Jodie Emery to Speak at Vancouver Island University

Jodie Emery speaking onstage at Seattle Hempfest 2009. (Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer - click to enlarge)Jodie Emery speaking onstage at Seattle Hempfest 2009. (Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer – click to enlarge)CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana activist and BC Green Party policing critic Jodie Emery, wife of ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery, will speak at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC on Saturday, November 28.

The event was organized by VIU’s Hempology Club, and will take place in Building 200, Room 203 from 11am-3pm. Entry by donation.

“FREE MARC” Shirts and “Prince of Pot” DVDs will be available for sale. Marc Emery, out of prison temporarily on bail as he awaits extradition to US, is also expected to attend.

For more information, e-mail [email protected]

Vancouver Island University is located at 900 Fifth Street in Nanaimo, BC. Click here for a map of the Vancouver Island University Campus.

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Emery trial is about freedom, not cannabis

by Glenda Allard Barr, Nanaimo Daily News

At noon on Saturday, Jodie Emery, wife of Marc Emery will be speaking at Vancouver Island University and there will be a viewing of The U.S. vs. Marc Emery.

At this point, it looks as if Marc will also be there, since he is out on bail awaiting extradition to the U.S.

This has been presented as a cannabis-related event.

As I see it, the most compelling issue here is Canadian sovereignty. Our government chooses to let the U.S. control our policies and in this case, the freedom of one of our citizens.

This is frightening.

If we do not make our feelings known to our politicians, that we want a nation that is governed according to the wishes of its citizens rather than the whims of a foreign power, we are abandoning fellow citizens and our own principles.

Those who feel strongly about preserving Canadian control over our laws and our people can come out to building 200, room 203 to show support for this cause.

Information about this event is available at [email protected]

– Article from The Nanaimo Daily News. on November 24, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    I’m glad she picked Marc for her husband, he’s probably one of few who wouldn’t be worried about her falling for all the love we always show her while he’s gone!
    How did such a small woman get to be so brave?

  2. Anonymous on

    If he really wanted to, I’d offer to rewrite all of his pieces for readability & general tolerability without changing any points… keep them from repeating… so long as he never, ever, ever credits me for it lol. Let the op-editors and readers deal with him & his quasitruth.

    Is this “Cuauthemoc” again? (I think I gave you that name, sorry, you are distinctive though… kudos for managing that on the internet! 😐 )

  3. George Lenard on

    Back in 2008 on June 17, I received a letter from the office of the Minister of Public Safety who at the time was Stockwell (yes I did inhale)Day. I submit:

    Dear Mr. Lenard

    Your Member of Parliment, the Honourable Tony Clement, forwarded to me on May 12, 2008 your correspondence concerning the DNA testing of Canadians entering the United States.

    As the matter you raise pertains to the border clearance procedures for entering the U.S. I have asked the Canada Border Services Agency officials to forward to the U.S. Border and Protection a copy of our exchange of correspondence for their information. In the meantime, you may wish to consult the U.S. CBP’s Web site: signed Stockwell Day Minister of Public safety.

    After reading an article in CC about the medical marijuana user who was subjected to a DNA sample being taken against her will when crossing over the USA just after the Conservative had fluked a minority win in the 06 election. I sent a letter to my local MP Clement and ask what was the Conservative Policy on such happenings. There were a few emails back and forth as to the source of my information. When I supplied the source as CC, it was stated that the Conservatives do not recognize CC as credible magazine.
    The hidden fact is that this lady was a legal medical marijuana user in Canada and this very private information had been made available only after the Conservatives took federal office. It is a violation of the Charter of Rights of Canada. But the elected members of the Conservative Party of Canada consider the Charter of Rights something that should not stand in the way of the implementation of the neo right ideology being forced on Canadians citizens, illegally? Had I known that the Conservative Party of Canada got it policies from the US CBP I would of just ask them. Although the US CBP was somewhat confused by the whole thing and stated they do not make policy for Foreign Governments not even for Stevie, Stock(i did inhale) or Tony
    (who did not inhale)?

  4. Anonymous on

    What on earth are you on about ,other than ,grrr im f***ing angry and hate europe /the commonwealth ect ,you are not making any sense!!!!
    oh and maybe you could just rant to your local paper next time….eh?

  5. Anonymous on

    What on earth are you on about ,other than ,grrr im f***ing angry and hate europe /the commonwealth ect ,you are not making any sense!!!!
    oh and maybe you could just rant to your local paper next time….eh?

  6. Anonymous on

    Boycott Canada!, Boycott There corp. world games! Boycott B.C. Weed is NOT that hot! We threw you and your bullshit kings and queens OUT! alone time ago WHY!! whould anyone liaten to such subjects as these? Why listen to proplr who live like slaves know anything about changing any laws? THEY DIDNT! there fight FAILED!!! Ours has not, They are going to jail Our leaders are NOT!! your canadain little thing has FAILED!!! DONT try to hook you or your failed system to us! We are doing quite fine with out the help of subjects. Cannabis was always legal until you boat people show up? yea your kind with it lies fuck it up for the whole world!! WHY should the rest of the NON EUROPEAN WORLD should ever listen to you europeans ever again ON ANYTHING!! You shitheads started how many WORLD WARS?? Time to REMOVE ALL EUROPEANS from any postion of POWER of EVER. Then the world will know peace.THE WORLD AS OF TODAY IS BOYCOTTING ANYTHING FROM THE COMMOMWEALTH!! Death to the commomwealth and all the evil it stands for!Ruining the world for 500years for what? A bunch of assholes from a little island! So glad when the melting ice will cover that island forever!! The world say one thing to you all, Leave.If your first nations punch one of these evils in the head today, then tell them to leave! Do your duty to your CLANS!! We are right to do this because under any laws world wide!!, THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS TO BE HERE!! execpt the ratists people of european desent ewho type here? That why you NEVER SEE!!?? anyone who is NOT WHITE typing from africa or india or even south america here at all? WHY because they know what you are just another bunch of europeans just lying to save there own asses! Were the rest of the world typing here no other words typed here execpt europeans words?? So YOU ARE NOT!!! The leaders of any world wide cannabis movement. Your plan has failed now act like a man. Your going to jail, because your so-call great lawder fuck up and didnt do HIS JOB RIGHT!! just a half hour review of law changes whould saved MARC but no you didnt is it because the crown threated your law lic.?? a sell out is a sell out. BOYCOOT the COMMOMWEALTH wherever you good people of the world can find it!

  7. joseph on

    Keep free ,and keep up the good work,
    much peace Joseph UK

    P.S you have a very pretty wife marc!,lucky man!

  8. Anonymous on

    Yaaaa Jodie! Glad you are coming to Nanaimo! hope I can make it.

  9. Anonymous on

    Nice Google map. I hope Marc Stays Free, it is possible.? Very confusing times…

    Good Luck. 😛