Wu-Tang Clan Affiliates Facing Drug Charges

West Memphis police busted eight members of Wu-Tang’s Clan’s entourage on Monday during a traffic stop for speeding. DJ Mathematics (left) and Streetlife were among those arrested. The Drug Task Force seized 18 bags of weed, 110 Ecstasy pills and $8,615 on the smoked-out tour bus.

The bus – apparently en route to the Snoop Dogg show featuring Wu-Tang member Method Man in Tunica, Mississippi – was pulled over at 9 pm on Nov. 9 at Exit 276 on I-40 in Arkansas just west of Memphis. It were

“When the officer approached the bus, it was like a Cheech & Chong movie,” says Captain Donald Oakes. “He smelled the odor and at that point he knew.”

Adds West Memphis Police Chief Robert Paudert: “They recovered 18 or 19 bags of marijuana, a jar of marijuana and 110 ecstasy tablets.”

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