Pot-TV Classics Now on YouTube

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Pot-TV Network’s classic video library is back! Subscribe to the Pot-TV YouTube Channel to watch new and old videos added daily.

For a decade, Pot-TV has been a source of thousands of weedy web videos by pot activists, entertainers, and hardcore herb heads – and has built up a considerable archive.

Recently, we’ve had some technical problems (outdated video formats) preventing us from delivering this content to our viewership. Adding to the problem, Pot-TV’s original YouTube account was canceled suddenly after a row over copyrighted material, and we have been unable to recover the channel and its 10,000 subscribers.

Pot-TV’s new YouTube account is running strong, with daily uploads of new content and classic videos from the Pot-TV archive.

Check out some of our favorites, like this great “I Am Canabian” parody commercial with former Pot-TV director Chris Bennett:

Or hard-hitting interviews, like Marc Emery interviewing ex-DEA agent Celerino Castillo.

And reminders of the good-ol-days, like when a friendly Jack Layton appeared with Marc to campaign for the pothead vote:

Check out other classics by Marijuana Man and Rhiannon Rose, media specials on pot, and many more. More added everyday to Pot-TV’s YouTube account – Click here to subscribe.