Pot-TV Classics Now on YouTube

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Pot-TV Network’s classic video library is back! Subscribe to the Pot-TV YouTube Channel to watch new and old videos added daily.

For a decade, Pot-TV has been a source of thousands of weedy web videos by pot activists, entertainers, and hardcore herb heads – and has built up a considerable archive.

Recently, we’ve had some technical problems (outdated video formats) preventing us from delivering this content to our viewership. Adding to the problem, Pot-TV’s original YouTube account was canceled suddenly after a row over copyrighted material, and we have been unable to recover the channel and its 10,000 subscribers.

Pot-TV’s new YouTube account is running strong, with daily uploads of new content and classic videos from the Pot-TV archive.

Check out some of our favorites, like this great “I Am Canabian” parody commercial with former Pot-TV director Chris Bennett:

Or hard-hitting interviews, like Marc Emery interviewing ex-DEA agent Celerino Castillo.

And reminders of the good-ol-days, like when a friendly Jack Layton appeared with Marc to campaign for the pothead vote:

Check out other classics by Marijuana Man and Rhiannon Rose, media specials on pot, and many more. More added everyday to Pot-TV’s YouTube account – Click here to subscribe.



  1. Anonymous on

    Where is the really really old stuff with Lance Matthews?

  2. Anonymous on

    I’m glad to see the “Cocaine, Contras, DEA and Marc Emery” interview back online. Was looking for it a while back but Youtube had shut down the original PotTV account. A great interview!

  3. highcrimes on

    Old Pottv video’s are great.

    The Chriss Bennet, videos on religous history were awsome.
    My favorite was the Anointment oil one, when Chriss explained that Jesus used WeeD to heal! I also liked when he went far back into history, I like to hear about the sumerians, don’t remember if he did ever go over them or not? I would love to know his thoughts on 2012-2150, nibiru, where noah’s arche is, ect ect ect.

    David’s Evil Dick video was great too! Levine did allot of greats. Back when his hair was green, man was he good.

    There were so many, I offer my help to convert videos. I have 3 pc’s all very cabable of such tasks. I am a GAMER!*puffs up chest*. I would do this for free, I wouldn’t be afraid of trying to convert real player format to Divx, wmv or what ever need be. I can do this right here at home. Vdub and xp!

    Check Highcrimes105 or veohblows on you tube.

    I say a few more bong rips for me then Back to sleep, :).