Free Marc Emery Rallies at ALL MP Offices Across Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery supporters Canada-wide will be joining together at their local Member of Parliament’s offices on Saturday, November 7th, at 2:00pm to demand freedom for the imprisoned activist.

Canadians cannot allow our Minister of Justice to sign a Canadian citizen, Marc Scott Emery over to serve 5 years in the USA! Show you really care this Saturday: grab a group of friends and rally at your local MP’s office with a sign saying Free Marc Emery!

Click here to find your Member of Parliament’s office.

Click here to find Free Marc Emery signs and posters.

Marc Emery is a marijuana activist imprisoned at North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, B.C. awaiting extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund pot activist groups.

Click here to read more about Political Prisoner Marc Emery.

Click here to go to the “Free Marc Emery Rally @ ALL MP Offices Across Canada” Facebook Page.



  1. Anonymous on

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  2. Anonymous on

    Somebody took my computer out with a virus just after posting a sensitive issue in the forums and I can no longer post there or you tube. I stumpled across something bigger tha me

  3. shiloh on

    I just want to comment that i understand the fear factor but that is what keeps people enslaved. It wasn’t until gays started “coming out” that they made such progress in their own fight for liberty. I have kids too and a job. But i know that they can’t can me for advocating for legalization of marijuana. I will no longer be silent on this subject. It’s criminal and its wrong. I have a child just starting school. My husband and i are meeting with the principal next week to let him know that our intention is that our child NOT be exposed to the D.A.R.E. program that is a part of the bc school curriculum. Yes the propaganda starts there and the fear. We intend to educate our child ourselves on the subject. it’s important to speak up, otherwise we are sheep.

  4. jodie on

    We’re just trying or create an organized event, but we encourage people to protest outside their MP’s office EVERY day! Thank you for the support!

  5. Anonymous on

    I DID NOT ASK TH ORGANIZERS TO REORGANIZE JUST FOPR ME LIKE YOU ARE IMPLYING MR/ MISS SEEYOUSATURDAY. I asked if it was _possible. There are other people in this world you know, who don’t have the same schedules as you, please remember that. We are all different but inside, we are all the same and want mark released so he can go home to Jodie and his children

  6. Anonymous on

    is there a make -up protest possible for Thursday? I will give up my Conversational French class if it will free Marc.

  7. Anonymous on

    I’ll be at my MPs office with signs and a bullhorn if I can get it! FREE MARC EMERY!

  8. SeeyouSaturday! on

    Man, I’ve never heard such whiney activists. Boo hoo, ‘I have to go shopping on the weekends’ – are you joking? If you can’t make it to a protest, just don’t go. Don’t ask the organizers to reorganize just for you. Talk about egocentric. Jeezzzz…

  9. jodie on

    The link to find your MP’s office is listed above: “Click here to find your Member of Parliament’s office.”

  10. Pedro on

    We Demand Democracy, Not Prison!

  11. Tooter on

    my MP is out and about in the community on the weekend..he has assistants to answer the phone and see people, such as pot liberation spokesmen. and nuts of all stripes. I know because my sister is his assistant. with all respect, I hope this works Jodie it sort of seems like you are banking on everybody else in the world out there reading your mind

  12. IHateSnitchs on

    I just wanted to make clear that I meant no disrespect in my comment. As I look at it now it seems it could be taken that way. Anyways keep up the good work, and have a great day.

  13. lil-italian on

    Jodie, where would my MP’s office be? im in Vanderhoof BC. if its in Prince George it’d be no problem for me cause i gotta go to PG anyways on saturday! thanks you!! FREE MARC!!

  14. jodie on

    The reason it’s on Saturday is because every Member of Parliament is in Ottawa Monday through Friday, and then they go to their home constituency office every weekend. So the MP will be in their office on Saturday and/or Sunday, which is why we chose Saturday as the day and MP offices as the location.

  15. jodie on

    Well, this isn’t the only way to help — there’s a list of 75 things you can do at and you don’t have to do anything you can’t afford or risk.

  16. IHateSnitchs on

    If this is part of the free marc campaign then it’s Jodie you need to talk to. It’s last minute because Jodie’s busy as fuck, and probably doesn’t have time to plan ahead. She doesn’t have a family to feed, and take care of. So she doesn’t need to do errands every weekend like the rest of us.

  17. Anonymous on

    I usually have to shop and do errands on Saturday as do other people with jobs, Can you reschedule this? Like this major league protest came up pretty fast Also it looks like it may snow by saturday. why did this have to be such drama and all at the last minute the stoner community have had four years to get ready for this last ditch event,

    I think my MP will be shopping and running errands on Saturday along side us other normal working people. Its such a suck ass thing Marc is definately getting deported for selling seeds. Maybe we should bribe someone in Ottawa, any suggestions who?

  18. Anonymous on

    I don’t know whether this has ever been considered much on the activist front but most of us have jobs and kids; and can’t afford to be seen by our family members and neighbours protesting about Marc Emery. Marijuana is still a “dangerous narcotic” in a lot of those people’s eyes. We’d love to and would do so in a second if possible, but we simply can’t. You can argue that this is a sovereignty issue (which it truly is) but most regular people will see it only in the criminal sense.