cookies, hash lollipops and hash butter and $31,000 in proceeds of crime ? the total value of the drugs seized was $210,000.
Neev Tapiero, 38, of Toronto, has been charged with:

1) two counts of Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Trafficking, 2) two counts of Possession of Hashish for the Purpose of Trafficking, 3) five counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule II for the purpose of Trafficking, 4) Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Trafficking, 5) Possession of Proceeds of Crime.

Sean Mullings, 33; David Grech, 31; Kareem Bruzual, 28; Sandra Petite, 54; Gloria Cantwell, 57; Angela Sawula, 41; Amy Brown, 28; Brendan Moffit, 26; all of Toronto, have each been charged with:

1) Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Trafficking, 2) Possession of Hashish for the Purpose of Trafficking.

They were scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall, on Thursday, April 1, 2010, room 103, at 10 a.m.

C.A.L.M.’s owner Neev Tapiero told Cannabis Culture shortly after the raid that in the past, police had always dealt with complaints in a civil manner.

“There are many ways to respond to complaints that don’t involve criminal charges,” Neev said. “This was a pretty poor way of dealing with it. We had kind of an unspoken truce before this with police, where they could contact us directly or indirectly about complaints.”

C.A.L.M. is planning an event on Sunday, April 11, at Police HQ, (40 College St., 1pm-4:20pm) in Toronto to protest police actions. Click here for the Facebook group.



  1. FormerMember on

    Hi everyone. I’ve been a member at calm and tcc. And now I am a member of Rainbow Medicinal. They are a relaxed club, with lots of variety and a range of prices from 7-10 per gram. I highly recommend them. If you have an ATP or are a member of PWA (with a letter from them) you can get signed up as a member that day. For everyone else, a doctor’s letterhead with a diagnosis for an ailment that is it is known to help is all that is needed. Since I have been a member, I never needed to go back to tcc or calm.

    They are located on Church st, just north of Wellesley, at 556 Church St, just a couple of doors south of Slacks. You can call them at 416 927 8639. Give them a try. I hope it helps.

  2. Withheld by Request on

    The Toronto cops are and for years have been an evil gang of brutal, mercenary thugs who’s primary job is to serve and protect their corrupt political masters. Only a fool would believe anything they say in order to justify and excuse their abuse of the citizens of Toronto. The only way to protect yourself from being another one of their victims is go live somewhere else where the police aren’t in charge. Don’t try Vancouver… the police there are just as bad if not worse.

  3. Anonymous on

    Thanks for the info but I already know all this. My question was what is CALM doing for us, if anything, and when, if ever will they re-open. For a ‘compassion’ centre they do not seem very compassionate about their 3000 patrons who are now out in the cold. Could they not post some info somewhere letting us know what is happening? If they ever get back in business, most of us will have solved our own problem and will not return to CALM.

  4. Anonymous on

    There are mail order companies around, like . Oddly, I looked at their site and there is nothing on the “available strains” page so maybe they aren’t really in business yet but there are others too, some not even requiring medical papers. Ask around if you don’t know the sites of these companies. Takes a couple weeks to come but just plan ahead a little.

  5. Anonymous on

    It is all very well and good that the cops have closed down CALM and seized all their products and money…. well and good for the cops I suppose (they must have had a great Easter weekend!) but what are we ‘the sick ones’ supposed to do now? Should we be exposing ourselves to being caught by the police by purchasing meds on a street corner? Is that what this is all about… that on top of constant harassment of disabled people by the cops, they now want us to suffer physically…. mental abuse and wrongful ‘criminal’ charges brought against the disabled is not enough for these guys. That in itself is insane and impossible to fight when one is already sick, and is living on limited funds. Going to court to defend false charges is VERY expensive, especially since they go out of their way to lay ‘criminal charges’. I know, both myself and my hubby are disabled and for 40 years the cops never knew I existed. Then my hubby got sick and suddenly the police could not stop being interested in us. I had to defend myself in 2 criminal cases, that were both thrown out of court, but until we got to that point we had to lay out $10,000 (that we did not have). Seems to me this is going to take a long time and alot of money to get CALM back up and running.

    Will it ever be open again, and how long can that take? Alot of people are now looking for new dispensaries and once we all get through the tons of paperwork why would we come back to CALM (if it is in the far and distant future).

    I am very disappointed that there have been no updates that I could find with regards to help from CALM or information of what comes next. CALM should be helping their clients find meds…not only the ATP clients. We are all in the same boat.

    One last question. Since the computers were also seized, does that mean that our personal information, even so much as our names, is now available to the police, so we can look forward to them knocking on our door at any time?

    I would appreciate some information, if it is not too much bother. Enough time has passed by now that I would have thought CALM would be indicating to us what is going on and when they will be in business again (or not).

  6. Anonymous on

    Okay, what REALLY gets me is that they have been open for 14 YEARS. Public opinion for marijuana – especially medical marijuana – has been steadily increasing to almost 80% PRO for, oh just about the last 10 or 14 years.

    To claim that this was due to “complaints” is an outright deception, a ploy. While I’m sure either the federal government of Canada, or more likely America, had something to do with the raid, blaming it on complaints is probably due to a lack thereof, to mask a lack of public support.

  7. dr marabisscannuana on

    Why authorize the distribution through compasion clubs when the police keep shutting them down?!?
    this stinks of government conspiracy!nes pas?

  8. Anonymous on

    There is probably high traffic at the Lachine store because there aren’t enough clubs to serve the peoples’ needs. That’s why we need grants to set up new clubs nationwide. People will need to be hired, buildings constructed. Employment will be rampant.

  9. Anonymous on

    Believe me, It is really just a matter of time before the Lachine compassion club is closed for good. People in the community just doesnt want this kind of business the way it is operating in their neighborhood.

  10. Anonymous on

    Though Health Canada may say that they are now making medweed available to patients, their product is too weak to be of real value to severe patients. CALM was making hash and oil available for such people, while also stocking crude herb for the mildly afflicted. Since Health Canada has not made hash or oil available, Calm had to do it for them and until Health Canada starts making those products available, and we know they never will while Harper’s around, it is unconstitutional to raid CALM.

  11. Anonymous on

    Montreal police in regard to a currently operating Lachine compassion club;

    “”We’ve been certainly doing absolutely everything within in our power to make life difficult for this particular organization, ” said Cowell-Poitras.

    Montreal’s other compassion club operates in the borough of Plateau Mont-Royal.

    City police raided that club in 2000. But when the case went to trial, a judge ruled it was unconstitutional to deny people an opportunity to get marijuana after saying they can use the drug for medical reasons.

    Given the outcome of that case, Cowell-Poitras said, the borough wants to be cautious in taking any legal action.

    In the meantime, the borough has sent Culture 420 a registered letter warning that it is operating illegally since it doesn’t have a business permit.”

    So why is it different in Toronto? Why is raiding a compassion club not unconstitutional there? Doesn’t the constitution extend outside Montreal? Is Toronto exempt from the constitution now?

  12. GEORGE on

    I wonder if they would do the same thing if a fight broke out in the LCBO parking lot or if somebody squealed their tires outside of a Shoppers Drug Mart.

  13. Pete Cox, Calgary, AB on

    I find it hard to believe the distribution of a medicinal product to people with legitimate illnesses is an issue, so for that reason I can’t imagine Toronto Police, nor the complainant(s), will have any problems identifying themselves and the reason for the complaint. Unless of course, the entire story is OUTRIGHT LIE BY TORONTO POLICE!