MS Patient Gets 5 Years for Growing Medical Marijuana

A Franklin man with multiple sclerosis was sentenced today to five years in prison for growing marijuana that he has said was used for medicinal purposes.

The sentence handed down to John Wilson is the minimum prison term that he could have received.

Wilson’s attorney, James Wronko, said he will file a motion to stay the sentence pending an appeal.

Superior Court Judge Robert Reed, who handed down the sentence, said that Wilson in six months could be eligible for the the New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program in which certain offenders, sentenced to state prisob, are given an opportunity to work their way back into the community under intensive supervision.

Reed also did not sentence Wilson to a period of partole ineligibility. Because this is his first conviction on an indictable offense, Wilson could be eligible for a parole in little over a year.

“It’s the least period of imprisonment I could impose,” said Reed.

The state attorney general’s office, which prosecuted the case, was asking Reed to impose a seven-year sentence.

Reed said that a pre-sentencing report said that Wilson was diagnosed with MS when he was 30 in 2002, but that he had been smoking marijuana on a daily basis since he was 15.

Wronko said Wilson began using marijuana to treat the symptoms of MS because he did not have insurance and could not afford prescriptions.

Before Reed delivered the sentence, Wilson admitted he had broken the law.

“I am not a bad person,” Wilson told the judge. “I just made a horrible mistake.”

“I’m truly sorry for what I’ve done,” Wilson said.

Because he couldn’t afford insurance, Wilson said he has used alternative treatments, including vitamins and bee venom.

Wilson said he recently had three “flare-ups” of MS and has ended up in the hospital twice.

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  2. NunyaBiz on

    I understand that he doesn’t want to go to prison but…

    “One who breaks an unjust law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.”

    –Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. Evie, aka Weedgeenie on

    The growing & Use of Cannabis SHALL NOT be regulated NOR controlled by Our Government.. It is OUR Right to Life removed.. IF anyone missed the Election of ago, you may recall it was STOLEN by George W. Bush jr.. I thought, holy SHIT! in 100 years women fought for & won, the right to Vote, {don’t understand in a country who’s constitution boasting ALL as created equal, that even being necessary}, but be it what it was, Women fought marched organized ultimately winning the “right to Vote” & it doesn’t Count?? oh Great in 100 years we have accomplished NOTHING except the loss of option to stay home and Raise our families.. Now, I can show you a hemp crop in a garden I grew that will provide Material for me to construct anything I imagine for sale, I grow this garden, with my children present for me to raise. I Pay taxes on my PRODUCT assembled n sold.. makes perfect sense, EVERYONE and THING benefits.. My children aren’t taken from me for LACK of economics denied me in Man world, I am self sustaining NOT having to pedal pussy or cow tow to some abusive Male for income in order I keep my children housed.. Cannabis is an economic equalizer for women. this war is also weather many no it or NOT about continued oppression of the FEMALE population.. NOT acceptable.. We cannot all fit at Walmart.. even on a part time rotation basis.. TIME TO GROW.. EVERYONE>>Welcome to the GREEN revolution.. They cannot Jail us all..I want to see Plants occupying every available Nook and Cranny across this ONCE great nation. Have a Great Day, and GET GROWING!!!! Love, Mom

  4. Anonymous on

    Most of that 81% support don’t VOTE so it doesn’t matter.

  5. Anonymous on

    He’s just placating the judge so he doesn’t tack on any more years to already outrageous sentence.

  6. Anonymous on

    How can they sentence him to prison, I thought New Jersey just passed a law protecting medical marijuana patients? Shouldn’t his sentence have been thrown out, or at the very least suspended? Just because his charges were filed before the law was passed, he has to do time in prison? That makes absolutely no sense, what a horrible horrible waste of resources. To destroy a mans life with a debilitating disease like MS is insane.

    If 81% of Americans support medical marijuana, then where is the backlash for this man? How come more people aren’t rallying to get these laws changed in every state? We have to do something, if we have this huge of a majority margin in favor of medical marijuana, why are the laws not changing at a much faster pace? This shit is ridiculous, I simply cannot comprehend why things like this are happening.

    To think we as humans are doing to this to other human beings with such enervating diseases is just sickening. The fact is it’s simply inhumane that we’re doing this to each other, there’s no logical reason or explanation as to why a man should be behind bars for using his medicine.

  7. foam on

    absolutely no excuse for this inhumam act

  8. Anonymous on

    Sorry for what ? You don’t have to be sorry and to top it off you admit having made a horrible mistake. I don’t get it. what is you mistake ?
    Growing marijuana ? Youre all apologies and sorry. Why dont you tell the judge to go to hell ? Jersey morons!

  9. Samson on

    the Judges fualt…….he could have at the VERY LEAST said —“for the record, this is Bullshit”………..that would’a been something…..

  10. Anonymous on

    GROSS INJUSTICE!!!!!!!!!

  11. ZP on

    I am sure he also killed someone. I know, he is an German/Irish catholic priest that emigrated to the US with the special assignment of enlightening the children, but in the end was abandoned by the Vatican, and then the cops got him. To Protect and to Serve. Right?
    Or the reality is just a little bit sicker than that.


  12. Dave on

    I think they’re out to kill us? They don’t just want us to go away, they want us dead! Like I say, “BEWARE, the fanatics are in charge”!

  13. Worm on

    I am guessing he is also a victim of mandatory minimums. Vote no to C-15.


  14. Anonymous on

    it’s not necessarily the judge’s fault. It’s the laws that the judge has to apply.

  15. Anonymous on

    Another victim of the war on drugs!!! I hope that judge sleeps well at night, knowing what he’s doing. If anything the judge deserves to be sentenced to prison.