Ask Ed: Grow Tip – Delayed Regeneration

A friend of mine said to me “Ed, I am going away for about a month and I am closing my indoor garden down, but I wanted to know if there is a way of keeping the clones alive and growing slowly until I get back?

Here is my answer.

You have a few choices:

* You can keep rooted clones alive and growing very slowly by adjusting their conditions to a low input. Give them only about ten watts of light per square foot. Keep the temperature at 60 degrees and keep the nutrients at quart strength. The plants will stay alive but barely grow during that time.

* Another possibility is to take cuttings, place them in wet newspaper in a plastic bag and store them in the vegetable chiller section of the refrigerator. The clones can be rooted or unrooted. They may have some damage, and some of them won’t survive but there will be enough to restart.

* The best idea, if you can’t have your own garden, is to provide plants to several friends and collect clones when you come back.



  1. Anonymous on

    Calm your over assuming ass down. There’s a lot of different technical meanings for the abused word “dead”.
    Just as a frog can come back to life after being an icecube for a year. Just as someone can die and be brought back.
    Or hell this person hasn’t checked the plants pulse yet…Some people especially if they are NEWBIES will consider a wilted plant dead….ETCETCETCETC

    Seriously, Fuck man read you’re own answer and realize how ridiculous you are for criticizing some newbies question on the internet…got some pent up aggression?

  2. Anonymous on

    Are there risks of genetic mutation when a plant goes through so much stress? To slow it’s growth rate so severe.

  3. Anonymous on

    Unless you’re Jebus fucking christ and can raise the dead, then NO, you can’t bring back something to life that has DIED (and no comparisons to bringing someone back to life with CPR–that’s just a stopped heart and the body isn’t fully dead yet, not for several minutes until the brain is damaged beyond repair). Fuck, man, read your own question and realize how stupid it is.

    Plant regeneration assumes the plant is still living, even if it’s only a stalk and rootball (though I wouldn’t bet on your chances of success–you should have a few leaves, at the least), but dead is dead.

  4. Anonymous on

    hi there can i bring back a plant that has died if soo how??thanx