Medical Pot Patient Acquitted Of Drug Charges

A medical marijuana patient was acquitted Thursday of charges that he possessed and sold the drug to undercover officers.

The not guilty verdict for Eugene Davidovich marked the second time this year that arrestees in 2008 raids on medical marijuana collectives have been acquitted of drug charges.

In January, Jovan Jackson was acquitted of possession of marijuana for profit.

A San Diego Superior Court jury acquitted Davidovich of possession of concentrated cannabis, possession of medical marijuana, sale of medical marijuana and possession with intent to distribute medical marijuana.

“I think that today, the jurors saw through the politically driven prosecution,” Davidovich said outside court. “They saw the truth. They saw that the law does allow for collective cultivation. They saw that the law allows for reimbursement, and they saw that the law allows for Prop 215 and SB 240 to remain as law.”

Authorities alleged that Davidovich sold marijuana to an undercover detective in November 2008 and had baggies of the drug in his car when it was searched the following April.

The detective who bought the drugs from the defendant said he received a doctor’s prescription for marijuana by using a false name.

Defense attorney Michael McCabe said his client fell victim to medical marijuana statutes where “it’s difficult to discern the line of demarcation” between what is legal and what is illegal.

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  1. Anonymous on

    so the cop lied about who he was to get the medical card which should mean that the defendant thought he was licensed. the cop should face penalty for wrongly attaining a card and impersonating a medical cannabis user to
    get a supply of medicine of an unsuspecting provider.