Ask Ed: Grow Tip – Trash to Stash

You have harvested, manicured, cured and dried the weed – now it is time to prepare the leftovers: The leaves, trim, and tiny buds that were removed during preparation. You can find many recipes for oil making, marijuana cooking oil and butter online, but before using the material for that you might try making some kief!

One easy method is to stretch a silk scarf over a bowl tightly and then rub the marijuana material against it. Just rub it a little bit for the finest quality, as you continue to rub, more glands come off but they become mixed with vegetative material. The glands that fall to the bottom of the bowl can be smoked as is or pressed into hashish. Kief is one of my personal favorites!

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  1. smokey bear on

    u were always right i remember cervante saying MH is better than HPS , thats why i thrust your jugement and know how better my questions is this under optimal condition my friend grows 2.0 to2.7 pounds per 1000 watts HPS 12 total 1 month veg 2 month flo and 1600 ppm the co2 with ak 47 genes i was wondering i know its dam good but was wondering with this setup what genetic would harvest even more he love ak but need of a change but not willing to downsize harvest what do you think ? i personaly hesrd of sweetooth or chronic

  2. Anonymous on

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