Vote Online for Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

WHYPROHIBITION – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has decided to ask the Internet what issue is most pressing to Canadians.

An online poll called “Ask Your Questions to Prime Minister Harper” says the PM “will answer a selection of your top-voted questions in an exclusive YouTube interview next Tuesday March 16, 2010 at 7 p.m. ET.”

We have a chance to push marijuana legalization to the top of that list (It’s currently #2 and #3). You don’t have to be Canadian to participate, so please, wherever you’re from, help us legalize marijuana in Canada.

Please, click here to vote for marijuana legalization! Let’s make marijuana the #1 and #2 questions to Stephen Harper!

And here vote here again!

This is our chance to force this issue front and centre before the Prime Minister, so please, vote today.

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  1. Decoy420 on

    every one smoke’s up in my small town and yet no one gives a shit…..(MY OPINION) grab a few spray cans and shit a write shit about legalization every where in ottawa!!……420 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer Duncan on

    I strongly believe as a canadian it should be legalized.
    its awesome!, there is nothing better.
    if alcohol and cigs can be purchased, WHY NOT MARIJUANA!

  3. Daniel Lins on

    From Brasil helping Canada to legalize Marijuana!

  4. callers420 on

    vote, vote, vote. Make sure to vote on these questions, it is the least anyone can do and at the very least, if the pm ignores them he will look bad in the court of public opinion which never hurts.

  5. g lenard on

    I believe if Harper thought he could get away with it he would have squads of lets call them voter persuasion enhancement teams and maybe some diebold non paper trail electronic voting machines, but no one wants force!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous on

    force is the only way to stop harper. sarry to say but its true.

  7. Anonymous on

    Honestly- even though 3 of the top questions regard Marijuana reform, i sincerely wonder if he will touch the topic. A recent poll came across Obama, and he dodged the top rated cannabis questions… I suppose we shall see 🙂

    Pooky the Pink Panther