Flying High Could Mean 20 Years Jail

A San Francisco man figured out how to get marijuana through airport security – eat it.

Kinman Chan, 30, was so high on a double dose of legal pot brownies that his US Airways flight had to make an emergency landing to get him off when he started behaving oddly, according to the FBI.

Chan was travelling on Sunday from Philadelphia to Los Angeles when flight attendants noticed him waving, smiling and “making odd gestures,” FBI Special Agent Joel D. Compeggie said.

Shortly after takeoff Chan entered the bathroom and began to scream loudly.

When Chan exited the bathroom – shirt untucked – flight attendants discovered that all the compartments in the tiny lavatory were open.

He refused to take his seat and began talking to a “little girl” in the aisle.

That was enough excitement for the flight crew. Chan was put in a choke hold and handcuffs, and then he finally fessed up to the double dose of weed.

He said he had a medical marijuana card, legal in the state of California for treating a variety of ailments.

Chan was charged with interfering with the duties of a flight attendant and could face 20 years in prison.

– Article from The Australian.