Iditadrug: Of Mackey, Mushing and Marijuana

Three-time Iditarod champion Lance Mackey may have to mush without marijuana in next year’s race.

Iditarod Trail Committee officials have announced plans to test mushers for drugs and alcohol in March. Officials haven’t decided who will get tested, or when, where and how it will be done. “It might be random. It might be a group of mushers at a specific checkpoint,” said Stan Hooley, executive director of the committee.

Alaska law allows for personal possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, provided the use occurs at home. In addition, Mackey, as a throat cancer survivor, has a medical marijuana card that entitles him to use the drug legally for medical purposes.

Mackey admits marijuana has helped him stay awake and focused through the 1,100-mile race, but he insists it doesn’t give him an edge.

“It isn’t the reason I’ve won three years in a row,” Mackey told the Anchorage Daily News. ”I think it’s a little bit ridiculous,” he said of the new policy. ”It is a dog race, not a human race. It doesn’t affect the outcome of the race.”

While Iditarod dogs have long been tested for a lengthy list of prohibited substances, the humans they are pulling — despite the Iditarod having had an informal drug and alcohol policy since 1984 — never have.

Mackey doesn’t blame the Iditarod board for creating the new policy, but he contends he is being targeted by other mushers jealous of his three straight Iditarod titles.

Despite his medical marijuana clearance, Mackey said he will not pursue a therapeutic use exemption; instead, he’ll just abstain for a while.

“I’m going to pee in their little cup,” he said. “And laugh in their face.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    Government is stealthily getting their way.

    This was the plan all along ever since Hiltler prooved his method wrong.

    I know it’s not fun for most of us but so long as they are laughing all the way to the bank, I will be laughing all the way with my husky’s deep down into the forest while dance and sing along like a mad man.


    Listen Alex Jones, He is soo funny and soo dead on.

    What else is there more to do as to smoke some weed or not ‘whatever… take some distance from it all while enjoying winter landscapes with the dogs and seeing humanity beeing fucked over for their beeing disenfranchised with nature?

    My horse riding teacher back then teached me to get over fear for things bigger they myself when huge white horses went on their hind leggs fighting air…

    They are just playing son, he said… Just puppy play man…just having fun with ya…

    And that’s exactly what is happening in the world and with our laws right now.

    They are just playing with us and the more extreme they get, the more it makes me laugh.

    So what? Is n’t it the perceptence that’s in the eye of the beholder that’s what counts eventually?

    All the way into the gas chambers, for fuck’s sake I’d just be laughing my ass off.

    sorry guys 😉

    And that’s accactly what this Musher guy is doing too.

    I Love his attitude for it.


    Oh no man don’t let it get to you, (gun’s n roses)

    By G.G.

  2. Unclebob100 on

    Thats right…especially when medical patients partake of the herb on a daily basis, it can take up to 30 days or so for THC to leave the body. Whereas casual use of God’s gift to man needs from 3 days to a week to disappear.

  3. Anonymous on

    I’d think you’d HAVE to be high to run that crazy race.

  4. Lygeia on

    This may not be such a good idea to abstain from marijuana use. Marijuana use has anti-cancer properties that protect people from getting cancer and protect the health of cancer survivors.

  5. Dave on

    First we can’t work or drive because pot impairs our abilities; now they say it is a performance enhancer? Can’t any body with authority see through this BS?

  6. Pissed off on

    “I’m going to pee in their little cup,” he said. “And laugh in their face.”

    Go and piss test the dogs for pot …

    Man these prohibitionist..ahahahaha
    Piss off