Protest For Walmart Employee Fired for Medical Marijuana

Local activists are planning a protest at the Walmart store in Comstock Park in support of Joseph Casais, an employee at the Battle Creek store who recently was fired for using medical marijuana.

Casais, 29, suffers from sinus cancer and has an inoperable brain tumor. He is a registered medical marijuana user. He worked at Walmart for five years and was fired in November after injuring his knee on the job and testing positive for marijuana during a subsequent drug screening.

The American Civil Liberties Union and marijuana advocacy groups have contested the firing. Walmart has defended its actions on the grounds that marijuana use, still is a federal crime (even though the federal government has said it won’t prosecute users who follow state law), arguing employers should have the right to set and enforce their own drug policies. Medical marijuana was legalized in Michigan in 2008.

protest is scheduled for 4:25 p.m. today at Walmart in Comstock Park, 3999 Alpine Avenue NW, led by Protest for Peace and Students for a Sensible Drug Policy of Michigan State University.



  1. Gregory Hatt on

    It went very well, we had a solid turnout. Of course we were asked to leave Walmart within minutes of being there and moved to the local intersection. It worked out perfectly because there was a traffic light there and the intersection was EXTREMELY Busy!!! We had hundreds of cars honk for us and talked to many pedestrians as well as people in motor vehicles. People were giving us peace signs, the thumbs up, truckers were honking, the news crews were hospitable – they even honked for us. We got really great media coverage – check out Protest for Peace on facebook to get in on things or add me -Gregory Edward Hatt

    here’s some of the links to the coverage


    WMMT 3

    Fox 17

    We had some other coverage by local radio stations, newspapers, etc…

  2. samson on

    there would be a protest. Sooooo, how’d it go?? I would really like to know. Wal-mart was a LOT better company when Sam Walton was still alive and running things under the buy American motto…..sighs