Marc Emery out on Bail Till Extradition

Marc and Jodie at the Global Marijuana March in Toronto. (Photo by High Times)Marc and Jodie at the Global Marijuana March in Toronto. (Photo by High Times)CANNABIS CULTURE – The rumors are true! Marc will be temporarily released on bail as he awaits extradition to the US to serve an expected 5-year prison term.

The paperwork is nearly finished, and we expect Marc to be released today or tomorrow. Expect further announcements here and on the CC Facebook Page.

Click here for more info about Marc’s extradition.

Click here to listen to Marc’s latest Prison Potcast.

Emery out on bail till extradition

by Jeff Hodson, Metro

B.C.’s Prince of Pot has been granted bail and could temporarily be released from jail as early as today as he continues to await extradition to the U.S. to plead guilty to selling marijuana seeds.

Marc Emery has been held at the North [Fraser] Pre-Trial Centre in Port Coquitlam since turning himself over to authorities on Sept. 28.

He anticipated the extradition process would take 30 days, but his lawyer, Ian Donaldson, is ill with pleurisy and has been unable to file submissions.

“It’s a maximum-security facility and it’s been seven weeks,” said Jodie Emery, Marc’s wife. “He thought if he could get out for a week or two, or even a day, he would do it.”

He has promised to surrender to U.S. custody within 72 hours after an extradition order is signed, which could happen as soon as Dec. 1, which is the final day for submissions.

Jodie Emery said jail has been tough on her husband. The food is awful and he doesn’t get any sunlight. He is locked in his cell for 18 hours a day on weekdays and 20 hours a day on weekends.

“We’re going to get some healthy food and just enjoy our time together.”

– Article from the Metro.



  1. Anonymous on

    If I were Marc I will go to Spain, here after Holland we are the most liberal country in the world regarding POT!

    When Obama is sendiong 30.000 to protect the Poppy/Heroin war, and most of our people are hooked up with this drug everywhere, POT seems in Spain a kindergarden level issue.

    Serioulsy, anyone who wants more FREEDOM than U.S., Canada or Japan should consider to live in a country where there is an understanding that smoking a joint or grow privately is NOT a National news…

  2. Anonymous on

    Marc, This is probably your last chance to RUN. Do not surrender to be extradited, you will never be the same after you serve 5 years in an American Federal Prison. B.C. is a big place. You have many people who are willing to help you. Utilize that network, living underground is preferable to living in a cell. Also, don’t believe that you will only do 5 years, or that you will be sent back to Canada to a Canadian prison where the US knows you will be released very shortly after transfer.

  3. Anonymous on

    Grab the mrs and head for the yukon or ak!!!!

  4. John David Bourgeois on

    America is shooting itself in the foot again.
    Emery is going to be a very loud advertisement for American cruelty, American unfairness, and American stupidity.
    Every second Emery spends in U.S. custody, hatred of America will be fermenting.
    The intelligent thing to do would be to have Canadian authorities deal with Emery.
    Allow me this analogy: it’s like one of Canada’s more rambunctious children threw rocks at the neighbour’s house.
    Now, this neighbour is the bully of the neighbourhoud and he decides that he wants to punish your child.
    If we turn over Emery to be punished so cruelly by such an obvious ignorant bully, then Canada is America’s bitch.
    Plain and simple … America’s bitch.
    I spit on both flags.
    John David Bourgeois-BCMP

  5. Anonymous on

    Freedom on time …hmmm hope he enjoy´s it.
    Hope it will all take an good end.
    Good luck Marc

  6. Anonymous on

    Five years in any jail for your so called “crimes”. Another prime example of the load of F#CKING C#CK Suckers, that run our countries! What happened to people power??? Marc congrats on your temp release, The F#cking yanks cant find Bin Laden, What chances would they have of finding you? Head for the hills brother! Either way, you have my support and my vote~! You will be hearing from me, good luck, J.

  7. Mike on

    If he runs, then he’ll never be renewed.
    (Old reference)

    Seriously tho, this is all bullshit. Marc shouldn’t be incarcerated, but the system incarcerating him is fundamentally incorrect. Imprisonment implies guilt and guilt implies some harm was caused. Its pretty sad that good people have to suffer from bad policy.

    Good Luck Marc, you really don’t deserve this

  8. Anonymous on

    that’s great. get your health back up and eat as much as you can. they have no reason to keep you in there anyway so keep fighting. i’ll be doing my part from spreading the word.

  9. Anonymous on

    Marc! Help us grow pot and get high! Will we have t owait for you to get some decent seeds?
    Don’t worry.We’re doing just fine,and it’s been apparent that you’re just a self-serving worm with a half-baked limp-wristed power trip goin’ on.

  10. Anonymous on

    I agree, somewhere in my head I think the Canadians might be seeing thru the u.s. intrigue with hurting people around the globe such as they did by punishing people for things such as being an escaping slave, a woman demanding her right to vote, the bombing of cambodia, afghanistan, iraq, vietnam and so much more

    this is truly a moment for them to show the world whether or not they are civilized people

  11. R.O.E. on

    First off, I am an American citizen. I’m with you Marc. This extradition is an injustice not only to you but, to the people of Canada. We Americans are fighting hard to end this stupid law that effects people around the world. The insanity of it all is sinking in fast,but not fast enough apparently. Our governemnt find it SOO easy to pick on cannabis users. Corrupt freaking bullies. I say they should go arrest the cartel leaders. Oh what they are scared of them.
    I truely hope your government decides to block your extradition. Our governemt is just pissed you have ruined their cash cow,they know prohibition is ending. I for one am spreading the news of your plight and will continue to do so.
    We cannabis/freedom lovers here in the USA wont forget. We wont stop fighting.


  12. Anonymous on

    Roman Polanski was safe there until they nabbed him when he left. I don’t think Marc will get extradited from Canada. I don’t know why I think this but I just have a feeling.

  13. jodie on

    He was the District Attorney who started Marc’s prosecution, but he was one of the seven D.A.s who were fired by George Bush’s Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. I suspect the reason was because McKay didn’t want to continue doing stupid prosecutions against Marc and other marijuana “offenders”, so he was canned. And the guy who replaced him is Todd Greenberg.

  14. Monsieurzorro on

    Glad to hear that you are out even if it is for a brief time
    You guys try to simply enjoy each others company

  15. Anonymous on

    Marc should show the Seattle judge this article about the former AG who indicted him

    If the former AG thinks the Cannabis laws are stupid, how can the judge argue the contrary and rule that Marc deserves 5 years in prison because of them? Is he above the AG?

  16. Anonymous on

    Uh, I think he already has a website, it’s called Cannabis Culture, you’re on it right now.

  17. Anonymous on

    He can’t run off to another country cuz he’s flat broke. He said “look at me, I’m the Santa Claus of Cannabis activism, here take my $4,000,000, I don’t want it cuz I will never need it cuz I live in dreamland where people never really have to go to prison, tra la tra la”.

  18. Anonymous on

    Just up and leave, disappear, going to jail in the states will not make a statement, they will bury you, out of sight, out of mind.

    I urge the pro-pot community to do anything they can to prevent marc from leaving our country, if you have to, stop the police by force, throw yourselves at them, civil disobedience is the only way to get results, talking is not.

    Once in the US, Marc will be naught but a memory, and the cause will be lost, be active, RESIST, FIGHT.

  19. thekindlove on

    If anyone is interested in helping and publicizing anything for marc and the prohibition on cannabis and don’t already know this you can get a domain name from google for $10.00 and have free web hosting from just sign up to free create your site and go to to your settings and get a custom domain name(your own website) domain name is optional your blog or website will be posted to all the search engines either way the more you advertise and write articles for marc the better you can place videos and keep in mind all this is free with the option of a domain name for $10.00 a year from google.

  20. Anonymous on

    Congrats Marc! Glad to see you are making headway in nailing them down on the bail issue despite encountering delay tactics.

  21. thekindlove on

    Why would you run? if you are a revolutionist and truly believe in what you are fighting for and also have the peoples
    willingness to stand they’re ground and back you up why run. That makes no sense for one is it costs money to hold a person in jail and make the courts go through with everything or change they’re mind and drop the case seeing how much money it takes to fight a case process a prisoner and take care of a prisoner that is only going to hurt the governments. What the american people need to realize is this money is coming straight out of they’re pockets to obtain and imprison a so called criminal that has not harmed or hurt anyone in any way when this money could be put towards cyber crimes that are real and put away the people that are killing people or causing havoc to society and destroying our freedom and every day way of a sane life. The united states is on brink of legalizing cannabis it may take a few years but California a very large state of many people is well on its way to working towards the legalization of cannabis. This is a state that does not believe in a lot of the laws the federal governments operate under and it is not just the state it is the people whom have migrated there, that believe in real rights to a medicinal plant that the government did not create nor should they be able to tell one you can not use this plant when this plant does not kill people instead it helps people in many ways and has been around a lot longer than they have. It is THC the chemical they are afraid of it has so many medicinal properties it has the ability to help everyone on this planet that suffer from one or more of the disabilities, diseases, or disorders that exist in this new everyday life. Also 13+ united states have legalized medical cannabis bypassing all federal laws with about 9 more proposing the idea which legalization of under an ounce is already hitting many cities and towns this is without a medicinal license. Of course this is all illegal by federal law but this is a prohibition and not just any ordinary prohibition the people are fighting for a plant or an herb or weed whatever you want to call it these people are not fighting to legalize something like alcohol which is one of the worst problems in the united states. They are fighting for a plant that helps people in they’re every day life. Once the federal government realizes the majority of people are going to take control of something they believe is a good factor to everyday society which the longer people let it go the longer the federal government is going to do this. If everyone would just publicize this event in any way possible and forget about the tunnel zone press society that can’t risk or put the effort into publicizing this event it would get plenty of publicity from the internet thats what the internet is for right communicating. Shout out=)_~ stay strong don’t ever give in you will always have the american people to help you over such a messed up situation concerning the cannabis plant find the ones that can help they are out there. Spread the word people it is in us that changes are going to come.Until next…………….

  22. David on

    If he were to get caught by french authorities they’d extradite him to us because we have if not the same a similar extradition treaty with France as we do with you guys in Canada. If he wanted to avoid extradition he’d have to go to Iran, or North Korea because they refuse to do anything we ask of them.

  23. Anonymous on

    Seriously, this story has not been given any light whatsoever by the media in this Country.

    Regardless of your position of the Sale of Seeds of Marijuana. Our country extraditing somebody over something that is LEGAL in our country is an epic failure of government and our countries sovereignty.

    Make them cover the story, RUN.

    Make a media circus of this mess and people will finally know low our country has reached.

  24. David on

    If he were to run, and eventually got caught. They’d most likely drop the deal, and sentence him to the original 10 years per charge. Which might as well be a life sentence. Plus it’s not great when your on the run. Constantly looking over your shoulder. Not being able to stay in the same place for more than a couple of hours. Wondering if a snitch recognizes you, and has ratted you out. How can you have a good life when having to deal with all those things at once?

  25. Anonymous on

    marc i’d seriously consider going to france man, 5 years is to long. And where’s the victim.

  26. Dave on

    …was thinking the same thing… He could sneak into the States and they’ll never find him there; their too busy looking in other peoples yards!

  27. Worm on

    That is what i was thinking.

    Peace & Pot & Freedom

  28. Reason on

    Run. Run with your wife and be happy.

  29. Saidie on