Marijuana Use is Safer Than Drinking Alcohol

Re: ‘Pot growers, sellers are breaking the law‘ (Daily News, Jan. 2)

Susan Schleppe’s letter about jail sentences for growing marijuana was so ill informed and illogical that I hardly know where to start.

First, she’s wrong about what the Senate did to Bill C-15 (mandatory jail for drug offences). The mandatory sentences remain in place for growing even one cannabis plant if the garden is in a rental or poses a potential safety risk to the public.

Knowing one’s subject matter should be a prerequisite to opining on it.

Second, she says drug use is associated with crime, failed relationships and mental illness (citing the largest drug propagandist organization in the world).

But marijuana is safer than alcohol — our most dangerous drug — and the only reason “drug use” is associated with crime is because of our juvenile and harmful policy of prohibition.

Finally, she provides the trite observation that it is illegal, and therefore concludes that jailing fellow citizens is an appropriate option.

I suspect Schleppe is a hypocrite on this. Speeding is illegal, and it kills more Canadians in a year than marijuana has in history. Does she speed? Does she advocate mandatory jail for speeding? If not, why not?

The bottom line is that most Canadians want to end marijuana prohibition.
Despite this, the minority government is ramping up the drug war. It is time for the opposition parties to do what they are supposed to do: oppose this legislation when Parliament returns.

Published in the Nanaimo Daily News on January 5, 2010.



  1. Anonymous on

    The war on drugs wasn’t introduced to create jobs.

    If it were made legal, do you know how many jobs would be created? Not to mention the revenue created by taxation or the billions saved on not having to enforce injust laws.

    Do you know how much the medical marijuana business is already booming? If medicinal wasn’t where it were at today, there would be a lot more people suffering.

    As far as I’m concerned the policeman that are loosing their hypocritical jobs can continue and become farmers.

  2. Chase on

    Sensible words from a sensible man.

  3. From the 70s on

    If marijuana is SAFER than the drug alcohol (the actual drug with the HIGHEST intoxication), then are Police who tell us (i.e. the public, media, city councils, school boards, MLAs, MPs, Ministers and of course youth noting that the drug alcohol is perhaps the number one killer of them due to its EXTREME intoxication and the fact that youth don’t use the drug alcohol in moderation) that marijuana is more dangerous than the drug alcohol breaking any kind of law ? Isn’t this at the very least a matter of public safety (governed by laws I would hope) where a correctly informed public is really a right when our authorities are involved ?

    Kids must be dying in Canada because of this misinformation.

  4. old vet on

    how can cops war on us old folks .they have become dispicable proffiteers in human misery .all for the almighty dollar .and we are sick of these crimnals .god damm them to hell where they belong

  5. john on

    they know everything that is discribed by activists. the gov. knows marijuana is a safer alternitive then alchohol and cigerets. The war on drugs is a jobs program for lawenforcement. end of story! The war on drugs is doing exactly what it was ment to do….provide jobs for lawenforcement and its subsidearies. does anyone know how many jobs would be lost of marijuana was made legal today! grow up cannibis culture! its not a health issue,or a social issue , or even a freedom issue. Its a matter of taking away your freedom inorder to give it to someone else in the form of 10-15$ an hr. to argue the same old crap FACTS over and over does nothing but waste time and money! Call the gov. out on its addiction to money. and stop with the marijuana is safer then alcohol.They know it …they dont care!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous on

    Nice comments, Kirk!

    One concern that we should help address is using Cannabis safely and intelligently. That would do our culture wonders!

  7. Anonymous on

    Maybe its time to put a bullet in these idiots heads. Kill there familys to.

  8. Anonymous on

    Knowing one’s subject matter should be a prerequisite to passing law on it also, but that hasn’t stopped your(Canada) or our(US)governments.