Tales of Waste and Futility

CBC News – British Columbia – Drug ingredients seized in B.C. bust

The RCMP said the year-long investigation culminated in the seizure of about 20 barrels of the chemicals needed to make the drugs, as well as 14,000 ecstasy pills, more than $250,000 in cash and seven guns.

Seven men and two women ranging in age from 32 to 53 from Richmond, Vancouver and Abbotsford could face a variety of charges including conspiracy to produce a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

So the RCMP spent more than a year on this investigation. More than a year. I’d love to see the price tag. I suspect it dwarfs the amount of cash recovered plus the value of the pills and precursors. And will this bust make any dent in the supply of MDMA or meth? Nope. Will this bust help one person struggling with problematic meth use get into treatment? Nope. Will this undo any of the damage caused by the prohibition markets? Nope.

In fact the most that this year-plus investigation will produce is one day of headlines and the opportunity for BC’s Solicitor General to call for precursor regulation (which by the way is code for forcing sellers of various chemicals to report their buyers to the police). As a taxpayer, I don’t think I’m getting value for my money here.