Victoria Marijuana ‘Bakery’ Raided

Double chocolate ready for the oven (from the Cannabis Buyers' Club website)Double chocolate ready for the oven (from the Cannabis Buyers’ Club website)A member of a medical marijuana group in Victoria has been arrested for allegedly making cookies, massage oil and other products from marijuana following a raid that could have implications for similar groups.

Thursday’s bust was sparked by a complaint about the smell coming from a makeshift bakery in a one-bedroom apartment in Victoria, according to Ted Smith, head of Victoria’s Cannabis Buyers Club, which rents the apartment.

Victoria police confirmed the raid took place but released no other details.

One man was arrested and Smith said he too expected to be charged.

Smith said his group, which has 3,000 members, has used marijuana to bake cookies and make massage oil and other products in the apartment for the past two years without a problem.

Health Canada allows people suffering from debilitating illnesses to have access to marijuana for medical purposes. They can get the marijuana through Health Canada or they can get permission to grow it themselves.

But Smith said there is a contradiction in the law, which allows the designated users to smoke marijuana but prohibits them from turning it into any other product.

Seeking city’s help

“If you take legally grown cannabis, or Health Canada’s and make it into one of these products, you’ve actually made an illegal extract,” he said.

Smith said he was found not guilty on a similar charge in 2007.

“We were successful in court, beating those charges, so we are going to use this unfortunate opportunity to point out the fatal flaw in Health Canada’s programs.”

The charge makes all medical marijuana groups vulnerable, Smith said.

He said his group would call on the City of Victoria to help legitimize the club by issuing it a permit or making a representation in any court proceedings.

– Article from CBC News.



  1. Anonymous on

    I agree it’s f%@*ed up…


  2. Outlaw on

    Can’t image these police raids going on much longer, medical trials at the University of California San Diego have now proven that marijuana effectively treats ailments such as multiple sclerosis that no other drug can treat. While selling marijuana bakery items is limited to collectives, sites such as shows how to make them.


  3. Anonymous on

    Keep your eyes peeled for stories in the press of drunken police officers getting into car accidents or randomly beating up people of colour. Isn’t alcohol great!

  4. AnonymousPedro on

    How much Alcohol did Jamie Graham & His Gang consume at their X’mas party?

  5. FreeSlave on


  6. From the 70s on

    Do you think the cops went our celebrating getting good and drunk after the bust (did they wear bullet proof vests and pull their guns out at the vest, scary stuff) ? Maybe they just got drunk at the Police station like they do at the West Vancouver Police station when they celebrate pot busts.

  7. Anonymous on

    ENOUGH!! Bullshit talking about what or how the pigs next move is? Time for you to ALL up there to GROW A PAIR!!, quit whinning and grab grandpa old metal lathe and start making guns!!Fuck the grow room for now, save the coin to buy round stock, lol! GO!! to the mtns just like castro did and come down when you put the crown on the last boat back to where it BELONGS!! and ONLY were it BELONGS!! Till then enjoy your cages?? SUBJECTS!! Bough the line of bullshit that they were ever a free people (canada) and that they were NOT OWNED in everway by britain?! The crown there flag? Everything with goverment up there start with ROYAL??? and you still think your a country, that is frre of britain??NO SMOKE , AND IN A CAGE?? BUT THEY LET YOU OUT, TO DO SLAVE LABOR?? Yea your plan worked so GREAT up there? A bunch of Failures!! cold ones at that! Our systems works your dont! as leadership of the worldwide cannabis movement, YOUR FIRED!! get it?, failures dont speack for us!! losers!

  8. HJ on

    You’re supposed to eat the marijuana raw, believe it or not. A patient has told me it works but obviously extracting it into butter, oil, etc is more effective and tastes better.

  9. Anonymous on

    If you are not allowed to bake with it, I assume that means you cant eat it, why is there a box to check in the application form the Drs fill out that says the medicine will be taken orally or smoked? are you suppose to eat the raw plant? Or, is it, your not allowed to make oil or hash extracts? And you can bake weed brownies?

  10. Jay Dell on

    As this on the surface looks like a bad thing .I believe it is a good way for Ted to strike down the corupt mmar regulation.The truth and facts are all on side as should be the city of Victoria.

    Make them it crow,Ted!

    Crazy Bird

  11. Anonymous on

    That’s Harper’s Christian compassion in action.

  12. Anonymous on

    This is another heavy handed tactic by the cops. What are we patients supposed to do for pain relief and to be able to sleep and function somewhat “normally”? There is no fucking compassion in this goddamn government. Pot doesnt even get me “high” and my liscence is for 15 grams daily. I have chronic bronchitis…I can’t smoke the herb… I can vaporize it sometimes…but the best solution is to make it into edibles, tinctures, and oils. Guess the feds want us to suffer more…before we die.