No High Times on The Hill

Canada's Parliament building lit up with psychedelic colors during an annual light show.Canada’s Parliament building lit up with psychedelic colors during an annual light show.In the grand scheme of things, marijuana policy isn’t likely to bring about a change of government.

Despite surveys showing a majority of Canadians approve legalizing possession of small amounts of pot, the law isn’t changing any time soon.

But that hasn’t stopped advocates from pressuring the prime minister on the subject, nor has it prohibited, pardon the pun, Stephen Harper from sounding like an early-1900s social reformer trying to ban the demon drink.

Marijuana prohibition was the hottest topic among the questions submitted prior to the PM’s YouTube interview last week, and he was gracious enough to give an answer.

But instead of coming off with the intelligence he’s known for, or even as the master obfuscator he has become, Harper hilariously morphed into Mr. Mackey, the guidance counsellor from the rabble-rousing animated show South Park.

“The reason drugs are illegal is because they are bad,” he said, after a preamble about his kids, and completely negating studies that show marijuana really isn’t all that harmful.

He went on to comment on how drugs are controlled by evil foreign cartels, and even if they were legalized, they would never be a respectable business.

If respectability were such a concern, it’s a wonder he hasn’t taken a run at the tobacco industry, porn or payday loan companies.

But hey, he’s a conservative politician preaching a law and order agenda. No one can be all that surprised.

What’s galling about all this is the utter condescension shown the reasonable opinion of a majority of Canadians.

But he’s in good company.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, who as an Ivy League egghead probably saw enough trust fund babies find success while doing far worse than smoking pot, laughably told a group of high school kids they’re practically pointing a loaded gun at their heads by lighting up a “marijuana cigarette.”

The least these two supposedly smart men could try to offer, in defending their positions on the matter, is some actual intelligent debate, rather than talking to Canadians as if they were their pre-teen children.

It’s one thing to offer a kid a rote response, but adults deserve better.

– Article from Toronto Sun.



  1. Anonymous on

    He failed to mention that the money from drugs that is donated to his Conservative Party is fine. Fine enough to pay 1.2 billion for the swine flu vaccine. I guess it did not work? That swine Harper is still Prime Minister?

  2. Anonymous on

    “…rather than talking to Canadians as if they were their pre-teen children”

    Make no mistake about it, that is exactly how most political elite view the general population.

  3. ToxicSludge on

    It’s time to vote out the right wing retards who ignore the people they are supposed to represent.Start a petition drive,name names,vote these bastards out of office.

  4. Brian Kerr on

    democracy in Canada means, every 5 years we get to vote for people who don’t give a shit about what we want.

    However I am still going to vote, and vote Green. No prohibitionist paryt will get my vote.

    List of prohibitionist partys follows

    Conservative Party of Canada
    Liberal Party of Canada
    New Demicratic Party of Canada.

    If you vote for any of the prohibitionist partys listed above, you are voting to put yourself and your family and friends in jail. Its as simple as that.

  5. Anonymous on

    Why have we not had a referendum on this matter yet? It is a democracy we live in is it not?

  6. foam on

    if democracy is nothing more than majority mob rules- tyranny over the idividual and minority. What is this nonsense that 35% of the vote rules the other 65%

  7. Anonymous on

    Just more proof that democracy is a myth.

  8. Anonymous on

    to a certain point, democracy fails. e.g. when what people want isn’t the best for them, the government should technically still do it. This is the only thing i can think that the politicians are thinking right now… this is there attempt to justify all the lies to themselves.

  9. Daniel Johnson on

    A majority of Canadians want marijuana legalized. Democracy means majority rules. If both major parties are against democracy, and are colluding against the public by using the “package-deal” flaw in the party-based parliamentary system to lock out the public will on certain issues they should be charged with treason because it undermines our country’s democratic charactar. They did the same thing to force through free trade, which was so unpopular the conservatives were reduced to a couple seats and the Liberals, who campaigned almost entirely on opposition to free trade, changed their minds in unison once elected. Somehow, though this was a clear cut case of electoral fraud, they were allowed to get away with it because the legal system in Canada is controlled by people who are generally hostile to the public’s best interests.

  10. Pedro on

    But arms-manufacturers, etc. are “respectable businesses”