I can’t read tripe like this without being very aggravated.

US CA: OPED: The Dangerous Side of Marijuana

Marijuana is not a harmless drug.

The environment, the smoker and people suffer because of the seemingly accepted drug. Years ago in my hometown of Galt, a man and his two sons were hunting on their property and walked into a marijuana garden. The growers shot and killed the man and his almost teenage son. They let the young boy go.

A Lake County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Committee meeting addressed the effects of growing marijuana Nov. 19. Matt Knudsen, special agent for the Bureau of Land Management, told the crowd about what he finds when he cleans marijuana gardens after growers leave. “There’s a weapon in every single marijuana grow I’ve been to,” Knudsen said. “The public needs to be aware in the woods where they’re at.”

I’ve heard many people say “Nobody’s ever died from weed.” Yes, people have. Innocent people die over marijuana. People involved in growing and trading the drug also die and suffer. Three people allegedly broke into a Lakeport man’s home behind the Record-Bee building in October and stole his 10 marijuana plants, officials reported. They then hogtied, tortured and shot him, leaving him for dead. He lived. I don’t know whether those charged are guilty and why the intruders hurt the man. What I do know is that marijuana isn’t safe for just about anyone.

Does this writer not realize that all of the dangers she lists are due to prohibition and none attributable to the plant itself? Do people torture and shoot each other over cotton, tobacco, grapes?



  1. Anonymous on

    Those people who trespass onto other people’s land, killing eart’s creatures, deserve everything they got.

  2. Ziggy on

    I have yet to receive a response.

  3. Anonymous on

    No the writer likely has never thought outside of their box. I wonder if she’s open minded enough to actually debate the issue with science and reason or if “the world is flat and that’s that”…

  4. Anonymous on

    Joe Rogan said it best: “The problem with stupid people is, that they don’t know they are stupid.” These prohibitionists are indeed stupid.

  5. David on

    They all believe any drug, and the drugs addiction are the cause of the problem. Never realizing, or refusing to believe the laws against its regulation are the problem. It’s sad really.