Ask Ed: Grow Tip – Delayed Regeneration

A friend of mine said to me “Ed, I am going away for about a month and I am closing my indoor garden down, but I wanted to know if there is a way of keeping the clones alive and growing slowly until I get back?

Here is my answer.

You have a few choices:

* You can keep rooted clones alive and growing very slowly by adjusting their conditions to a low input. Give them only about ten watts of light per square foot. Keep the temperature at 60 degrees and keep the nutrients at quart strength. The plants will stay alive but barely grow during that time.

* Another possibility is to take cuttings, place them in wet newspaper in a plastic bag and store them in the vegetable chiller section of the refrigerator. The clones can be rooted or unrooted. They may have some damage, and some of them won’t survive but there will be enough to restart.

* The best idea, if you can’t have your own garden, is to provide plants to several friends and collect clones when you come back.