Pot-Stuffed Teddy Bear Found at Toy Store

Authorities say they confiscated a teddy bear at a Southern California toy store that was stuffed with marijuana.

The owner of Toy Town said Monday that he got the package last week, opened it up and found a 2-foot-tall blue teddy bear that felt ”hard and crinkly.” The bear turned out to be stuffed with three large, vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana.

Owner Joshua Vecchione says he called Orange County sheriff’s officials.

The package was addressed to someone in Colorado and mailed from Thousand Oaks with the toy store, in Ladera Ranch, as the return address.

– Article from The New York Times.

Suspicious teddy bear stuffed with pot, toy store owner says

Rashi Kesarwanithe, The Orange County Register

An early Christmas delivery to Toy Town turned out to be a teddy bear stuffed with three vacuum-sealed packages apparently containing marijuana, said toy store owner Joshua Vecchione.

The package was delivered Dec. 22 by the postal service around noon, Vecchione said. Vecchione said the box was addressed to a David Lang in Colorado and was postmarked from Thousand Oaks with a return address of Toy Town.

“Some mix-up took place,” Vecchione said. “The postmaster should have noticed.”

Vecchione opened the box to find a 2-foot-tall blue teddy bear that felt “hard and crinkly.” Vecchione called the Orange County Sheriff’s Department about the suspicious delivery.

The Ladera Ranch sheriff’s blotter shows a call was placed at 12:22 p.m. from the toy store in the Mercantile West Shopping Center.

Vecchione said two sheriff’s deputies responded. One deputy cut open the seam of the teddy bear in the store’s stockroom to find the three packages of marijuana, about 10 inches by 10 inches by 2 inches in size, Vecchione said.

Sgt. Nancy Wilkey of the sheriff’s department said Tuesday the case was forwarded to the narcotics bureau and is still under investigation.

– Article from The Orange County Register.



  1. Anonymous on

    This will never have a close case NO ONE sends via mail to col, via CALI we hand tranport live clones only?/ So what is this story?/ Its all made up, by your local cops and the toy stoe owner to set a level of “where doing our job to protect your children”/type bullshit.This whole story is just that made up by the cops and this ass hole went along because the cops had a pendening D.U.I. on this store owner, yea we hacked the cops computers fuck ya po-po- code name opt/ clean sweep. fuck you lying pigs!!

  2. Dave on

    Could be the prohibitionist bullies are the mailers? I can see them lurking in the shadows waiting for someone to claim it!

  3. Anonymous on

    Wow, the guy called the cops? If he was worried about getting busted, he should have taken two bags and left one, telling the cops that when he cut the bear open, there was a bag of weed inside.

    On a side note about Denver…

    It’s great to see that Med. Mar. is becoming accepted there, but I cannot understand how enlightened Denver citizens are on this subject, yet they are completely brain dead when it comes to BSL. I would love nothing more then to mve to the Denver area, but due to the local governments’ practicing of animal cruelty in the disguise of protecting people via breed specific legislation, I cannot move there unless I want my American Pit Bull Terrier forcibly removed from my property and inhumanely executed by the Denver Gestapo. All of this because of his breed/appearance, yet he loves nothing more than to play with children, even more than food treats, and he lets my cats lay on him during sown time.

    Oh well, at least Denver got it right as far as MMJ goes, maybe now they will quit torturing and killing family pets in the name of public safety.

  4. Dan-o on

    You know the prohibitionists are just going to LOVE this story! Sometimes we are our own worst enemy…

  5. Samuel on

    I live in Denver and I have no clue why in God’s good name anyone would feel the need to send cannabis INTO the state of Colorado! There are dispensaries and co-ops everywhere; clones are widely available for those of us with a green thumb and tinctures, edibles and hash oil are quite literally legally available within walking distance from my front door.
    Why someone would risk jail time to bring cannabis into a state where it is legally, medically available makes no sense whatsoever. A two foot tall teddy bear could hold maybe a half pound at max if vacuum sealed: why bother for such a small amount? Sigh.