Ask Ed: Grow Tip – You Can Do It!

Many people think they need a large space in order to grow marijuana. They picture plants 5 feet tall, spreading out several feet — those plants are real, but so are plants growing in 8 or 12 inch containers, in a row, under 4 T5 fluorescents in a small closet (or even just a part of a closet), or an armoire, or even just a shelf!

Another way to grow in a small space is to use 4-inch rockwool cubes, which can be purchased online or an indoor gardening store. Place about 4 plants per square foot, or you could let the individual plants grow larger to fill out the space and get the plants ready for flowering.

When the plants have grown just a little bit, place them on a timer — giving them 12 hours of UNINTERRUPTED darkness each day, make sure to fertilize — and in 6-8 weeks you will be harvesting bud!



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  4. stickygreen78boy on

    I was wanting your advice on a few thing’s. First I have 52 AK-47 seeds that have germinatedand are around 5-6 day’s old,and ranging from 1-3inches. When do you feel they should be transfered to a larger container, and how large do you recomend…keep in mind all of these will be grown naturaly&organicaly outdoor,s, THANKS….

  5. Anonymous on

    Did you not check other articles before making your assumption. I think testing you cannabis for potency, and spreading the word about clinics has everything to do with growing cannabis. Sir you have no authority to make such a statement!!! Mentioning a clinic for a group I do not gain financially from is a miss characterization of this free dissemination of information. If it was such an egregious offense my post would not have been posted.

  6. Anonymous on

    i also started young 13 y/o i started my own plumbing bus at17 went back tocollage at 19 got my masters at 22 in machanical enganiring from G/Tech have 24 employeys a wife of 26 years and 3 kids

  7. Anonymous on

    Ed is nice.

  8. mammamae on

    I have searched the web but can’t find Cinnamite anywhere for sale. You recommended it for both spider mites and powdery mildew and right now I have both. I’m maybe 1 to 2 weeks from harvest and the critters are back with a vengeance. I’ve used everything else available, so where can I get cinnamite? Thanks, mammamae

  9. Dude on

    Dude your a douche. An experienced grower like yourself should know Ed is talking in general and being hypothetical since he is dealing with mostly amateurs.

  10. Anonymous on

    Thanks for your comment. Just as I thought, as an older hippie chick I was seriously considering growing my own cause prices here in FL are really outrageous. However, without a special growing box or contraption the sun, rain and soil elements might just get too tricky. I’ve got a green thumb, so I throw the seeds around and never see them prosper. I guess I need to get a good book! Anyway, your comment made good sense to me. Thanks!

  11. jimmy on

    You critics really need to lighten up. Look at the title of the tip. Ed is giving advice on bare essentials of growing, the minimum. He is setting the bar, based on his experience, for people who might be entertaining the idea of growing. I’d say 4 T5s is a reasonable minimum. You know, there was a day, probably no too long ago when even the “experts” didn’t know anything about growing or before they even made the decision to grow. This column is useful and thankfully brief. Keep it up Ed

  12. Raoul Duke on

    In response to the debate earlier in the week about adolescents smoking pot: I, as one other writer stated also started smoking at a very early age(1967,I was 15 y/o at the time) and I really don’t feel that it has had any lasting adverse effects. I also have advanced degrees in engineering and medicine. I’m finishing my Phd in psychology currently. I guess the point I am trying to make is, just because one may start smoking at an early age does not necessarily mean disaster. That said I would not suggest anyone beyond the age at which the individual is able to make an informed decision to smoke or not to smoke. All of us being different that age is going to different. It strikes me that some of you wankers posting illiterate responses could possibly be a good example of someone that started a little too soon; like yesterday. Oh well, sorry this shit I,m smoking right now makes me a bit verbose…And do lay of of Ed, like a lot of us he was around and doing all of this probably before most of you were born…Keep doing the good work Ed and keep the faith…

  13. Anonymous on

    There is scientific proof that marijuana use causes lasting damage in adolescent brains. Here is just one of MANY links(not govt. propaganda):
    Cannabis use should be restricted untill you are an adult.Anyone saying differently is actually harming the cannabis law reform movement in my opinion.

  14. Tom on

    Hello, You seem to know alot about this subject. Can you offer any more detail? I would like to try to grow and only have a very small closet area to use. What about air circulation? Will CFL cause heat build up? How many lights would be need four 4 plants? Thank you. Tom

  15. Anonymous on

    The piss has risen to your head ano 8:31

    I once was familiar with your syndrome myself too but happily took the time to rid it.

    What’s importend to my opinion, is to know that a Majority of ppl can only grow small scale, and especially beginners still will need to compromise a lot.

    Your arguments about low height and high wattage you can ovecome with a 15 cm diameter 350cub/hour exhaustfan connected to a thermostat and dimmer(automatic dimmers like MML easy are best ofcourse but we’re talking beginners now with usually not too much money to spent).
    250 wtt hps/cfl/T5 should do fine this way in a cabinet of 80cm height wich i would still call micro.

    Nothing,s wrong with autoflowering plants ano 8:31, where have you been lately?
    Ppl keeping the fate in them have been and are improving on those so well lately, you d be stunned to feel their effects once you let go of your old stigma’s

    Most ppl don’t have the guts, quallities or right circumstances to do more than a ‘what you would call “petathic grow”
    but ANYTHING some noob is able to produce will be as empowering to the movement as any high teck super grower you probably would like to call yourself imho.

    pls dont call me kid ano 8:31. I’ve been around longer then Ed even, who i highly apreciate and with who i share a lot of history.
    No offence token btw.
    Stay cool, do your thing and support those noobs while you can pls.
    With your aproach you might make them believe that if they are not as qualified as you, they even should not consider starting anything up at all since all their effort would go to waste anyhows.

    Lemme ask you one question ano 8:31 ?
    Were you born into the perfect grow room or have you also been a noob once?

    Peace man.


  16. Anonymous on

    and I know wat compact and advanced spectrum floros r but shit i just buy hids ed u rock

  17. Anonymous on

    and drink alcohol tell they get there stomach pumped take some pills thats safer then smokin a bong hit truth is your an idiot

  18. usa on

    Were not sayin that all 13 year olds should smoke but i was smokin when I was 12 and I have gone to college and have a succesful carrier/life so wat were all tryin 2 say is that smokin herb is less harmful/addicting then cigs alcohol meth oxys …infected pussies…If your goin 2 choose 2 be mentally addicted 2 somethin gods sweetest smellin flower is the most harmless best bet of them all.Herb is 4 sure not phisicaly addictin like real drugs by the way 2 stick 2 the subject at hand people micro or wat ever aint bad. but how much r u gonna get? not enough 2 last me 60 days but its all about fun and growin pot is fun no matter how its done if you r conserned how much ur gonna yield though if you want pounds u need high intense light indoor or out dont b so hard on Ed thers only so much u can say about growin such a simple 2 grow plant as long as he helps certain people out there I know ive turned 2 ed at least once in my life time! ph fn picky ass strains i got em dialed in though peace

  19. Anonymous on

    I’m sure we’d all LOVE to be able to grow a couple dozen big ass plants that could yield literally pounds of the best bud you’ve ever smoked.

    But, not everyone has that option. Yeah, outdoors or a proper grow room with plenty of high-intensity lights is best, but don’t sell the micro-grows short. For how they’re done, they can get impressive results.

  20. Anonymous on

    your an idiot 13 year old kids shouldn’t smoke weed at all. who in their right fuckin mind tells a 13 year old its ok to smoke herb. i hope you dont have kids

  21. LLarkr on

    I have had amazing results growing in 4 inch cubes, hand watering at 5.6 ph and using t5 lights. Couldnt be simpler. Super stealth and mobile

    Your negativity SUCKS

  22. Anonymous on

    my son lives in a State therapeutic group home in bozeman mt
    Currently he is on antiphycotics Haldol;cogentin; and zyprexea for self abusive behaviors. Can I put him on marajuana in a State group home that recieves federal moneys?

  23. Anonymous on

    thx for describing what i meant with pita…

    PS: low height & high watts, lmao…even recommending autoflower genetics; quite a few noob mistakes for one post, grats, excellent advice kid

  24. Anonymous on

    Low height you can overcome by folding the plant up like a harmonica.

    Key is you must already start doing this just a little before week 3

    Plet the stem beteen your thumb and fore finger (squeeze real hard), bent it downwards and hold it in place with a pipecleaner stuck in the soil or where ever.

    Inbetween every internode of significant length you can repeat this technick over and over again and in every direction you like to get it bent.

    A plant that normally would grow 4 ft tall, you can keep down to well under 2 ft this way.

    Plants DON’ T suffer from this pletting technick, the opposite might be true, just be brave ;>)

    Plants that are pregrown in small pots for 3 weeks and later are “released” into full mediums will stay small too, but still are able of producing reasonable sized buds.

    Auto flowering plants are most ideal for cabinets with low heigt, provided you put lots of watts on them.

    Always start regular strains on 12/12 from seed directly and do the harmonica trick.

    Screen of green sucks for several reasons so i even don t wanna go there.

    Figure out what a pipecleaner is and have fun keeping them low.


  25. Anonymous on

    The cops may be bad for you kid, not the weed.

    Weeds been targeted inapropriate for kids for only nearly a century.

    Guess what “all” kids were doing when hemp was still widely available and beeing grown in rural history for clothing, fishingnets, ropes source of proteine etc ????????.

    It’s Doctor Phill you have to fear most Kid, then the cops but most of all booze.

    booze will make you wreck your fathers car, motorcycle or scooter, most likely yourself and probably others.

    Not weed !!!!

    Their laws are mostly dangerous to ya Kid, since after yur whole village was beeing round up for weed,they’ll give you no other option as to hang out with friends doing booze ,so they will support you getting drunk and do stupid things you later will regret.

    Be a responsible 13 year old kid, be wise and trust the weed, but never trust booze, its a toxic byproduct produced by bacteria under stress that our bodys only want to get rid off mostly.

    Stick to small dosis of weed , one hit a day, and you,ll be fine. tnx 🙂

  26. Anonymous on

    growing micro w. small height is one big pita. only disadvantages, ed your grow tips suck more and more

  27. Anonymous on

    this is spam. you did not get permission from CC magazine to advertise here. Anybody reading this ad disregard it since they did not follow proper avenues and it has nothing to do with the article. I’m sure it’s a comment that has been spammed to dozens of articles on this site.

  28. Anonymous on

    If your gotta put somethin in your brain and body 2 catch a buzz your best most healthy choice in my opinion is gods sweetest flower Yes dont do drugs kids there bad for you um k

  29. Anonymous on

    yeah like a chea pet HaHA growin weed is alot better! chea pets suck weed smells sooooooooooooooooo much better We love u ed keep the tips goin and keep the buds growin

  30. From USA on

    yes florecence is not the way to grow medical or serious huge nuggets hids of any kind like led hps or mh is the way to go if your gonna do some serious growin but i think good ol ed tryin to say that with small space and some cheap ass floro lights you 2 can have fun growin bud yes 4 the whole family duh even little timmy keep kickin ass Ed If u got negative comment shut up if ur anybody thats anybody keep doin yur part 2 overgrow the government

  31. Anonymous on

    Can they, yes, should they, no.

  32. Anonymous on

    can a 13 year old smoke weed?

  33. Anonymous on

    Apparently you speak from no experience even thought you proport to be an expert grower. A lot of people get started with CFLs in a closet with a fan and less than great ventilation. I’ve seen/enjoyed some great buds produced this way. A little wispy, yes, but some was one hitter quitter and rather tasty.

    Humidity, in the winter? This is not an issue with a small cfl closet setup. With the temps rarely getting far above freezing, the forced air heat will keep the relative humidity in a home around 20% – 30%. What would you like it to be at…10%? You must if you speak of the need for a humidifier.

    Sheesh, don’t be so hard on Ed when you obviously have not had experience using a method like this.

  34. Anonymous on

    Why use T5 which are $80 for a 35 watt when you could just buy 40 watt CFLs for less than $20 each? Telling people they will have decent bud in 6-8 weeks is also unrealistic. More like at least 10, unless you like real thin buds. Maybe Hashplant would ripen in 8 weeks, but the vast majority of strains take a good 10. You should also tell them that humidity is going to be a major problem, especially in winter when you can’t open your windows. You can get a dehumidifier, if you don’t mind paying several hundred dollars and using a bunch more power and making a bunch more heat to deal with. Growing Cannabis isn’t something for the average person to get into. It ain’t like brewing beer. It’s a bit more complicated than that. A better suggestion would be to walk out n the woods and stick some seeds in the ground and come back in the fall. Growing weed isn’t something that’s “fun for the whole family”, like a chia pet.

  35. Anonymous on

    ed your grow tips are really starting to suck. maybe you should leave it to the new experts around. no offense but I’ve seen both bad and dangerous and ineffective advice in your recent posts which is diapointing as I used to look forward to getting tips from you and reading …