California Committee Passes Marijuana Legalization Bill, but Bill Dies

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has vowed to reintroduce the legalization bill.Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has vowed to reintroduce the legalization bill.California lawmakers took a historic first step toward legalizing marijuana when an Assembly committee approved legislation that would put the drug on the open market as a regulated and taxed product.

Almost simultaneous with the passage, however, the bill died — for now. With a Jan. 22 deadline nearing for approving legislation from last year and no agreement to take it up in the Health Committee, where it must go before it reaches the Assembly floor, the author of the bill, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, has vowed to reintroduce it.

“This is a significant vote because it legitimizes the quest for debate, legitimizes the quest for discussion,” Ammiano said. “This is far from over. Not only did we get it out of public safety, but members are now willing to say, yes, this is worthy of discussion.”

Advocates hailed the narrow passage of the bill, AB390 — it was approved by the Assembly Public Safety Committee on a 4-3 vote — as a major breakthrough that will lead to a national legalization movement.

“This is the formal beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition in the United States,” said Stephen Gutwillig, director of the Drug Policy Alliance Network.

The legislation, AB390, drew fierce opposition from law enforcement groups and anti-drug advocates, who said it would empower drug cartels, make it more available to youths and send the wrong message about drug tolerance.

“We’re going to legalize marijuana and tax it and then educate our kids about the harms of drugs? You gotta be kidding me,” said Assemblyman Danny Gilmore, R-Hanford, a retired CHP officer of 30 years. “This is a classic example of the slippery slope. What’s next? Are we going to legalize methamphetamines or cocaine?”

Ammiano dismissed what he described as “alarmist” views of opponents, saying the state should take heed of the growing movement in California toward legalization. A group has collected enough signatures to place legalization on the November ballot, and Ammiano and others said it was important that lawmakers control the details of the policy.

The bill would remove all penalties in California law on cultivation, transportation, sale, purchase, possession, or use of marijuana, natural THC, or paraphernalia for persons over the age of 21.

– Article from San Jose Mercury News.



  1. Canuck on

    Don’t bother…this person’s encephalopathy chart probably reads out as a flatline.

    I.L.A. stands for Ignorant Little Asshole

  2. one12alpha on

    Afghanistan’s economy is built primarily on the opium market. Not to say that we don’t support “terrorism” in that market as well, as doctors jam narcotic pain killers down our throats….another problem aided by cannabis.

    But that whole situation is a different enchilada, entirely, from Iraq.

  3. one12alpha on

    I totally agree. I’ve been following the legalization movement for a while now, and it seems like we’re starting to make some fair ground these days. California always seems to lead the way in progress here in the US. I think its in the water. Not long after CA, came every other state bordering the pacific. And, as I understand it, BC is far more tolerant than other providences of Canada…plus Mexico recently legalized very small amounts! Of course I must give due credit to the progress in the new England area. It wont be long now. And once we get it legalized here in the US, we can force every other country to follow suit… Just like we did with prohibition! Ok, maybe thats a low blow, but it would pave the way for other “westernized” nations to make further progress as well.

    Just keep up the fight. Keep spreading the word, educate people, keep it a topic of discussion. The more people talk about it, the more support we find. Hell, the history of it speaks for itself as to why its all bogus. We don’t even have to inflate the scenario, and make up statistics.

  4. Anonymous on

    I don’t care who you are that picture is funny right there

  5. FTW on

    Really? … really?! Canada has some strong activist and activist ANYWHERE is a good thing. As for being British slaves… I won’t get into a history lesson here but so are we! I suggest research into the following topics: Secret societies, the banking cartel, spelling, and punctuation.

    Peace and love. =D

  6. Anonymous on

    No worry the people will vote the “legalization of Marijuana” on the ballot next year in California.

    We don’t want these fleccing politicans to get used to thinking medical marijuana isn’t marijuana.

    We should hunt down and erase politicans that object by voting them gone!

  7. Anonymous on

    “We’re going to legalize marijuana and tax it and then educate our kids about the harms of drugs? You gotta be kidding me,”

    Yes. Just like cars, knives and guns are legal and we teach children to respect them and to use them appropriately. I’m sorry that legalization would involve this guy actually PARENTING his child but it’s not a good enough argument to not go ahead and do it.

  8. I.L.A. on

    canada will never have bills like this why? becuse your british slaves and you and your crown should not be here!! You are part of the problem, not the fix!! float home were you belong like the turd your grand pa floated in on? Leave before its to late, when that time comes none of you will be able to leave then. People with BALLS passed this laws not pussies from britain. May the MOTHER drown those fucks fast, and make its lands diapear for ever, europeans GO HOME!! your bullshit is NOT wanted anymore!

  9. joe on

    What gets me is big pharmaceuticals say they won’t sell pot because they cannot paten a plant so they cannot make any money off it. HA HA HA HA! But a 500 billion dollar industry seems to me that there is a lot of money there. If they think they cannot make any money off of pot they are totally out of there frigin minds

  10. Anonymous on

    Now you see, what i dont understand is that how can they say marijuana so bad when before the 1930’s its was used in medicine, clothing, and many other things. You can even make a fuel out of it. But yet its illegal? Answer me this. How many people have died from using marijuana? Umm None. How many people have died for smoking cigarettes? Umm Millions!! But yet its Legal. Cancer has risen from 4% in year 1900 to 23% in the year 2000. Gimmie a break. My voice isnt very loud but all i can say is, what i think. Big corp. and large pharmaceutical comp. could lose ALOT of money because of cannabis; a normal growing plant. Oh yea and it cant be patented because its a Plant (NO Paten=NO Money) , correct me if im wrong. Im just voicing my opinion.

  11. Samson on

    I just wanna grow some hemp for my country and grow some bud to enhance my calm. hahaha.

    I think it’s Ironic for them to say cannabis consumers support terrorism??
    I buy my bud in the “American made” arena.(no offense Canada) You guys got good greens, undeniable.
    So,….it would seem to me that considering– the focus of the so-called war on “terror” is in the middle east(mostly).
    And the biggest money-maker in that region is(surprise) Petroleum!!–that continuing to produce vehicles that run off petroleum(instead of hemp-fuel) is helping to support the funding of Terrorist activities more than Canadian/U.S. grade cannabis is.

  12. merry jon on

    kalifornia dreamin is the perfect climate for primo pot; yes let’s get real and legalize the herb, tax and regulate a plant less harmful than tobacco, alcohol, tv or us feds.

  13. Johnny Blazze on

    Hard to believe we still can not get this done. I have smoke several joints a day since I was 16 and I am now 58. That’s 42 yrs and nothing has changed. California has always been a progressive leader. Must be the air. Like Vancouver. I certainly hope this passes soon and the rest of north america gets on board. Happy 420 Everyone

  14. Anonymous on

    I second that shit!!!

    Good job everyone on keeping the hopes high and not letting these coorps push us around.


  15. Gertrude P. on

    The citizens of Canada sure could use a logical bill such as ‘AB390’, right about now.