Marc and Jodie Emery on The Standard

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc and Jodie Emery appeared on Joytv’s The Standard to discuss Marc’s extradition to the US and other pot politics.

The Emery talked with Standard host Peter Klein about Marc’s recent time behind bars and his struggle with US and Canadian authorities. The three also discussed what it was like the day Marc got out on temporary bail and how hard it was to be apart while he was in jail.

The Standard is a Canadian news program filmed in British Columbia by Joytv. According to The Standard‘s website, Peter Klein is a “two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist who has reported from more than a dozen countries. He has been a producer of 60 Minutes since 1999.”

Watch Part 1 on YouTube.

Watch Part 2 on YouTube.



  1. Anonymous on

    when I smoke weed all my senses come alive and if I was smoking outside, I could hear people’s conversations CLEARLY from 150 yards away.

  2. Dylan H on

    Great informative video’s, I agree on every part covered! Both of you should be hero’s to anyone and everyone! Great on you both! Im with you every step of the way Marc and Jody

  3. Anonymous on

    The DEA would almost certainly see Marc fleeing as a breach of their plea deal and go after Mr. Williams and Ms. Rainey (sp?)again. Also, if any family members have helped with Mr. Emery’s bail, they would lose their money and or possessions. Anyone saying that Marc should flee has not thought the idea through thoroughly. The DEA may be blind, but they know how to manipulate people and courts…it’s their job.

  4. Anonymous on

    Do you understand what bail is?

  5. Anonymous on

    I would definitely not recommend Marc Emery go on the lam. A local small time drug dealer tried that here in Hazelton BC. His name was Rodney Jackson. Mr. Jackson had been on the run for a year and was living in a remote cabin in the bush. As soon as the RCMP got a tip as to the fugitive’s location, they sent in the SWAT unit and filled Mr. Jackson full of bullet holes. He leaves behind six children and a grieving community. Being a peaceful marijuana dealer is downright dangerous. Marc Emery is to be applauded for his bravery in face of hostile, violent opponents who only understand the language of violence and death to promote their political views against marijuana.

    Too bad Mr. Emery didn’t get drunk and molest some children, beat up a person of colour, or get in his car and kill someone. Had he followed that advice, he’d be facing a community-based sentence of one to three months instead of a five year term…

    …Says more about the decision makers than anything Mr. Emery has or hasn’t done!

  6. Satisha King on

    I just want to say to Marc and Jodie, that I loved your comments on driving on marijuana and I especially would like to say I loved what you had to say about teenagers smoking weed because allot of people give me a hard time for being young and smoking pot and allot of people think its wrong so thank you for treating us like a equal! 😀

  7. tomjay on

    solid interview, that kelin guy wasnt too bad either as far as tv journalists go

  8. Jackaroo on

    Marc and Jodie are definitely inspirations to the cause! There is no crime! Marc is no criminal! Anyone watching this video will be compelled to agree!

  9. Anonymous on
    Dont go willing to any cage boy! you ant no retard, make like castro, and take to the hills!!Grow your weed up there and then fund your army, it that easy, what you still there, talking were they can find you easy? move son! now, not later!