Birmingham School Girls drug tested, suspended over Altoids

According to a story in the BHAM News three girls in middle school each ate an Altoid breath mint, got rushed to the hospital and drug tested, passed the drug test and were still suspended.

Zero tolerance policies, for all practical purposes, outlaw the use of common sense by school teachers and administrators. They never should have been instituted in the first place, because they are fucking retarded, and it is long past time we got rid of them.



  1. Anonymous on

    I am requesting that instead of Making your comments on here you make them directly to the superintendant of Birmingham Schools as well as the Principal of Booker T. Washington elementary school as well as well as the Board of Education who are directly responsible for the bad policies that allow our children to be made into bad guys over breathe-mint below is a list of names and phone numbers for the people responsible for this miscarriage of school authority.

    Booker T. Washington Principal Linda Kimbrough 205-231-7740

    Interim Superintendant Birmingham School District 205-231-4220

    Birmingham Board of Education 205-231-4600

    Mr W.J. Maye Jr. is the board member responsible for district 6 where Booker T. Washington is located here is a full list of board members:

    Mr. Tyrone H Belcher Sr. Dist. 1, Ms. Virginia S. Volker Dist. 2, Mr. Brian Giattina Dist.3, Mr. Edward Braddox Dist. 4, Mr. Emmanuel B. Ford Dist. 5
    Mr. W.J. Maye Jr. Dist. 6 Ms. Alana V. Edwards Dist.7 Ms. April M Williams Dist.8 Ms. Phylis F. Wayne Dist. 9

  2. Anonymous on

    be careful throwin that around Lorretta, wouldn’t want the fallout Rahm Emanuel got after throwin that term around can be rather offensive if not to the mentally challenged individual,there family members may be rather offended on their behalf.

  3. Anonymous on

    After about 10 minutes of looking I found this schools info and I think we should all make our voices heard these girls should face no punishment at all, all they did was eat some candy if we started suspending all the kids who ate candy at school our schools would be empty! So if you,ve got a minute please call this schools principal and make our voices heard!!

    Principal Linda Kimbrough
    there is also an E-mail option on their website I’ve posted a link for that here.

  4. Anonymous on

    Drug Hysteria caused this nothing else. I’ve heard of people being arrested and locked up for 24 hours or more for possession of a piece of sweet tart candy or mentos.

    Similar school suspensions have occured due to Asprin, IBProfene, Asthma meds, and Rx’s legally prescribed to the student. It looks (to a blinder then average fruit bat) like MDMA or Vicodin so it comes under the same rules, which are vague and writen so they can be interpreted as the school wants to.

    Jodie can back me up on this, at Valleyview Secondary in Kamloops, BC you could be suspended for the week if they “suspected” that you have taken drugs, even if there is no proof. And that was several years ago under the Chretien Liberals and BC NDP Governments. ~ ReegzTheReeferman

  5. Anonymous on

    So…no drug…no positive test and they were still suspended? For what exactly? Is there a school rule prohibiting breathe mints or sometrhing? I feel there is something being left out of this story.

  6. GoodKarmaGuy on

    The parents should take the school to court. If enough people do over stupid things like this they will have to drop zero tolerance rules.