New Medi-Pot Strips Away the Buzz

The goal for most people who smoke pot is to get high. Even medical marijuana patients consume the plant for its naturally-occuring buzz. Then there are the ones who need the medical benefits without the debilitating, euphoric side effects. Now, those patients have an option.

David Lampach, of Oakland’s Steep Hill medical cannabis-testing lab, identified the strain. It contains higher levels cannabinoids (CBD), which provide the medical effects, and less THC, the ingredient that creates the notorious high in pot.

Lampach says it’s like striking gold.

“We thought ‘wow!’ here’s a whole new angle on cannabis we never knew existed,” Lampach told NBC Bay Area. “I think there are a lot of people who need cannabis and don’t want to get high and for those people, it’s a good thing.”

Steve DeAngelo, the executive director of Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, calls the discovery a major breakthrough.

“One of the great benefits of CBD-rich medicine” DeAngelo said, “is that we’re able to deliver the medical effects of cannabis to patients without the psychoactive effects which many patients see as undesirable side effects.”

DeAngelo’s center, which also provides acupuncture and yoga, offers a limited supply of the CBD strain. They hope to be carrying much more in near future.

Medical marijuana advocates say although the CBD-rich strain reduces the euphoric side effects, making daily activities easier, it’s not for all patients. Depending their medical conditions, some medical cannabis patients need the high levels of THC.

– Article from NBC News.



  1. Anonymous on

    it’s really more about the RATIO than the actual amount. . . the more you smoke, even with a small level of THC compared to other strains, you still will eventually reach the same concentration of THC… its all about the ratio of the many chemical compounds

  2. Dr Marrabisscannuana on

    This certainly is a very interesting and exciting break through.T H C is found to aggravate some patients/users whom,suffer from anxiety/mental health problems ect.Next we should study the interaction of cannabinoids as cbd often regulates the effect of thc ,so on so forth .THCV is also in need of analysis
    there are many cannabinoids witch we do not yet fully understand.I tip my metaphorical hat to you sirs.
    regards from the U.K.
    Dr marrabisscannuana (ahem….not my real name!!)

  3. Anonymous on

    I really think this strain would help me out a lot. I need to know where to get it (in Canada). This is my lame attempt to cry out for help.

  4. Anonymous on

    I use it everyday but I can’t be high when I’m working, I need to be completely clear headed to do my job properly. A low THC strain could be beneficial in those instances.

  5. Anonymous on

    “…without the debilitating, euphoric side effects…” ???

  6. Anonymous on

    i doubt that the many desirable medical effects lay only in THC and vice versa.
    both varieties, actually all varieties, could have differing amounts of different things that suit an individual or their individual needs.

    if it were just thc alone, a synthetic form would probably work so well. people would love the full thc on its own.. or not.
    we should accept that for some it is an escape. a trip away from day to day pain or problems.

    some people may feel sick from taking too much thc only. some people may indeed not like the side effects from too much cbd. it is not just a matter of a sea saw swing either.
    i guess that mankind has evolved with the levels the plant has been known to produce. it will be hard for man to say that this is the one strain for this or that. it only need to work for some part of the populace to be recognised.

    its stone is probably a protective mechanism for a plant. they want animals to distribute seeds but not to kill or eat the entire crop.
    this is why natural is best for us.
    its a symiotic relationship that we have encouraged.
    it only shows further proof that it is not just a matter of getting a physcoactive high. however, it could also be the case that the thc level is helping the patient define the dose rate.
    in some cases too much thc may be defining that the person is not getting enough of the other things. so the person might sway to one certain variety over another. you could be choosing to eat less of one variety so your mind does not race, say if you want to sleep, or you could eat some of the variety that makes you sleep and does not make your mind race or be so active that you can not sleep.

    this is about patient requirement. as long as it does have different effects, it is worth pursuing. a natural remedy.
    those chemical drugs have not stood the test of time at all.

    if cannabis killed people after consumption, it would not be as associated with mankind.
    i wonder how long it will take man to feel that way about big pharmacy pushing their wares that have worse side effects.

  7. UncleBob100 on

    This modified strain is not needed in my opinion. I have been medicating for about 13 years with Cannabis and I rarely ever get high. My prescription is for 15 grams daily, and I use strong Bubba-Kush. The best I can expect is relief and relaxation from a severe form of Osteo-Arthritis, in my neck, lower back, knees and feet. It also helps me to sleep better. Most medical patients who use the herb daily have the same experience.

  8. Anonymous on

    You’re wrong, hemp is a category of marijuana bread to have little to no bud and lots of thick strong stalks. This is a strain whose genetics have been chosen based on its low THC and high CBD, so it has nothing to do with buds or stalks. In face people prefer buds with high CBD.

  9. Anonymous on

    It’s new because it’s in California and under california law rather than federal law. GW pharmaceuticals of the UK has a strain with high CBD and low THC, but they’re completely legit and I doubt they’d work with medical marijuana dispensaries in california until it’s officially legal on the federal level.

    The feds argue that cannabis is illegal because of the interstate commerce clause and the way they interpret it, so it’s not actually illegal federally, there’s just so much corruption that whatever the corrupt feds say is illegal will be considered illegal by them, and may as well be illegal since these corrupt politicians and federal law enforcement will enforce laws that don’t really exist.

    Now, the reason this new strain is a good thing, is because it’s been developed in California under state law, so they don’t need someone like GW to do this for them and that’s good because as I said before, GW probably wouldn’t work with them until the federal issue is resolved.

    If this new california strain really is low in THC and high in CBD, then it may be very beneficial medicinally. I would enjoy being able to relieve my allergies and pain without being stoned and high. I enjoy the high and stone but there’s just some situations where you can’t be stoned or high.

    And to address the comment about hemp, no I don’t believe it ever contained a lot of CBD. If I recall correctly, there was a myth that many strains contained a lot of CBD and that was what was responsible for the sleepy feeling you get from Indicas, but they later found these strains actually contained very little CBD. My guess would be that the sleepy effect is due to a terpene, probably related to the lavender terpene.

    This would also be one way to treat tumors since CBD is more potent than THC when it comes to destroying cancer cells, so cancer patients could use an extract of this on their tumors(injected) without being stoned out of their mind in the process.

    By the way, I think that cannabisculture is a honeypot nowadays.

  10. Anonymous on

    I think strains that are high in CBD and low in THC are known as “hemp”. How is this a breakthrough? Actually, I think Health Canada already has that guy’s strain, cuz their medweed is practically devoid of THC, from what I hear.