Second Annual Vansterdam Ganja Games and Marijuana Bowl

CANNABIS CULTURE – Vancouver has another series of games and judging to look forward to, as local activist Dana Larsen hosts the Second Annual Vansterdam Ganja Games and Marijuana Bowl.

“Last year was a big success,” said Larsen, “and this year I think it’s going to be even more fun.”

The party goes from Thursday July 1 to Sunday July 4, and is limited to 50 guests. Larsen urged interested pot-people to contact him immediately.

“The four-day extravaganja includes a bus tour of Vancouver’s best toking spots, an amazing boat cruise, and an awesome hash sampling session,” explained Larsen. “Plus every guest receives fourteen strains of world-class marijuana to judge.”

Along with sampling different strains of marijuana, guests can compete in the Ganja Games, a series of fun pot related contests.

“We’ll have everyone competing in a variety of skill-challenging events,” laughed Larsen, “like Speed Joint Rolling, Eyeing Out Weed and Smoke Ring Blowing. The winners will receive special bongs and other gifts. It’s a lot of fun.”

Vistit the Vansterdam Ganja Games and Marijuana Bowl website or send email to [email protected].