Toronto’s CALM Compassion Club Raided

CANNABIS CULTURE – A Toronto location of Cannabis As Living Medicine (C.A.L.M.) Compassion Club was raided by police at about 3pm, Wednesday, March 31, according to trusted sources in the area.

“We know so far that over the last hour police are all over the Queens St. location,” Chris Goodwin, manager of Toronto’s Vapor Central, told Cannabis Culture after the raid started. “They’re in the alleys, in the building – a patient that tried to go in was told it was being raided and under police control, and that he couldn’t get his medicine there. Some of the cops were saying rude comments.”

Goodwin said that many of C.A.L.M.’s staff members have been arrested. “It was check day, so all staff were in, and they had the most product as today is the busiest day,” he said.

C.A.L.M. is one of the oldest medical cannabis clubs in Canada, established in 1996. C.A.L.M.’s website states that the organization is a “peer-run organization that provides almost 2,000 Canadians living with severe or chronic illnesses with safe and continuous access to medicinal cannabis in a safe empowering environment. […] Currently, C.A.L.M. is a superior dispenser of medical cannabis that functions like a wellness centre. C.A.L.M. is open seven days a week in order to provide clients with consistent and reliable access to medical cannabis.”

UPDATE: Release issued to C.A.L.M. members


Earlier this afternoon our downtown location was raided. Although we are still piecing together the information, at this time we are temporarily closed. We will hopefully be resuming our services in the coming days so please check this forum regularly for further information.

We may be organizing a pro-CALM community gathering in the coming week, your attendance would mean a lot to everyone and the medical cannabis community as a whole.

We thank you for your concern and appreciate your continued support. If we stand together nobody can take our club away from us.

We’ll be seeing you again really soon,

UPDATE: Message from a club member

FORW: from MAD: Today I was at C.A.L.M when it got raided by the police. I’m very livid about this because of the treatment of the staff that I seen. punchnig a handcuffed man when he’s cooperating and complying. Now what? What do we do how can we help those who help us? I want answers and want to do something about this this is a omplete outrage of our rights as Canadians. I hope those guys I seen getting hurt by police are okay. Can someone shed some light on this and what to do next? Thanks a bunch

UPDATE – Thursday, April 1, 4:42pm

Update from CALM:

Hello CALM members, I am pleased to inform you that almost all of our volunteers have been released from police custody (and the last will be out momentarily). We will be giving you more information as soon as we have it.

In the mean time we are asking members to share their opinions of the situation and to tell us how the police activity has negatively impacted you and your health.

All of our stories will be used to help out CALM and our volunteers in their struggle with the law and help us reopen as soon as possible. We need to show the city that CALM is a helpful part of the community and that we help better peoples’ lives.

The volunteers are just members who were willing to put in a few hours a week to help support the club we love. Lets show them our appreciation and our mutual love for CALM and its role in our lives.

The deepest of thanks,
Ben and the CALM family.

More from CALM release yesterday:

At approximately 3 p.m. this afternoon, 51 Division officers raided a medical cannabis resource and support centre. C.A.L.M. has provided support for patients with debilitating illnesses that range from AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and MS for years. The police arrested 9 individuals found on site and confiscated their medication. The Queen St. location was targeted despite the fact that all individuals in question had federal licenses to possess, store and/or cultivate medical cannabis.

CHECK HERE for updates as more info becomes available.



  1. Anonymous on

    hey, if you want some pot in toronto email [email protected]

  2. Darlene on

    Right on.
    I worked in a hospital in Toronto, I was on the cancer floor. When the morphine didn’t work we would take the person, ON THERE request to a room where they would smoke up. They felt better and they could keep the food down, pot helped so many handle the chemo. So don’t hate Calm or their members. Some day YOU might need Calm.
    I so hope that Calm gets back on their feet.
    700 hundred reasons to like Calm.

  3. Darlene on

    I am a senior and if it wasn’t for C.A.L.M I would more then likely be bed ridden. I am so proud of the people who fight the battle and C.A.L.M personal
    is wonderful. Pot is not a gate way drug. Make Calm legal. punks on the street smoke pot for fun. The courts should just make this legal. Go after the hard core folks who kill, or coke heads and needle junkies. Don’t take Calm away from us.

  4. Anonymous on

    After 12 years of taking prescription narcotics for 12 years, daily, my tolerance for Percocet, Suepedol, and other such medications went through the roof. For the last three years, I have been taking 80 Percs per day, and my body was starting to break down. Thanks to weed, I was able to make it through the withdrawls of coming off such potent medicine (medicine that was killing me) and now smoke a joint before bed and have no desire (or cravings) to use prescription meds again. I am now 60 days clean, thanks to pot. If it wasn’t for weed, I’d still be on pills, and digging an early grave. So for that, I would like to thank Marc Emery and all the other marijuana activists who have paved the way for social tolerance to this God-given plant!!!!! And for the politicians and cops raiding compassion clubs, give your fucking heads a shake and look at the big picture … drug companies are the biggest threat to legalizing pot, and the cops are their bitches … rather than giving the big drug companies $2000.00 per month for a substance that was bringing me to an early grave, I now spend $100.00 per month for a natural product that actually heals and doesn’t mask underlying issues!!!!!

  5. Anonymous on

    ” Even if they sold that everyday, they’d only sell 240 pounds a months.”

    Christ, are you on crack?? “only”????? “only” 240 pounds??? Do the freaking math. How many businesses (retail) are doing that in sales per month? Not counting electronics and things that actually cost a lot to purchase wholesale, whereas CALM’s wholesale was much less than half of his retail cost. He’s a millionaire off the backs of poor people who can barely afford their medicine. Makes me sick how he profits off the sick. Fucking cheap bastard. His real concern, is for him and him alone. He of all people, doesn’t want pot legalized. It would severely cut into his bottom line.

    This prick makes more money in two hours than most of his clients do in an entire month. I hope they go through his “books” with a fine tooth comb. Cocksucker

  6. Anonymous on

    Guess Mr Marzel had no problem with all the toxic cigarette smoking that went on in there? Breaking city bylaws is okay though, right “mr” Marzel? Just a “compassion” club helping sick people? Right. What about the tenants above the club that were being toxically fumigated by packs and packs of cigarette smoking? What about the actual SICK people that came into your smoke infested site? I hope that if anyone gets sick from CALM’s abuse of the city bylaw, that those people SUE THE ASS OFF OF NEEVE!
    You Marzel, are a crook of a dog faced lawyer. And btw, your parading around of young law students on your motorcycle, makes you look like the dick that you are. Balding, middle aged, dog faced pig who is so OBVIOUSLY making up for his SHORT comings. And btw, that bike is a piece of shit. But keep wearing a helmet. Anything that covers that ugly bald headed mug is an improvement.

  7. Anonymous on

    You, so astutely said,

    “Oh, we’re not drug profiteers, we’re merely showing compassion for the ill, providing they have enough cash on them”.


    And here’s just another calm scenario.

    A man in obvious pain meets a CALM profiteer for the 1st time>>>Oh, what’s that you say? You’ve been nauseous for days, can’t eat and have searing pains in your arms and legs? Well, I have a miracle herb here for you that will have you feeling better in no time. You’ll feel good enough to eat. In fact, it will make you hungry! Hungrier than you’ve been in awhile…….er, what’s that you say? You only have 5 dollars on you? Sorry, we don’t do half grams here. Come back when you have at least 10.


    So, you have a whole 10 bucks today eh? Great! Er, what’s that you say? It’s all in change??!!! We don’t take change, here. Can you go down to that store and get it exchanged for a bill? Better hurry though (hobble quickly now), we close in two minutes, but don’t worry, if you’re not back by 6, we’ll be open again tomorrow at noon.
    “have a calm day”

  8. Anonymous on

    regarding their Pride exploits:

    yeah, they didn’t want to pay the ‘for profit’ fee, and then one year Pride put the ‘not for profits’ in a less accessible area. And CALM whined “foul”, while lying to Pride that they were a not for profit. Makes me sick.

  9. Anonymous on

    And on top of that, Neeve has the nerve to take a subsidy for his downtown co op apartment! Constantly cries poverty, while traveling the world, but has never known or experienced real poverty. Has never gone without his hash, and probably the time he spent in police custody was the longest he’s ever gone without. I don’t feel sorry for him, but I do feel badly for his unpaid staff and especially the doorman who was roughed up.

    It’s no wonder his business was profitable within the first couple of years of operation. He’s never had to pay his “staff”. Only a few people on the payroll, but the majority, work for no money. Neeve is the modern day version of Scrooge. I wish they would stop referring to this club as a “compassion” club, because it’s nothing of the sort. It’s a FOR PROFIT, bottom line interest first business. I left when they wanted to take my ATP card, and in exchange for that, I could have them grow my pot for 150 an ounce!!

    So let me get this straight>>>I sign over the authority to grow over to CALM, and for that, I get the honor of being sold weed from biker gangs (because when you buy from CALM, you ARE supporting the criminal element. Where do you think he buys his pot from??) at the “low low rate” (cue sarcasm) of 150 an ounce??? And only CALM can “grow” for me?? Gee, don’t put yourselves out of business now, being so “compassionate”.

    I said thanks, but no thanks. I’m sure I can find someone who actually is compassionate to grow for me. And lo and behold, I stopped erroneously seeing CALM as the only place to find medicine, and found someone to grow for me at a rate that is truly truly compassionate.

    And from what I understand, the big grow op plans they had, never got going and ATP card holders are still only getting their one ounce a month special of $210….wow, what a deal. And all other ounces are sold at the usual highway robbery prices. Famously over priced biker gang weed.

  10. Tall n Evil on

    can anyone help me out here?

    I thought a few years back, a landmark court case happened here that saw someone charged with holding less than an ounce of cannabis. Charges were dropped, and as a result, with a laywer (or self representation sighting this) you could ‘get off’ charges for less than an ounce, single bagged.

    Can anyone fill me in on what I’m getting wrong? Please n’ thanks 🙂

  11. Amy B on


  12. Anonymous on

    I think you are smoking too much! Get your facts right its not 99% of members are happy….how can it when everyone I know has had bad experence with CALM! BTW What will you do tough guy when you find me? Be careful what you say as the KARMA (or my fist) may hit you too buddy!!! You set a perfect example of the type of people that use CALM!

  13. Anonymous on

    I think you are smoking too much! Get your facts right its not 99% of members are happy….how can it when everyone I know has had bad experence with CALM! BTW What will you do tough guy when you find me? Be careful what you say as the KARMA may hit you too buddy!!! You set a perfect example of the type of people that use CALM!

  14. Tall n Evil on

    You’re totally right.

    The one cop’s got a facebook fan page filled with thousands of student members too. Ugh.

  15. Anonymous on

    Fair and Professional? with each and every transaction one has to remember, once you leave one of these compassion clubs you are all subject to being arrested for possession of an illegal drug, even if it is “Pot” it is still illegal to have in your possession,unless you have a Federal Medical Card.l am sure even as a member of the club the management will “NOT” support your legal fund for a lawyer.Ask the manager of these clubs if they will support you, and you’ll see that they will say “NO” we do not,so i ask you what good are these places except to take your money.

  16. Anonymous on

    I find it ironic that a lawyer like Ron Marzel or any lawyer having full knowledge that Neeve is running an illegal business all along, stating that he is trying to legitimize his busines is full of “SHIT” after all these years of you being his laywer, Mr.Marzel and him being in Business for this long, Maybe the Law society and the police should look into the transactions in Costa Rica where you and neeve have been Laundering the money made illegally from the Compassion Club Business.l will be following this case to see how far it will go,once and for all let’s see the Books on a NON-PROFIT organization,and find out where the POT has been coming from,Mr. Marzel if you had knowledge that he was purchasing pot from the streets and selling it in a public building,then you yourself put yourself in a conspiracy to traffic a narcotic having knowledge of this is illegal in Canada.Once again maybe the Law society should take a look at Mr. Marzels actions as a Lawyer.As for Doctors who sign these so called letters for there patients should be made aware that these letters are going to promote the illegal use of marijuana and Doctors could fall closely into this legal trap remember 15 years of schooling is not worth your Doctors license.Lastly try and find out how many people do have a Federal Marijuana card that belong to this club.

  17. Brian Kerr on

    The Police should not be allowed to be in schools at all unless they need to be there to investigate something. The police are in schools to promote an acceptance of a police state in you childrens minds. Police are not drug experts and should not be teaching in schools. If there is to be drug education in schools it should be experts in the field like Pharmacologists or medical professionals who specialize in drug use etc. NOT the police.

    I would contact the school and demand the the police be remove from the school.

  18. Anonymous on

    i used to be a volunteer at calm. And the focus was not so much on helping on others it was more on how much money can we make. Approx. 50 pounds a month were being sold out of there moldy and wet pot and the owners knew this and did not care. The staff or so called volunteers were being paid hardly anything at all while the owner was collecting all the money himself and telling his staff he was hardly making ends meet. We were told not to tell people how much pot we were selling and told not to record our sales. I fully believe there are people out there trying to help but the owner here went as far as to charge GST an PST at this point I left. signed disgusted

  19. Anonymous on

    Marijuana should not be ilegal to posses, to grow, to sell or to buy. Any adult should be able to posses and utilize all aspects of the cannabis plant, especially those who utilize it for medicinal purposes. In Canada it is llegal to grow, posses and use marijuna for medicinal purposes. C.A.L.M sold marijuana to people who used it fot medicinal puroses and so I am surprised the police raided it.
    what they did is barbaric and unaceptable in a free and democratic society and illegal in Canada. Our constitution protects Canadians from such brutality

    Many semmed to be very confused about C.A.L.M. and how it operates.. C.A.L.M. is not a member controlled, charitable organization. It is a owner controled, highly profitable business. Its owners make quite alot of money. They buy cheap product in large bulk, sell it at a very large mark up. They pay their staff below minimum wage and do not pay income tax. It is the perfect capital model of exploiting a situation for gross profit They have a huge profit margin. Perhaps they got raided for income tax invasion, or maybe because much of thier product comes from viloent crime organizations and not freedom loving pot farmers. C.A.L.M. has always operated in murky waters and has never been honest and forthright about the true nature of its operations. For many years it set up a booth at pride in the area reserved for charitys because it didnt want to bay the paltry entry fee in the area reserved for for profit oranizations. A good example of a business with its eye constanly on its bottom line. C.A.L.M. is a shining example og monderen day capitalm. exploit and profit even from the sick and suffering are are denied thier legal right to access medical marijauna

  20. Anonymous on

    Sad, but true.

  21. Anonymous on

    You asked ‘If you can show me what costs I have not included, let me know!”

    I don’t know, maybe it costs $10,000 a month for the lease. Maybe you’ll get 10,000 customers a month. $50 average sale. So, Half a Million Dollars a month in revenue. Just maybe you’d pay employees more than $10 an hour to deal with 10,000 customers, so another $100,000 a month in payroll. And I’d think the start up would be way over $100,000…

    OK, so that’s 650 pounds a month. Considering ‘LOTS OF PROFIT”, average 50%, you pay $250,000 for the weed. The Weed Store buys ounces for $25, sells for $50…

    250,000 weed
    100,000 payroll
    10,000 rent
    5,000 expenses


    Minus start up, you’d make 45,000 profit after spending $450,000… Hmmm

    But, what if in the second month, The Weed Store only makes ‘a little profit’ like you want, average 20%, The owner would have to pay $40 for weed, selling it for $50. or $416,000 for the weed, selling it for $500,000.

    416,000 weed
    100,000 payroll
    10,000 rent
    5,000 expenses


    So you loose $31,000…

    Second, I gotta ask a couple simple economic questions…

    1)Will you pay the start up costs?
    2)Would you clip a pound for $20?
    3)What is a little profit?
    4)Who would risk selling to everyone?
    5)Why aren’t you doing it?
    6)Where does the 650 pounds come from every month?

    Btw, some facts, CALM only had 8 pounds on site. Even if they sold that everyday, they’d only sell 240 pounds a months.

  22. Anonymous on

    the answer would be zip, nada, nothing.

    thousands in sales a day, open every day save for xmas and new years. unpaid staff. thousands of free man hours.

    Can’t wait for the pleas for a defense fund. Those of you, who think they need the money for that, are truly SUCKERS.

    They may need moral support, but they’re not hurting financially.

  23. Oh FFS! on

    Why don’t you get a grip?

    You claim 2500 members are now unable to get medicine. That is just the kind of bullshit CALM would have you believe. But the TRUTH of the matter is that if everyone of those 2500 poor poor members are legit, than they can access medicine at any one of the dozen or so clubs now open in Toronto. The application process is pretty much the same for every club.
    CALM is not the only game in town. Hasn’t been for years. And in actuality, it’s NEVER been the only game in town. So, just get a grip. Most of those members are members of other clubs, so it’s not THAT big a deal. The hysteria and level of exaggeration certainly does nothing to dissuade the stereotyping of cannabis users as paranoid zealots, though.

    Of all the exaggerations, none is more blatantly wrong than the bullshit claim that CALM has ” brought nothing but good to 99% of their membership for the last 12 years.”

    Your numbers are VERIFIABLY wrong. Way way wrong.

    And btw, people have a right to complain about being treated like shit. Sick people who are often poor, don’t deserve the abuse they have experienced at CALM. And, as far as I can tell, it’s pretty common for someone to get pissed off about spending money somewhere, only to be treated like shit. Just because that may not be YOUR experience, doesn’t mean it isn’t true for many others. I, in FACT, know many many people who absolutely despise CALM for the way they’ve been treated or the way they have witnessed others abused by CALM staff and owner.

    And while I was considering going to this rally, if you are the kind of person supporting them (abusive and threatening), then I wouldn’t want to go either. Unlike the bots at CALM, I can still look past WHO was arrested, and be supportive, because it’s the cause I care about. Principles before personality. Unfortunately, if the tables were turned, CALM wouldn’t support the cause, unless it directly impacts THEIR bottom line. If anyone at TCC, or HUMAN were busted, I highly doubt Neev would give a shit. He’d be happy in fact. Less competition.. With CALM, it’s actually the power and money that is their main concern. Not the cause. Oh, and if you think Neev wants cannabis legalized, you would be wrong. It would seriously damage his profit margins if that were to happen.

  24. Anonymous on

    Dude, you got fired for many reasons, and still mooch off patients. You ginger bitch! If your so healthy get a job and move to where you can grow, or wait we all know you are a worthless piece of dutch junkie trash. Why else would No -ONE ever call you a care giver. You were a drunk soldier at your post and now your not at the family get togethers any longer :). I think if you have such a boner with the med community, that you could probably get a liver check and qualify. I cant think of anyone we all had higher hopes for, that shot his wad over snow and a job that he let down. dont even act like you care about any of us except those skanks that sell you china bud. your such a bike curious arse. go buy a moped and join the circus. cause we are here for the thousands who need a voice when people like you cant get there act together to save your life. go wank your putter.

  25. Anonymous on

    I guess your needing your meds for your reality deficit disorder Ms. Pug, or should i say miss Ughh. Its funny how you support the TO scene, though i know you are just a bitchy patient, who thinks less of other patients, im surprised you are so involved, or should i say, im surprised at how much you are involved in the division of this community. You are always there with a handout at the club doors, but you bash the owners and accuse them of dealing coke behind their backs, its not like they dont know, pugs tend to be whiny and everyone heres anything in this town. In fact im sure your really welcome without a dollar in hand at most, since you call the big dogs “coke dealers and mafia” wich is far from the truth. we booth know that. Maybe your so oblivious to reality checking that you believe that evil, not your own case of mass unwarranted self importance is the cause of your shunning from more than one location. Go back to sleep at work and bitch less. Calm doesnt deserve to have you put in your 3cents, nor does anyone need another stinky dog in the crowd. grow up and stop being such a systematic victim. I guess your dementia is kicking in right about now, i guess you like bashing staffers, you are the peanuts gallery. 🙂 Please dont give compassion a bad name in your name.

  26. Anonymous on

    In answer to some of the people that seem to feel that the prices are too high, please realize that CALM has to pay for rent and utilities and insurance in Toronto as well as cost of goods sold.

    As a caregiver, I am pleased to pay their fair price for quality medication that is dispensed in a professional, compassionate and secure manner.

    CALM, thank you for everything and hope to see you back in business very soon.

  27. Anonymous on

    I was absolutely shocked and appalled to read the Toronto Star story about the raid so I am writing this email to express my support for CALM. As a caregiver of a son who experiences severe pain as a result of a stabbing which ironically never resulted in any charges being laid by the Toronto Police Service, I want to go on record to say that your organization has always treated him with the utmost compassion and respect and professionalism.

    He will be going for further major surgeries to hopefully restore some function on his arm at Toronto Western Hospital beginning in May. I hope that he will be able to access your medication. I totally agree with the woman who was quoted in the Star. This medication is preferable to prescribed narcotics which cause grogginess, nausea, stomach distress.). As a mother, I do not want to see my son using those legally presciribed but harmful products on a long term basis.

    I expect that we will attend the rally on April 11 at Allan Gardens and I sincerely hope that your wonderful, compassionate organization is back in business very soon.

    Other than that, what can we do to help?

  28. Anonymous on

    the gov doesn’t make money off of weed?

    This is a fact I would like to know?

    in the past 12 years Has Toronto seen a lessening of Pot dealers and busts? If so, does it coincide with how much business the Dispensaries are having?

  29. Glen on

    Dear Neev,

    Hi. How are you? If you really want to show the pigs what’s up, Openly sell. No computers, No ID’s req., just gram for gram, one flat rate, for as long as you can. There will be too many people outside your store for the police to get by. everyone crowded around should be blazing up and screaming at the pigs. bring flashlights to shine in their eyes!

    Look man, you did it there way for years. It’s time you show them how it should be done. Open and fair prices. Prices that don’t have to include “Cop Raidage Insurance” for when those fucking pigs can’t stand down.

    1 lb per 1kW light = $0.07kWh = $82.32 per light per cycle per pound plus $20 clipping charge.

    $30 per pound for nutrients per cycle

    $200 per pound for Carbon filters and replaceable’s and maintenance

    so add a little profit, and you can sell ounces for $50.

    No more cops. No more unhappy customers. No more buzzkill.

    If you can show me what costs I have not included, let me know!

    that’s what I figure potent herb is really worth, after all the start up costs.

  30. Glen on

    Dear Neev,

    Hi. How are you? If you really want to show the pigs what’s up, Openly sell. No computers, No ID’s req., just gram for gram, one flat rate, for as long as you can. There will be too many people outside your store for the police to get by. everyone crowded around should be blazing up and screaming at the pigs. bring flashlights to shine in their eyes!

    Look man, you did it there way for years. It’s time you show them how it should be done. Open and fair prices. Prices that don’t have to include “Cop Raidage Insurance” for when those fucking pigs can’t stand down.

    1 lb per 1kW light = $0.07kWh = $82.32 per light per cycle per pound plus $20 clipping charge.

    $30 per pound for nutrients per cycle

    $200 per pound for Carbon filters and replaceable’s and maintenance

    so add a little profit, and you can sell ounces for $50.

    No more cops. No more unhappy customers. No more buzzkill.

    If you can show me what costs I have not included, let me know!

    that’s what I figure potent herb is really worth, after all the start up costs.

  31. Anonymous on

    Google search Toronto compassion

  32. Anonymous on

    Nine people are facing drug charges after police raided a Queen St. compassion club that sells medical marijuana to patients suffering from chronic diseases, including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

    At about 3 p.m. Wednesday, plainclothes officers from 51 Division raided the headquarters of CALM, or Cannabis As Living Medicine, located at 106 Queen St. E.

    The nine people arrested include club owner Neev Tapiero and patients who are federally licensed to possess marijuana, said CALM’s lawyer Ron Marzel.

    Marzel said police were well aware that CALM only distributes marijuana for medical purposes, saying he is “appalled” by the police action. He has yet to speak with the lead detective and said he has no idea what prompted Wednesday’s raid.

    “Organizations like this have existed for a long time. It’s not a surprise to the police force that these organizations exist,” Marzel said, adding that CALM is actively lobbying for clearance from Health Canada to sell medical marijuana. “In my assessment, this is a totally inappropriate response to an organization that is seeking legitimization to help sick people.”

    Tapiero said this is the first time police have raided CALM since the club was established 14 years ago, in 1996. The compassion club has about 3,000 registered members and about ten percent have federally-issued cards permitting them to possess medical marijuana. The rest have written approval from a doctor, chiropractor or naturopath, Tapiero said.

    Police involved in the raid could not be reached for comment on Friday but a 51 Division staff sergeant confirmed that a warrant had been executed at CALM by plainclothes officers. According to a police document obtained by the Star, police seized 16,589 grams of marijuana, 1,940 grams of hashish, and 207 grams of hash oil, the sum of which has an estimated street value of $218,404. A quantity of cash was also seized, according to the document.

    Marzel said one person manning the door at CALM was knocked down and injured by police during the raid. Two of the nine arrested were also detained overnight, including Tapiero, but released Friday on bail. CALM has been closed since the raid but a justice of the peace has permitted club managers to re-enter the premises.

    Tapiero said CALM is just one of several compassion clubs in Toronto and he doesn’t know why his establishment was suddenly targeted. He acknowledged compassionate clubs operate within a kind of legal grey zone but police have generally turned a blind eye towards establishments such as CALM.

  33. Anonymous on

    Hello there are a couple that I have contacted. One responded to me and told me I could apply to them. I think it helps if you are already a medicinal marijuana card carrier.
    She did however suggest I wait a few days and see what happens with CALM and seemed confident they should resume at some point.
    Good luck with it all!

  34. Anonymous on

    I passed by CALM yesterday afternoon and the place is upside down. All product and computers were seized and confusion rains at the moment. It may take a while… they are trying to organize a rally for next weekend but I have no clue if they will open before that.
    You mentioned other Medicinal Marijuana facilities in Toronto. What are they called and where are they? Can people from CALM get product from these facilities. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated….. thanx from two people in need….

  35. Tall n Evil on

    I am a member of CALM, and though I have noticed the behaviors of many of the newer members (lining at the door, gathering in bunches waiting for open) but I have never seen anyone smoke in the vicinity. That was the rule.

    As far as it being smoked on the street in general? I think that’s a GOOD thing. I have noticed it more and more, everywhere I go, and I want it like that. It’s comfortable. The stigma is released when it is common place.
    Walking by someone burning cannabis on the street is no different than walking by someone burning a cigarette, or even car exhaust pipes driving by. It’s not an added HEALTH issue for the children on the street…

    My child has known about my medicine since she could understand. If I wasn’t using cannabis, I would make sure I answered any of her questions regarding ‘a strange smell’ we just walked by on the street honestly. There is no better way to raise your children than with honesty and understanding, agreed?

    My daughter is 10, and understands that cannabis is used as both a medicine and recreationally… That it is also a common social drug, like tobacco and alcohol…but unlike those, has many medicinal benefits. She knows a lot about drugs from school, in fact the Officer AT her school doing drug talk day mentioned cannabis as a medicine to the grade 4 students. That should tell you something.

    As my daughter has new questions, I’ll have answers for her. That’s MY job. Children use the tools you give them. Give them KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH to work with.

    So where exactly is the problem with ‘kids around’? You should be sowing tolerance and understanding from the start. Think what a world it could be.

    *sings Louis Armstrong* 😉

  36. CALM-Unity on

    The videos are up on

  37. Tall n Evil on


    CalmKarma you’re an absolutely disgusting person. EVERY time I went to CALM I saw people in REAL NEED being treated with respect. I was NEVER treated with anything less. Now that Calm is closed, and I have been a member so long, I don’t even know where to get my medicine. I don’t know ‘street dealers’, and am not really wishing to. I felt safe at CALM.

    There are a lot people in terrible pain now, a tonne who can’t keep food down, a bunch at a high seizure risk, many in dark rooms with brutal migraines….

    THIS is karma to you? WTF is karma by YOUR definition? Man. I’m glad I’m a scientific atheist. I SEE REAL LIFE. Fuck you and your spiritual shit. Life is what it is. Karma? No such thing. It’s just LIFE.


    Why don’t you take whatever it is that YOU believe in that’s blocking you from seeing that MANY LIVES are affected here…and shove it up your ass.

  38. Anonymous on

    Easy there. Let’s keep some credibility here. There are good and bad in every profession. Let’s not vent so much hatred. As you signed off “Peace”! 🙂

  39. Anonymous on

    I’ve been checking this website and calling to see if the outgoing phone message has been changed but “nada”
    It was suggested by other Medicinal Marijuana facilities in Toronto that things could resume at CALM in a few days. Anyone have any ideas?

  40. 420pug on

    buddy said pharmaceuticals… so i figure he’s american cuz there the only one who complain about the prices cuz in canada one way or another you acn get meds for cheap… not bashing americans at all… pointing out that americans have to pay out their ass is not a chrip at them…

    your just looking for somthing to piss you off and you found it

  41. The BallyHoo on

    Should be charged with assault when they over-step. Unfortunately, it will never happen. Many totally innocent people get beat-up or verbally abused by pigs all the time. Being a pig means you have the right to break the law and abuse the public without consequences. This is the state of our nation,all nations actually.

    Pigs are pigs because that’s what they are. Scum-bag Posers. Most of them are far worse than your average non-violent offender. {Ah yes, the endless days and nights of beating up and abusing the public} ; Also, most pigs are un-educated, unenlightened individuals who usually have no interest in anything other than their jobs. Domestic violence and alcoholism are also rampant and a huge part of the pig’s world. In closing, I’d like to say that pigs are NOT people too, they are animals ( not all ) and ignorant wastes of skin.

    Plain & Simple.


  42. Anonymous on

    Real nice bullshit scumbag bottom-feeding advertising there [email protected]

  43. Anonymous on

    This is what we get for having the conservatives in office. They are Nazi Scum and we have to do whatever it takes to get them out of office. The Harper government completely reflects the definition of insanity, and we expect these things not to happen? What Canada needs is a revolution, im not one for violence but it seems that this is the only thing that the Conservatives understand.

    Free the Weed

  44. Anonymous on

    I used to rely on calm for my meds. I have a federal card for 300 g / month. I have aids/hiv/ cancer, crones, arthritis, and hep c. I would go to calm when ever i had money to get my allocated medicine. The issue was going up to one window that did not carry my strain, buying an alternate then finding out what i needed was ar another window. It took them an hour and ten min to exchange what i bought at window 1 with what i needed at window 2. The next incident was later that summer when i tried to get my 300 g for a 5 week vacation. I was told i could only buy an oz per week…..i needed 300 g and had come in before and bought it. They then labeled me as a dealer and made me feel like shit . I needed meds , if i was a con i could or went to any of the other clubs that i am a member of and filled my order up to way more than my allocated 300 g.

    After that i decided to buy from gangs on the corner, lest it was cheaper and the were more polite…..yes thug crack dealers were more accommodating than calm. Shortly after that i found rainbow medicinal cannabis. I found their style more my thing. I was never treated like a number there so i helped them spread the word by putting up flyers on every 2nd street pole from queen and sherbourne up to bloor over to spadina and all the way back down to queen……and for that CALM removed me as a member and threatened to PUNCH me in the face if they saw me again…
    So you think poor calm , i think maybe bad carma….i dont like to relish in this cause they do assist alot of people who are sick BUT why do all they people that work there come to buy at rainbow medicinal cannabis?>??

    Its got to be cause there is something at rainbow that calm doesnt have….maybe work checking out

  45. Sparkky on

    And it’s dog shit that you are spewing. Do you honestly believe what you are saying? Why would anyone want to help someone like you, talking this trash? Do you not realize the only reason Cannabis is illegal is it serves as a tool for the Government to discriminate against you if you are ever caught with it?

    By making Cannabis legal, even just for “crips” (You sick fuck), takes that tool away from the cops, little by little. One day, hopefully soon, that tool will no longer be available to the cops. And if it must start with getting it legal for medicinal reasons, then that’s what is going to be written in the history books.

    Start thinking and fighting for yourself, Bub! And stop feeling sorry for yourself because you are healthy!

  46. Anonymous on

    there had to be a reason they raided. they cant just go in arresting people. They had orders, or an investigation. Aren’t Clubs supposed to be non-profit? maybe someone was making a little too much!

    P.S. does C.A.L.M. take debit?

  47. Ladyfunk on

    I am quite sure i know who you are anonymous and if so you are just a bitter person who cant afford to buy his medicine legally, like the rest of us. I am a member of calm and hold a government issue permit as well. Fortunally, i got to calm and had left before they were raided. You are the kind of person that Harper was talking about who would be the disrespecable person that would be selling the cannabis and that we need to worry about. Well you are not who we will be buying our medicine from thank god! We will overcome this hurdle in the fight to keep calm open and you will be once again be put out. The kind of service that calm provides is needed by many who are sick, no matter what the illness. Im sorry, but now to the staff at calm, it was far too busy in there yesterday for the police to look the other way while we carried out our normal operation of business. It was like we had a revolving door. Part of our responsibility is to respect others around us who do not use cannabis. It was disrespectful to the businesses around calm. The members need to start respecting our rights to our medicine and not be lining up at the door, dont take your medicine out until you get home. Dont be walking down the streets smoking, there could be children around and it is bad enough that people smoke on the streets as much as they do, when there are so many kids around. So please everyone RESPECT goes a long way.

  48. Anonymous on

    I feel your pain but I think your blame of the crips is a little misdirected. It’s not their fault that the gov only recognizes medical need as a legitimate reason to use Cannabis. Of course, the inevitable result is that healthy people will resent the ill people who they see merrily getting high with impunity while they have to suffer the indignity of a cop beating them up and taking their shit. It’s the same for the narcotic addicts. Pain patients get to have a prescription for oxy while the rest have to pay those patients $30 per pill, or whatever it is, to get theirs. Sad that the gov’s actions have had such a negative backlash on the very people it was supposed to help. It is the gov’s ignorance that causes them to ignore the value of Cannabis as a preventive medicine, rather than just a treatment of existing disorders.

  49. Spanner McNeil on

    My name got left off. I didn’t want to hide behind anon. The above was written by me, Spanner McNeil. I lost my compassion for the smoking elite a long time ago. Enjoy your legally approved day.

  50. Anonymous on

    I was always pissed that there was a difference made between medical and recreational use. I always felt stabbed in the back over that. Always did. Mainly cause I smoked a joint once and felt its effects and I’m not real extra stupid. Two hundred wheel chairs, two hundred u-locks and this problem is solved. Anything else is bullshit rationalization. Fight for my friggen rights while you’re at it. Enjoy your hipocritical compassion. I’m not sorry for you. Enjoy your nice legal papers. I’m sure you will win and look good. The rest of us will go to jail. Fuck off. HOws that for unity? You med guys sold us out the day you sparked a bone and abandoned everybody else. I guess now I will go to hell for being frosty and impolite to crips. Cause no one is allowed to be frosty or impolite to stoned crips. Only stoned non crips are allowed to be ragged on. Fuck off, Mr. Crip. Go smoke your legal papers up your sad ass. You didn’t drop your license in the human race just cause you got wheels. Whats the best you friggen crips can do to make sure I don’t get busted with a big bad time illegal joint? What’s the best, the biggest best thing you friggen godawful helpless pathetic apolitical shadow hiding crips can do to make sure that I don’t have to be worried about being caught with something labeled illegal? Risk your life for me Mr. Crip and do it right away, don’t delay.

  51. Anonymous on

    This will be a lesson for me. I will be in a chair in a few more years and I wonder what kind of balls I will have to be an obstructionist. Do I fight for them now? What kind offight will they put up?

  52. Anonymous on

    Stop the American bashing, its just shows how much division there is as soon as something happens. Im american and canadian, and i think if your not a cop your certainly a shit head. Im not a calm member, but i know the inner circle, and work with them on occasion, and im an Exemptee, and yes they do try to help people. Some cant grow their own, thats all. Now as to there service? i have heard both good and bad from patients that had left and gone to other clubs. There is always trouble when trying to please hundreds and the state of medical discomfort adds a fever to the mix, so im sure there are a few people who get there ego bruised. Neeve, does turn a proffit and so does dom, i think this should be weighed against the risk they encounter and the fall out cost of a raid that will loose in court. All the clubs in TO have a niche, but they do support each other, and i am proud to know, Neeve does care about what he does, so do the others. There is not much to say about the caddyness of the onlookers. Several TO “activist” are plain juvenile and bicker and grobble like damn babies, and some rise above the rest. Neeve funds court challenges and sponsors the Freedom Festival and many more. Neeve is by no means an armchair activist. Stop the bickering, and if you dont like them and you are from TO at least acknowledge the contribution CALM makes to the city. Several people make the scene look bad by trying to capitalize when something like this happens. Its not gonzo, its just plain pathetic. Come together for christ sake!

  53. 420pug on

    I guess you must be american if you can’t get cheap pharmaceuticals in canada. If you think the pharmaceutical companies deserve anything to happen to them then I guess you can’t complain when cops do this to a club who overprices. Ya they will never go for the big boys and its bullshit but it is what is and things are slowly changing but its not going to be over night.

  54. Dirty Harry on

    ___________Copy & paste from post _____________
    You said nobody should be incarcerated.. ok lets go rape and murder or gouge sick people who need meds.
    ___________End copy and paste_____________________

    You mean like the pharmaceutical companies are doing right now?

  55. Paul on

    Has a lawyer been contacted yet.I think I smell a constitutional challenge.Does the Prince have any money?

  56. Dave on

    I can’t believe the police would go as far to actually physically hurt the staff. Every one should organize a protest, I smoke marijuana a few times a month relationally and I totally support using it for medical reasons just like the majority of canada does. Hopefully we can take a stand towards this inappropriate type of bullshit.

    We have to stand up for our rights and what we believe in!! I think physical violence is no way to treat a member of our society who is trying to help our country out and why did the police decide to raid the place.. are they just trying to impress some higher ups? There is no need for this…

    [email protected]

  57. Anonymous on

    You know where.

  58. Anonymous on

    Okay, maybe this isn’t a case of profiteering. I guess there actually are a few people around who do stuff just because it helps somebody else. My statements are still true for the LA dispensaries though. I noticed you didn’t say anything about the owner of the club, just the volunteers. What’s that guy’s bank account look like? Are we to believe he’s selling at cost? I think CALM should provide the balance sheet right here on CC. That way, everyone will be content that their nagging suspicions were unfounded. Also, how much did they contribute to the “keep Marc out of fund”?

  59. 420Pug on

    No compassion club should have to deal with this shit. Just cuz i think they are overpriced to hell does not mean they should ever have to go thru this ordeal… im just pointing out how ur running on emotions not a brain

  60. Anonymous on

    cops don’t look in the mirror and judge themselves…are you kidding, they probably watch old WWII movies to watch the Nazis for new ideas on how to beat people down

  61. 420pug on

    you’d hunt him down if he wasnt anonymous. lol wow…your a joke… both the big toronto clubs are greed ridden places. Unless your in the inner circle of poeple you have no choice but to pay the crazy costs and be told welll if you dont like it go elsewhere and try find as good as stuff as cheap…

    That was no problem … i found quality equal and greater easy and only paid half of what in toronto.

    You said nobody should be incarcerated.. ok lets go rape and murder or gouge sick people who need meds.

    It doesnt matter cuz apparently nobody should be incarcerated.

    I under stand you got your panties in a bunch over how shitty this is and ya that sucks sfor everyone but karma works in weird ways.

  62. Anonymous on

    I think it’s time you removed your head from your buttox (seriously, do it now. It’s bad for you). If you have video cameras that stream to a remote server, what is to stop the police from just obtaining the feed?

    You must never have grown so much as a tulip if you think that “supposed medical patients” can all afford to set up a grow and maintain an extremely high workload when they are TOO DISABLED TO WORK. Why are people “wasting” their money? So they can treat their severe diseases (just an idea).

    Unless you are supplying to just a handful of buddies, it would take a massive garden to completely/constantly stock the biggest club on the east coast of north america. Something that would’ve caused a raid a hell of a lot sooner. If you know anyone who sells you their supply at “production plus reasonable operating expenses” you are a liar. You obviously don’t know the going rate of smoke or you’d have saved us all from your literary diarrhea.

    BTW, the staff are VOLUNTEERS. But ya, I’m sure it was purely greed motivating a group of handicapped/disabled people to work for free.

  63. Anonymous on

    If you want karma to balance itself, you’d better watch your back. You are lucky you made that post anonymously or I’d track you down myself.

    Even if you have complaints with CALM policy, you must be one twisted sack of feces to be happy that over 2500 people are now without their medication. Nobody deserves to be incarcerated, especially when the staff are VOLUNTEERS. These are seriously sick people who felt the need to help their fellow club members and put their lives and freedom at stake. Every day they put themselves in harms way to make sure others have their right to a choice of medication, so even if you hate the organization you are SCUM for taking so much crap about a place that has brought nothing but good to 99% of their membership for the last 12 YEARS.

    Good, don’t come to the pro-CALM rally. With your attitude and lack of values, you’d better hope I don’t see you there.

  64. Anonymous on

    I don’t know anything about CALM. Do they have a bad reputation? Are they not what they claim to be? Are you suggesting it’s not a true compassion club?

  65. Anonymous on

    That’s why you put video cameras in the store and stream it to a remote receiver, so you have nice YouTube videos of cops violating citizens’ rights and committing assaults. Of course, an obvious question would be why all those supposed medical patients are buying Cannabis when they are all allowed to grow it themselves. Why are these people wasting their money like that? Don’t they know that people are using prohibition as an excuse to charge ridiculous prices for a simple herb? I don’t think that club was doing it out of the goodness of their heart. If it’s anything like the LA dispensaries, they’re getting rich off the sick. How are they different from the pharmaceutical companies? Why are they not just charging the cost of production plus reasonable operating expenses? They charge the same as street criminals. They are, therefore, no better than street criminals. They just try to dress it up a little to put on a veneer of propriety. “Oh, we’re not drug profiteers, we’re merely showing compassion for the ill, providing they have enough cash on them”.

  66. Anonymous on

    Anyone who prevents the ill from getting their medicine (NOT the crap from pfizer or bayer) has a stained, grimy soul.

  67. Anonymous on

    Ill never for the life of me understand the anti-pot crusaders. I defy any of them to name an example of enyone theyve ever known who’s used grass and was a bad person. Boozers, meth freeks yea all over but weed smokers?


  68. T.A.G.G.S. DISPENSARY /Maple Ridge B.C. on


  69. Anonymous on

    Its about time! CALM is such a rip off and has not done sick people any favours! Greed is not a good thing and Karma always wins! I hope they learned their lesson now!

    PS Like HELL I will be attending a pro-CALM community gathering to support CALM! Good luck finding others as I know people are not happy with CALM. They way they have been treating customers is disgusting! LEARN!

  70. Atlanta Toker on

    Very sad.
    In the US we refer to these guys as black booted thugs. In the 40’s they were called Nazis, acting on the orders of Hitler’s big 3rd. They were just following Hitler’s orders blindly as well. They were out there arresting, beating and ridding the community of the morally corrupt so to speak.

    It appears the elitist in Canada are trying to get to the purest of morals and rid their community of the undesirables as well. That’s what it looks and sounds like to me. I mean after 14 years, come on, it’s not like they just pitched their tent yesterday. I mean, why didn’t they go in on this establishment 6 years 3 days and 2 hours ago. It’s not like they weren’t there. lol Duh!

    I wonder if individual policemen ever stop and take a long look at themselves in the mirror and have an understanding that the guy looking back at them in that mirror is applying the same behavior and tactics the Nazis applied to the “non desirables” in their community before and during WWII for non violent activity. I see the Police behavior on this matter as no different, none… Do you?

    Hell, remember when the Police were a good thing.
    6 words that you rarely ever hear anymore are “Thank god the police are here”.
    It use to mean that HELP was here. Now it means RUN the enemy is here..
    Very Sad.

  71. Anonymous on

    I live there lol !

  72. Andrew on

    The Government/law enforcement need to step down on the matters of cannabis. we as a people have to right to smoke our cannabis. if a cop trys to harass you, get it on video. The police need to get their heads out of their ass…..because they don’t know who their messing with.

    Remember this- Strength in numbers =)
    cannabis smokers united(CSU)

  73. Anonymous on

    bored cops get ants in their pants.

  74. Anonymous on

    Get the media to get some coverage on this situation. Let more people know about this infringement of freedom.

  75. BC_Budman on

    Raiding a medical marijuana establishment that’s been in existence for 14 years can only be classed as a political act. They’ve been overt the whole time. What can be the problem now except for political machinations?

  76. Green Scene Productions on


    [email protected]