Medical Marijuana For Sale in South Park

CANNABIS CULTURE – Medical marijuana comes to South Park in a new episode of the popular Comedy Central cartoon premiering Wednesday, March 31 at 10:00pm.

In “Medicinal Fried Chicken”, a store that sells medicinal marijuana moves into the quiet mountain town of South Park, Colorado, according to a press release issued by creators of the show. The boys are surprised to find the only Kentucky Fried Chicken location in South Park converted to a medical marijuana dispensary.

According to the release, “State Law in Colorado says it’s legal to smoke pot if you have a physician’s reference. Randy is the first-in-line to buy some, but he’s turned away because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him. Randy is desperate to get a medical excuse to smoke some weed but, meanwhile, Cartman will do anything to get his beloved fried chicken restaurant back.”

Colorado has seen an explosion of medical marijuana dispensary openings in recent months, with records showing more med-pot locations than liquor stores, Starbucks or public schools. The converted KFC location in the show is a undoubtedly a reference to the real-life “Kind For Cures” dispensary in Southern California housed in an old KFC building.

For those not familiar with South Park, the controversial cartoon started in 1997 and is now in its 14th season, remaining the highest-rated series on Comedy Central. Co-creators and executive producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone have poked fun at the marijuana issue in several past episodes, including with a reoccurring pot-smoking bath-towel named Towelie, who is constantly reddening his huge eyes by puffing joints.

Marijuana culture has been featured on a number of other cartoons and comedy shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy in recent months, provoking cries of “sending the wrong message” from groups like the Parents Television Council, and leading to debates in the news media.

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  1. Cartman on

    then your wife must be a bitch dude.

  2. Free Thinker on

    I just got done watching the KFC getting turned into a Medical marijuana shop !! This was a GREAT episode. OMG funny turning a KFC into a marijuana shop, then to find out it’s REAL !!!! 4 miles from my home, I didn’t even know. I mean I heard rumor…. but who would have thought. Then South Park having a great time with it all…. I couldn’t stop laughing AND had to have my wife watch! Ok, she did say gross to the cancer balls, but still. And truth be told, if there was an open KFC right now, I would go and buy chicken since the show and Kind For Cures KFC made me hungry. Please please to another KFC marijuana episode!! This time I’ll be ready with my bucket of chicken (from KFC) and maybe a little something special from the KFC Kind For Cures. (just don’t tell the wife)

  3. Anonymous on

    If you like Colbert you must love the CFR, almost every single author appearing on the Report or the Daily Show has written a book conforming to the political narrative developed by the Council on Foreign Relations. They are actually just like FOX, presenting a carefully calculated narrative but even more surreptitiously.

    Alex Jones will tell you all about the CFR, although he is paid by a gold company named Midas Resources (they own GCN) to inflate the value of precious metals by spreading fear and economic uncertainty (not hard these days.) Free Talk Live are on the same network, and Glenn Beck is paid $20M annually by … a lot of these “libertarians” are just a bunch of scarecrows. Sad too, I thought FTL was soooo objective. GCN’s a little more trustworthy than Glenn Beck, as far as shills go.

    They are aaaaaaaaallllllllll cheap shills.

  4. Adam on

    Man, you don’t get it. After my first semester in college, I really was surrounded by fresh high school grads who acted just like that.

    Now, yes, you do learn a lot more about how the world works in your first six months of college than you do during the rest of it, than you ever did in High School, but it’s nothing compared to what you learn after college (I dicked around for a few years so I almost know).

    I’ve been a hippie and I am a Slayer fan (although their last album has finally scared me, something is wrong with the music industry this year… too much talk of drinking blood, becoming immortal, it getting you high and making you insane… we keep hearing that story in our media. Remember who Hunter S. got the Adrenochrome from? Weird shit man. Now it’s in Daywalkers, Twilight… True Blood. “It’s In You To Give” kinda creeps me out now.)

    Anyway that’s a conspiratorial tangent developing right there, so as far as South Park is concerned, not really a conservative episode. I guess Cartman was pretty anti-pot, but if you know Cartman, that’s more like a reason to smoke it than anything else. And when I was eight, I was proudly proclaiming I’d never ever ever do drugs or drink or smoke. Most kids that age feel the same for some reason.

  5. Adam on

    I’ve seen it a few times already online and on T.V., it was a good portrayal of medicinal pot.

    – Randy was a good portrayal of a customer most dispensaries don’t want to deal with – and most doctors don’t want to deal with, either. (Doctors are for sick people, Randy?) He tries as hard as he can to get cancer (“Grab me a beer, Stan?”) and does, so he gets a referral.

    – Randy is VERY interested in obtaining pot. He’s a father of young boys and he’s not being portrayed as a paranoid parent, in fact, it’s today’s “extra potent” (medical) strains that have him so excited. Matt Stone and Trey Parker know that the majority of Americans will identify, understand, and sympathize with this. (Heck, even Gallup and Rasmussen know that now.)

    – There was a negative moment regarding the portrayal of medical pot; Randy’s friends all got prescriptions without being sick and enjoyed a lot of pot, recreationally. Every time they do this the weirdest music ever plays… it’s hard to imagine what a “drug warrior” would see depicted by this. But no negative consequences ensue; the episode ends with the




    dispensary clerk discussing this double standard with a crowd. Instead of “well, let’s all make it legal anyways, then” they -do- go back to prohibition, but with a pro-marijuana twist in the message:

    – They say, look, everyone here is getting cancer (because Randy & friends irradiated themselves to get their exemptions) since we closed KFC chains in Colorado (trans fat ban) – and it was actually the KFC that was preventing cancer!

    (It’s a semi-direct reference to cancer rates after 1937 – I’ve been saying that myself a lot these last few weeks. A lot of people are drawing that connection at this time; “Don’t you see, it was keeping us healthy!”)

    – Parker and Stone portrayed a Dispensary owner whose hands were so strongly tied by the law, Randy couldn’t get his pot unless he could fit through the door (if you don’t know, don’t ask!). The dispensary owner abides by laws in the normal manner.

    – Nobody’s life falls apart, nobody moves on to harder drugs. In fact, their lives hardly change at all. Compared to most episodes of South Park this was pretty tame.

    Doctor: “Can’t you see everyone is just abusing this silly law? It’s ridiculous!”
    [Men in circle with signs, bouncing up and down on titanic, cancerous testicles]
    Protester: “What’s ridiculous about it?”

  6. Anonymous on

    people always say that they do make fun of everybody, but really they are incredibly raunchy but from a conservative perspective. I mean the writers are from Colorado, was just the way they were raised stereotypically. I mean they never once took one shot at Bush in the 8 years he was running, Bush senior maybe but not Bush. People on the right right or left i think realize that it would have been pretty easy to throw a few jabs at Bush. While I’ve seen Obama in quite a few of their episodes already. Though in this episode they actually do in my mind take a pro legalization of pot stance.

  7. Anonymous on

    I live behind the actual “KFC” it’s in front of Bob’s Liquor Market near National and Palms in Los Angeles

  8. Anonymous on

    They mean 10 pm Vancouver time, right?

  9. Anonymous on

    I’ll be smoking some bananna kush or purple urkel to this for sure…. just for you those who don’t know south park is a real….. place…. my friend went to school there… hehe

  10. Nick on

    Yeah I have “high” expectations. I agree – Randy’s character is good in so many ways – it says so much about the herd mentality of society and what seems like the majority of people who justify things because “that’s the way it is”.
    Plus he likes Brazilian fart pron.

  11. Bizong on

    You made some good points. Regardless, you know it’s going to be funny ass episode no matter what. Randy getting high? Going to be a laugh riot. I love Randy, he’s one of my favorite characters. Plus Towlie is supposed to be in it!

  12. Anonymous on

    well they might seem conservative but in no way r they, they make fun of everybody, dude did u c that episode where they make fun of glenn beck, the stupid neo con puppet, btw people here like pot obviously right, well if u want a president who will pave the way for pot being legal vote ron paul 2012, here is the video where he debates for legal pot,

  13. Anonymous on

    Matt Stone was once quoted as saying ” I hate conservatives, but I really f***ing hate liberals”

    Theyre Libertarians, which is a HUGE part of my political beliefs, and a book was even once written called “South Park Republican”

    I often find the subject matter on South Park hits the nail right on the head.

    I think they’ll portray it in a good light, the hippie episode as said earlier was more or less making fun of lazy do-nothing stoners who use getting high as their crutch to do nothing.

  14. SnakeSK on

    Don’t forget to bring a towel with you. You might avoid catching a cold. ^^
    Its the melody of funky town.
    I take both ^^

    It is one of my favorite episodes.

    The Family guy Medical Marijuana is hilarious and cozy.

    Smoke weed every day.

    Peace out

  15. Nick on

    Gotta love how every episode, no matter how whacked out, has the serious “moral of the story” moment, that is usually bang on – sometimes not clearly spelled out but that what makes it so great. It makes one think…

  16. Eve Lentz on

    Looking forward to this no matter what the spin! We all just have to laugh! Thanks, Jeremiah, for sending this!

  17. scott on

    trey parker and matt stone identify themselves as libertarians, although i am sure they hate stereotypical stoner’s, the burn outs who never amount to anything, and use being high as their crutch for laziness,

    they will present both sides of the story and in the end come out with a middle ground message, like “yeah some people do need pot for a medicine, but in reality alot of people are abusing the medical system, and smoking pot just to get high”

    and why shouldn’t parents let there children watch south park? its probably one of the most intelligent shows on television, all in all its going to be a funny episode, and sure its going to offend alot of people on here, and some might even call for a south park boycot, but, they need a big glass of shut the fuck up

  18. Nick on

    Remember, it’s satire. Look at Colbert for instance – just because he plays up the right wing talk show host doesn’t mean he’s promoting it…

    I haven’t seen a real change in matt stone and trey parker’s portrayals over the years. As far as I remember, Cartman has always hated hippies. It just makes sense for him to hate on medicinal weed too. Or maybe more accurately, not give a crap about weed, and really really want his fried chicken back.

    I actually think it’s a good thing if they don’t portray it in a good light – reason and fact are what should “sell” pot as medicine – not a show like South Park. Plus it’s one less thing for “concerned parents” to whine about (why the hell are they letting their kids watch adult cartoons like SP in the first place…)

  19. Bizong on

    I have the suspicion that South Park is probably not going to portray medical marijuana in a good light. As funny as the show can be, I feel that they have been increasingly conservative in their views recently. Remember the hippie episode?

  20. Bizong on

    I have the suspicion that South Park is probably not going to portray medical marijuana in a good light. As funny as the show can be, I feel that they have been increasingly conservative in their views recently. Remember the hippie episode?

  21. Anonymous on

    Wanna get high??? Don’t forget to bring a towel!!!

  22. Anonymous on

    so excited! towely!