Favorite Bud: Grape Krush

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Grape Krush is a stellar offering from DJ Short, and has all the attributes you could want in a strain: it grows fast, has great flavor, and is a super-heavy yielder – not to mention the nugs grow bright purple!

Grape Krush grown indoors will finish in as little as 45 days, while outdoors she will finish in the beginning of October (about a week from when this photo was taken.) It is an extremely vigorous plant.

The one pictured was planted in the ground in late June, grew 11 feet tall, and yielded an astonishing 6+ pounds! This is a very healthy strain; it has great resistance to pests and diseases, stands up tall, and grows extremely fast.

The high is relaxing yet powerful enough to sedate if desired, and the flavor is intense grape, reminiscent of artificially flavored grape candy. Props to breeder DJ Short for creating yet another world-class strain!



  1. zilla on

    A plant this far along in the budding stage is for all intents and purposes done with its vertical growth. You mean to say this thing doubled in height from where it is now?

    You are so full of shit you could probably fertilize an 11 foot plant just by opening your mouth.. Why do you keyboard cowboys think that making up shit in your head actually takes the place of the miserable useless lives that you actually lead?

    Did you think that people were going to respect your plant knowledge, or let you think you were cool or something? had you even bothered to read the breeders description of the plant you would have known to spew your fantasy about some other plant.



  2. Anonymous on


  3. Anonymous on

    you got the right pheno? Also, did you use a blacklight?

  4. Jennifer Duncan on

    made my mouth water

  5. ponyboy on

    it is a short plant but the yield is off the hook and the bud is awesome,,but it must be trained but i can see a 4 pounds off this plant, and yes it is a slow starter but makes up for it in the end it’s covered in tricomes kinda like train wrek ,,,all legal in Caly

  6. Anonymous on

    i am pretty sure that CC and DJ short know their shit when they say 11 feet tall and 6+ pounds

  7. Anonymous on

    you must have been using a black light, mate!

  8. Anonymous on

    dj shorts grape krsh would never grow to be 11 feet tall and is not a huge yeilder. it is a slow growing small plant with minimal amount of bud.

  9. Anonymous on

    My heart is pounding, my true love.

  10. Anonymous on

    My mouth is watering and my pipe is full of ashes…