Government Links to US Anti-Drug Campaign

Questions are being raised after Health Canada’s new anti-drug website for youth included links to a similar campaign being run in the US.

Health Canada says it had no choice but to link to several American sources on its new youth anti-drug website as no applicable Canadian sources existed. However, others see it as the government moving Canadian policy more in line with its southern neighbour.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced the new “youth component” of the government’s National Anti-Drug Strategy on Dec. 15. The campaign centers on a website hosted by Health Canada called, which includes links to a campaign run by the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, as well as interactive graphics from MSNBC and the University of Utah.

Health Canada spokesman Gary Scott Holub said the move was not an endorsement of American anti-drug strategies. Rather, he said linking to these websites was necessary after a fruitless search for Canadian resources.

“When initially searching for web interactive tools and programs to feature in this section, no Canadian resources were found,” said Mr. Holub. He refused to comment on the merits of the US strategy, pointing to the Health Canada website’s disclaimer that it is not responsible for external content.

Mr. Holub suggested several branches of the department were involved in the website’s implementation—including external affairs, public relations, marketing and the controlled substances bureau—and that this made it difficult to pinpoint who made the decision to link to US-based anti-drug material.

“There’s a marketing aspect to this campaign as well as a scientific aspect. Different directorates and bureaus within our department [are involved]. It’s rather large,” said Mr. Holub.

One expert, however, sees the links as a telltale sign the government is attempting to beef up the credibility of its national anti-drug campaign in order to resonate with voters who approve of the traditionally American war on drugs.

“Our anti-drug policy has become more propagandistic than the previous one under the Liberals, and it’s become more punitive,” said University of Ottawa drug policy professor Eugene Oscapella. “It’s about ideology, it’s about what policies we can bring in, to go ahead and get votes.”

Mr. Oscapella, a founding member of the reform group Canadian Foundation For Drug Policy, noted the shift is “ironic” considering the Obama administration’s approach to drug policy differs significantly from the Bush administration’s zero-tolerance approach.

The US Justice Department announced in October 2009 that it will no longer prosecute those who use and distribute medical marijuana in 14 US states that allow this practice. US Attorney General Eric Holder suggested in a memo to these states the department would prefer to use its resources for other purposes.

The Obama administration has also announced support for government-funded needle exchanges and other techniques that fall under the rubric of harm reduction.

“For years, the excuse Canadians used for not making our drug policies less punitive was that the Americans wouldn’t allow us. Now there’s quite strong evidence that the United States is beginning to moderate its stance on drug policy,” Mr. Oscapella said. “Obama himself admitted that he used cocaine and marijuana as a youth. He’s declared the war on drugs to be an utter failure when he was a Senator a number of years ago.”

Ms. Aglukkaq announced the campaign at Ottawa’s Mother Teresa High School, alongside Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, the prime minister’s parliamentary secretary. Neither was available for comment.

NDP Substance Abuse critic Libby Davies called the Health Canada website “very disappointing” and suggested that the department has been influenced by the government’s “ideology about drug use.”

“I really do believe that that political message has gone down the line to whatever bureaucrats who work on these things, and what gets transmitted on these websites,” Ms. Davies said. Instead, she said she would prefer the funds for the website be spent on community outreach initiatives.

“Maybe there’d be some use for a website if it were linked to other community-based resources, as part of a program in a local community,” Ms. Davies said.

“But to have a page on Health Canada, and to have it so dull, and boring, and bureaucratic, and just not based on reality of what young people are facing, I think it’s a waste.”

In addition to increasing illicit drug use media awareness campaigns, the Conservative government spent all last year trying push Bill C-15, which would have amended the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to force mandatory minimums for some drug crimes, through Parliament.

Mr. Oscapella appeared in front of both the House Committee on Justice and Human Rights in May, and the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs in November, to speak to the bill.

Although the bill made it through the entire legislative process, passing Third Reading in the Senate on Dec. 14, it did not receive Royal Assent before the government prorogued Parliament, and thus became extinct. It will have to be reintroduced in the next parliamentary session. C-15 was actually the reintroduction of a 2007 bill that met the same fate.

– Article from Embassy.



  1. Anonymous on

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  2. CanadianLiberty on

    Marijuana will NEVER be legalized in Canada until the US has entirely ended marijuana prohibition within its own borders?


    The border issues. The US would undoubtedly send National Guard reserve troops and diligently inspect all Canadian cargo (and citizens) coming through the border, if we ended prohibition before they do. The Drug War is AMERICA’S war, no matter what country it’s in. The NDP claims they will end prohibition, but they’ll just tell you that to get your vote. All so they can give a nice nut-rub to all their buddies in the profitable self-serving unions c/o the taxpayers money.

  3. Anonymous on

    The hidden motive here is not to persuade young people to avoid marijuana but rather to induce them to use alcohol instead. I hope Health Canada will do a thorough follow up study citing the numbers of young people who died from alcohol as a result of this campaign.

    My step-son’s best friend was murdered by a psychotic alcoholic. He was in his late 30s and left behind two small children. My niece’s 18 month old baby was murdered by a psychotic alcoholic 16-year-old. My wife and child were nearly killed by a drinking driver driving a non-insured vehicle with summer tires. All of this has happened in the past 12 months in a community of less than 3,000 people. I guess we better brace ourselves for an increase of alcohol-induced violent deaths among our young people because of Health Canada’s pro-alcohol ideology.

    The real risk here is to the drunken perpetrators of violence. If the police, Crown prosecutors, judges, and Health Canada are all going to promote violence and laugh at the victims of violent crime, then perhaps the time has come for the victims to take violent retribution against those who promote alcohol-induced homicides. It’s all the justice we have left.

  4. From the 70s on

    Does Health Canada play politics with Canadians youth’s lives ?

    I would think being from northern Canada (that has a lot of alcohol abuse) that the NEW Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq would of noticed the folly of having a National drug strategy ( ) that doesn’t include the actual drug that kills most of our youth more than all other drugs combined, the drug ALCOHOL (not to mention reason most youth are in prison because of its intoxication).

    Not one word (maybe one word now) is mentioned about the drug alcohol at the National Anti-Drug Policy website (IDEOLOGY before protecting our children ?). Its not like Health Canada has a website on the drug alcohol, it doesn’t. Its like alcohol doesn’t exist.

    The drug alcohol has the HIGHEST intoxication of ALL drugs (marijuana has the LOWEST, see for drug chart comparisons, actual facts as compared to the usual LIES, MYTHS and propaganda that for the most part our very political police lobby tell us and the Harpers who CHOOSE to be IGNORANT). It seems CLEAR for those who understand intoxication, alcohol having the HIGHEST makes it the most DANGEROUS of ALL drugs especially to YOUTH who don’t use the drug alcohol in moderation. The drug alcohol is so intoxicating, that you actually loose the ability to even decide if you can drive due to its extreme intoxication.

    If you check out the story at CBC’s website, “Alcohol most dangerous drug for drivers: study”, driving under the influence of marijuana has a 2X chance of death. Driving just over 0.08 on alcohol has a 40X chance of death. At 2x over the limit, its 80X in the same report.

    The drug alcohol should/must be included to educate youth and we need a Health Minister that comprehends this.

    Also, at the very least, we should be moving all our alcohol addicts (including our Police alcohol addicts who have a much higher rate of substance abuse than civilians, with their abuse of the drug alcohol, alcohol abusers are the most dangerous since its the intoxication that makes a drug dangerous to the rest of us around the abuser, here in BC Canada, we have lots of evidence of this problem in our Police) to medical marijuana for a safer society ASAP.

    It must be a crime when your Health Ministry plays politics.

  5. From the 70s on

    Health Canada has been politicized.

    This is an outrage in a democracy when your Health Ministry starts to LIE to the PEOPLE on HEALTH matters.

    And Health Canada cries WOLF.

    The previous Health Minister Tony Clement told Canadians on national TV (CBC Politics) in Oct 2007 when promoting the NEW National drug strategy and Bill C-26 (now called BILL C-15, the FULL and FAILED US War on Drugs with mandatory minimum sentences for so-called marijuana offenses, i.e. Police become Judge and Jury over MILLIONS of Canadians including your kids bringing the chaos and violence of the USA to Canada) that MARIJUANA IS NOW BEING LACED WITH CHEMICALS, the famous RCMP Marijuana is LACED with Meth/Chemicals LIE, an insidious and sinister LIE to tell and mislead the public on.

    This is a preposterous notion for anyone (including our RCMP who claim to be experts) who knows the illicit drug black market and the Health Minister’s own department’s evidence (and Directors of DAS) refuted this LIE (did the Health Minister know of DAS test results or was he incompetent on the file ?).

    Yet he told us it. Did the RCMP tell it to the Minister like they have LIED to ALL of us when using it (to scare us, not to inform us or the kids since ITS NOT TRUE) ? Anyone who knows the black market knows this is preposterous and Health Canada itself HAS THE EVIDENCE.

    The department Health Canada DAS (Drug Analysis Services) test all seized marijuana in Canada for the courts and has evidence that showed that over a 4 1/2 year period from 2003 to 2007, 14 samples of 194,454 marijuana tested samples contained both marijuana and meth, cross-contaminated as DAS stated (DAS said they have NO CONTROL on how the RCMP interpret the test results).

    Health Canada refused to retract the LACED LIE when confronted by their OWN Health Canada DAS evidence.

    Meth is a tool of fear (by the RCMP and now Health Canada or so it appears, they make it up, why else tell us a LIE ?).

    I don’t trust the current Health Canada. They even LIE to the kids now.

    Health Canada cries WOLF.

    So what else is new ?

  6. Advertising Critic on

    this commercial looks like pot is healthy, just chillin’ relaxing laughing, with big smiles, EVERY KID WILL WANT TO SMOKE NOW JUST TO NOT LOOK LIKE A HOMO! There are no girls in the sober scene at the end, he will become gay if he doesn’t use pot! the E’s are same thing as candy, every gateway drug is Sugar! Caffeine! Tobacco!

  7. Anonymous on

    Yeah because Catholic Tokers don’t go to jail /sarcasm.

  8. Chris Bennett on

    Interestingly, the Crown’s main witness against the Church of the Universe G13 case in Ontario, is a Catholic priest.

  9. Chris Bennett on

    Canada’s Proposed Decriminalization of Marijuana:
    International Implications and Views

    The reports of the House of Commons and Senate Special Committees in relation to cannabis in 2002 caused some immediate concern in the United States. The Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, John Walters, warned that relaxed marijuana laws would lead to an increase in drug abuse in Canada, stating, “When you weaken the societal sanctions against drug use, you get more drug use. Why? Because drugs are a dangerous addictive substance.” The United States also expressed concern that liberalized marijuana laws in Canada would lead to more drugs crossing into the United States. For example, Colonel Robert Maginnis, a drug policy adviser to U.S. President George W. Bush, asserted that the United States would not look kindly on changes to Canadian marijuana laws and warned that it would be forced to take action. He stated, “It creates some law enforcement problems and I think it creates some trade problems and some perception problems, especially in the U.S., with regard to whether Canada is engaged in fighting drug use rather than contributing to drug use” and “We’re going to have to clamp down even stronger on our border if you liberalize and contribute to what we consider a drug tourism problem.”

    After Canada introduced its initial marijuana bill in May 2003, John Walters, the U.S. Drug Control Policy Director, warned that if the bill passed, the result would be increased security and lengthy delays at the border. He was quoted as saying, “We don’t want the border with Canada looking like the U.S.-Mexico border,” “You expect your friends to stop the movement of poison toward your neighbourhood” and “We have to be concerned about American citizens … When you make the penalties minimal, you get more drug production, you get more drug crime.” David Murray, special assistant to Mr. Walters, stated that the proposed decriminalization initiative was “a matter we look upon with some concern and some regret” and “We would have no choice but to respond.” Mr. Murray was also quoted as saying, “We have a working partnership that has been mutually beneficial with enormous amounts of trade. Eighty-five percent of Canada’s exports go into the United States. … That trade is mutually beneficial, but we might have to make sacrifices for the integrity of the border on both sides if we recognize that drug trade is hurting us.”

    Also in 2003, Asa Hutchinson, Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was quoted as saying, “We don’t want the northern border to be a trafficking route for drugs” and “If countries have divergent policies on drugs, then that increases the potential of the borders becoming a trafficking route.” Will Glaspy, spokesman for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, was quoted as saying, “Liberalizing drug laws will lead to an increase in drug use … and drug supplies. They will lead to increased security at the border.” – (Canada’s Proposed Decriminalization of Marijuana: International Implications and Views, 2004)

    The US pressures were so extreme that in 2003, the then Canadian Justice Minister, Liberal MP Martin Cauchon, who largely championed Canada’s proposed decriminalization legislation, took the Canadian bill to the White House , where after a discussion with then US Drug Czar John Ashcroft, he returned with a vastly changed proposal. Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, who was somewhat more outspoken on the issue at the time, responded to this visit, saying, “There goes Canadian sovereignty up in smoke. […] Here’s the American government advising on what Canadian policy will be before the House of Commons even has a look at it. It’s quite astounding.”

  10. Scott on

    Crazy shit, I can’t believe some people fall for this crap! I bet that kid smokes weed irl

  11. Anonymous on

    For a person who hates the cannibis culture so much, you sure seem to be spending a lot of time on this site calling people names and putting us down.

    A gluton for punishment I see. Who’s the one with mental disabilities here? The mirror will tell you.

    Go lose yourself in a bottle of bud lite and die sooner from liver disease.

    Get a life.

  12. Harry Pothead on


    Get these idiots out of office !!!!!

  13. Anonymous on

    I think everyone who sees that ad wants to smoke pot and maybe take ecstasy

  14. Kyle ball on

    I like how all the kids in this party are drinking, conservatives are a bunch of drunks, I like how he goes from maybe taking a toke to a full blown x-head in like 3.2 seconds and if someone comes back and say “oh that wasn’t beer, it was water duhh” well that wasn’t a joint it was a tobacco cigarette, the real killer weed.

  15. Samson on

    I seem to remember there being a lot more booze than bud at most high-school parties I attended way back when……and the stoners were and still are WAY more composed under the influence than the drinkers…..just my observation

  16. bud lite on

    idiots like you see a bonfire and think of blazin’ joints,,you see a white stick and think its a joint, you see an aspirin and want to take ecstasy.. you hear running shoes in the dryer and think its techno music and start dancing. You hear a fart and you think its a drive by shooting

  17. Pedro on

    “Ms. Aglukkaq announced the campaign at Ottawa’s Mother Teresa High School” Federal justice-minister, Rob Nicholson is a former Catholic school-district trustee, and this policy is characterized by Intolerance and Punishment (wanting to put non-believers into lengthy prison-detention)

  18. Anonymous on

    That ad made me want to take ecstasy and smoke pot, really tempting. Cool techno music. Made me remember earlier days of youth partying.

    It’s like an ad for drugs. How smart.