Wu-Tang Clan Affiliates Facing Drug Charges

West Memphis police busted eight members of Wu-Tang’s Clan’s entourage on Monday during a traffic stop for speeding. DJ Mathematics (left) and Streetlife were among those arrested. The Drug Task Force seized 18 bags of weed, 110 Ecstasy pills and $8,615 on the smoked-out tour bus.

The bus – apparently en route to the Snoop Dogg show featuring Wu-Tang member Method Man in Tunica, Mississippi – was pulled over at 9 pm on Nov. 9 at Exit 276 on I-40 in Arkansas just west of Memphis. It were

“When the officer approached the bus, it was like a Cheech & Chong movie,” says Captain Donald Oakes. “He smelled the odor and at that point he knew.”

Adds West Memphis Police Chief Robert Paudert: “They recovered 18 or 19 bags of marijuana, a jar of marijuana and 110 ecstasy tablets.”

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  1. Adimus on

    How about an estimate as to how much mj there was? saying 18 or 19 bags and a jar of marijuana doesn’t mean anything. You could split up 0.1 grams into 18 little bags or have 19 garbage bags full of pot.

    Would’ve been far better to say an amount of marijuana was found (obviously still better with a weight) then to say a number of bags (of which the size is unknown to us). I think they just said 18 bags cuz thats seems like a high number so it’s scarier then one bag (even though the one bag could potentially hold more pot).

    They gave the number of pills. I can’t see why they couldn’t just weigh those bags too while they were counting the pills.

  2. Anonymous on

    Anybody tell the brother to stay outof the south!! Fuck those redneck crackers who live there ant worth the trouble or gas for thesesfools quit playing the chilen cirut son!! let patty cakes buy some C&W records instead. Nothing changed, bro, just whitey got a new bullshit line, thats all.

  3. Anonymous on

    Wu-tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ to fuck with!

  4. Dope Smylez on

    Just making a correction to my post. I meant for that last sentence to be a question, my bad.

  5. Dope Smylez on

    It wouldn’t have been that bad if they had only weed on ’em, but the ecstasy takes it to a completely different level. Does anyone know if they’re gonna try to put the rolls on all 8 of them, or are they gonna try and put the charge on one person.