Five Condemned To Death For Hashish In Vietnam

Five Chinese men have been sentenced to death in northern Vietnam for trafficking hashish.

The men were accused of trafficking almost eight tons of hash destined for Canada, according to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA).
The hashish came from Pakistan and was about to be shipped to North America through the Vietnamese port of Mong Cai, VNA said.
The Chinese men, ranging in age from 42 to 57, were arrested in May 2008. They were also charged with smuggling almost $180,000 in cash.
Vietnam became known for its high-quality cannabis during its 10-year war with the United States, but the communist government in power since the war ended in 1975 has some of the toughest drug trafficking laws in the world.
Ironically, the most obtainable form of marijuana in Vietnam’s capitol city of Hanoi is now “Canadian grass” imported from North America. Canada’s Vietnamese community is apparently making some tidy profits by shipping B.C. weed back home to Southeast Asia.
Despite Vietnam’s draconian drug policies, buying pot in Hanoi is “very easy,” according to Thanh Hien News. It costs about 100,000 VND — about $6 — a joint.
At least 14 people have been condemned to death this year in Vietnam for trafficking drugs, according to AFP News Agency.

– Article from Toke of the Town.



  1. The Grand Spook on

    Recently after being arrested for marijuana smoking, a women in NYC killed herself while being held in a jail cell. Now, in the past five days, three countries have announced death sentences involving people arrested for cannabis. We must stand up and call this what it is; a form of ethnic cleansing, mass murderers doing their thing. Mad men who must be stopped once and for all.

    Through a massive clemency project, approved/granted by the U.S. President, our brothers and sisters could be freed, and then, almost automatically, the lobby against legalization would be splintered to the winds.

    When no one is being held, and no more arrests are happening, just what do we have?

    Wake Up!!!!! The Clemency Movement Requires Your Support-It is the road to legalization.

  2. Dave on

    You could have a point! First, I think they want to do away with Shamanism, a major component of Tribalism. Tribal traditions have deep roots and loyalties. I think they (bullies) don’t like that! Divide and conquer is the way and has been for centuries. Look at what they’ve done to First-Nations-People all over the Globe.

  3. Anonymous on

    Out of any south asian countries, NEPAL is the most tolerant to cannabis users. only made cannabis illegal due to usa sanctions in 1974.

  4. Kada on

    Tyrannical governments never call it murder, they rationalize it to the masses as justice so they can do whatever they want. They call murder fighting terror. Makes me sick. No, murderers are not “Hero’s” America. Neither are sport or movie stars. The title “hero” is thrown around so much it doesn’t mean a damn thing anymore. The Noble Piece Prize is worthless now as well and it’s sad. Just handing them out these days.

    The ones who are writing the history books are the ones that are right and justified. At long as they keep us screaming “America is number one!” they can get away with whatever they want because we are taught to think ourselves to be superior and practically infallible. Someone supposedly attacks us and they are terrorists and must be destroyed so we invade a country, murder and kill then we name our own aggressors hero’s while we shake our heads at our bloated fat ass government.

    You can’t oppose the governments decisions and still support the idiots that take a paycheck from them to go loot and kill other people throughout the world. Support our troops? Hell no not me. If they die over there it’s their own damn fault for joining the military when they KNOW what bullshit is going on. Everyone over there at this point knew full well that this war is jacked up yet they still joined to go invade other countries for profit under the guise of fighting freedom.

    The war on drugs is pretty similar. We name a enemy and go after it no matter who gets hurt. The police and government are raking in massive amounts of capitol fighting the war they started, and they lock up anyone who is in their way. People just let them do it because a enemy was named and they just happen to think themselves safe from their list of targets. No one is safe from this drug war. Innocent people are being killed fighting it just like innocent people are being killed in the war on terror. America start shit and then when someone pokes back at all they go in for the kill. That is their justification.

    I feel horrible for Marc Emery because I know that America has named him enemy, and America does whatever they want to the people they see fit to name enemy. I fear once the American government has him they wont let him go easily. They say 5 years, but I see the potential for them to take down someone in their way. The American government does WHATEVER they want while giving a hundred reasons why they are doing what they are doing so no one steps in their way. Be it the war on Terror or the Drug war, the American government does whatever they want regardless of whom they are hurting as long as it benefits the powers that be.

    You can’t be free and support freedom while arresting people for a plant. You can’t be called a civilized nation while you execute people for a plant. I know to the governments it represents the people they cannot control so they have reason to fight, kill or lock them up. It isn’t about getting high, it’s about controlling everything and not really letting you live free. As long as they are screaming that you are number one and keeping up the mob mentality, people will go along with anything as long as it keeps them of the radar.

    I am American and I am not proud of my government. I am spiteful because I know they would name me enemy and take away everything I own including my freedom because I’m trying to live free and happy life. You cant live free if you don’t have the freedom to. Telling me I’m free every day doesn’t make it so, letting me live free is what the government was put in place to protect. They are doing a shitty job. If I worked that poorly at my job I would have been fired ASAP.

  5. Anonymous on

    Nice Venus world. Looks like Dubai but it’s completely non-Muslim, also non-Christian and non every other known religion except Venus worship. Anyone caught worshiping anything other than the planet Venus is liable to expulsion. The city’s symbol, the red star, is revered by all and the peoples’ citizenship is confirmed by the star tattoo on the back of their left hand which is made with invisible ink which only becomes visible under UV light (so as not to be distasteful looking) and also has their citizen number beneath it to prove it’s an official tattoo and not a counterfeit used by a mole attempting to infiltrate the compound.

  6. Dave on

    That must be why there is no hash in Canada; the Vietnamese government has it all? Lets see, prohibition caused 5 deaths; I wonder how many deaths eight tons of hash would have caused?

    Vietnam adopting American policy, I wonder what Ho Chi Min would have to say?

  7. Anonymous on

    Those bastards. Growing weed in Canada and then smuggling it to Nam so they can sell it at jacked up prices of $6 per joint. So that’s their little scheme, eh? That’s pretty messed up, right there.

  8. Dave on

    Formally educated people do some of the worst things to their fellow beings. It’s not the educated elite who will set us free.

  9. Anonymous on

    it seems only compatible with extensive decentralization of the powers of law making currently held by the federal government and the reform of the powers of all the current democratically elected officials (or the abolishment of officials ie no rep dem?)… Obviously the main problems are lack of education and the intense apathy displayed by most (not just the young!) voters. Also when that system was used there were still slaves and women were property and the population concerned was thousands of times smalled than that of Canada, tens of thousands less than that of America.
    While tens of millions of people could agree that murder and rape ought to be outlawed there are still lots of areas where legislation is enacted where clear consensus is not had. It would be nice if every citizen was well read and aware of current events and the government sent you texts or emails so that citizens could frequently take part in dynamic referendums. I hate majority rules bullshit. 51% doesn’t seem to me to be a valid consensus. 80-95 (arbitrary but hey for fun) should be the kind of consensus we search for when making serious laws affecting the lives of all citizens.

    tl;dr direct democracy is a beautiful idea, it seems very desirable but at the same time it appears to be a concept that would be extremely hard to implement in a nation of 30+ million individuals who are culturally, religiously, and ideoligically highly diverse.

  10. Anonymous on

    Darkness and misery may only flourish by the darkness and misery latent in people themselves.

    The ‘Hitler’ among us is irrelevant, psychotics are born every minute, it’s the millions and millions that follow that are complicit to tyranny and hell.

    We are slaves by our own devices.

    Contempt breeds contempt.

    Become the change you seek in others.

  11. mark allen on

    isnt it sick……………
    next one in close the door!
    the greatest genocide in human history!
    the global holocaust of human being’s that use the hemp plant!
    it’s ok turn on your tv cnn say’s it’s gonna snow…
    change channel….oh look babe amerikan idol is on!
    wait the news paper says it wont snow today!
    isnt it about time to tell the 308 seats in ottawa-canadians dont want to commit crimes against humanity-wait-not till they come 4 u……
    stand up or die on your knee’s
    sheep……..what you got no balls
    thats why they can do it…..u let them
    con-sent…..enough is enough
    codex is on it’s way
    dont worry they wont shut down face book till after they come and get u all!
    canadians should be mad as hell!
    the free press? yup…doin my job!
    funny how they keep getting away with murder?