Anti-Pot Campaign Will Only Increase Teen Drug Use

Have you seen the new not4me anti-marijuana ads from the Harper government?

A kid of about 13 wanders through a house party. He goes outside where there is a quartet of pot smokers who offer him a joint. He thinks for a moment, then there are all these quick flashes of him with pills, hiding stuff under his bed, getting into fights with his family, falling asleep in class, and getting busted at school.

The ad implies that trying pot once will turn you into a full-on drug fiend within days. This flies in the face of all science on the subject, but since when were facts used in anti-drug ads?

So the kid just shrugs and goes back into the party – ostensibly to eat more junk food and, quaff “Energy Drinks” and listen to L’il Wayne and Snoop Dogg.

Does anyone really think kids will believe this fear-mongering balderdash? In the 1980s, when I was a teen, they tried to stuff all this “Just Say No” stuff down our throats, and all it did was make us think that adults were morons. Even the straight-laced kids thought the campaign was a ridiculous insult to our collective intelligence.

If this new ad campaign is anywhere near as effective as previous government-run anti-marijuana campaigns, we should see the number of teen drug users increase 10 per cent within the next few years. Well done, Mr. Harper.

– Article from Surrey Leader on January 3, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    not all neighbors are ass holes.. and parties are fun

  2. Anonymous on

    The funny thing is this is the only anti drug campaing that has ever seriously hit home for me

  3. Anonymous on

    I think that the people who make these ads are completely ignorant to the intelligence of our youth. They seem to believe that our youth are completely foreign to illicit substances at the age of 13. If someone had never heard of or seen marijuana before, then this ad might suffice, but to the large majority of people in this country who are introduced to marijuana at a young age, this ad establishes complete distrust towards the government and any other such affiliates (including officers of the law). These ads need to re-establish trust amongst it’s viewers. These ads are so undeniably transparent that they make kids laugh.

  4. Anonymous on

    Smoking weed outside the house was a bad idea. The neighbors could smell it and call the cops and then those kids’ lives would be messed up or they would have gotten tazed to death. Parents must make rules that parties are not a good thing. Parties are where some sucker who wants desperately to increase their popularity tries to buy it by letting a bunch of crazy teenagers in their house to do as they please. Most of the time a few hundred people they don’t even know show up and trash the house. Just say no to parties, boys and girls. Popularity ain’t worth it and you won’t get it anyway. You’ll just be considered a sucker who is hopelessly naive about house trashings.

  5. Anonymous on

    this is the best comment ive read in a long time

  6. Anonymous on

    it shows how stupid these people making or commissioning the ads are, kids often dont know about these drugs. kids will come home from school or watching tv now and know about drugs. it gets them thinking about it and cause its taboo and an adult thing, they want in.

    i think your right that it is bad, regardless of if they are trying to show bad effects. then they see smiley faced pills? they must be ok cause they have a smiling face right? then it shows everyone in the party enjoying emselves. even those toking arent having troubles and seem at peace. so many kids get tired at school anyway. they dont know the connections unless its pelt out to them. then it shows them not to drop a baggie on the floor but hide it or be in trouble.. sheez.

  7. Herb Roach on

    My 13 yr old daughter watched this garbage. All I asked her was, tell me what you think about that add.
    She said, well, at least they had sence to smoke it outside.
    She wanted to know what the smiley face pills are.
    I asked her what she thinks the add is telling us. She understands it is an anti drug message. But more so, she sees when she goes to a party and dances, there might be some marijuana. And, its ok to take some or not, because the kids are smiling and hand it to him, he doesnt say anything, just walks away. The kids shrug as if to say, thats ok. She did not tie the marijuana use with the kids flash dream that its what will happen if he takes the joint.

    The just say no campaign has turned into a,, Learn how to say no campaign. I guess they figured the just say no wasnt working. They must have thought, they need to educate the kids on how to say no first, then hit them with a say no campaign. Believe me, kids know how to say no before 1 year old.
    How much of my tax dollars were spent on this garbage?
    Politicians should stay in politics, let the schools and parents educate our children!
    Now,,, after my daughter watched this, she thinks its ok to smoke, and ok not to smoke. either way is fine. This add has a reverse effect of what it is suppose to do.
    Me thinks Mr Harper is trying to get ready to fill those jails with our young.
    I had to re-educate my daughter that it is NOT ok for her to smoke pot!
    If this was in a movie, it would be rated X , due to marijuana use. why is it ok to show this in a commercial, and not let kids see it in a movie? I think I wanna sue someone for showing xrated material on the television. I mean, you cant see Shrek, or Barney huffin on a fatty. anyone want to get in on law suit?
    I dunno, just me thinkin.
    Next Harper will want us to extend our hands with our arms out streched saying, HAIL HARPER! hmmm, I wonder what he would look like with a little moustache.

  8. Anonymous on

    At least Mr.Harper, listened to the plights of the beer brewers and video games makers. Parents : your children have other things to do during the week end than smoking pot and having fun at parties. Heck! They could be drinking beers and play killer video games like everybody else in this country.Goode nite all.

  9. Brian Kerr on

    Nice to see the MJ smokers were responsible and smoking out side when smoking the weed. I guess they were thought full enough to not inflict their smoke on others who may not like it.

    I did not see any parents at the party nor did I see any beer. I guess it is because they are too young to buy beer, probably because they would be carded.

    I guess the same does not apply to Cannabis eh, Mr Harper.

  10. wiscoskunk on

    that shits funny, so he dint take a took cuz he dint wanna do X . Com on son thats crazy . But whats even more crazy is the billions they spent of our money producing propaganda, the kids are there go to scape goat for the war on drugs.