Marc Emery’s Prison Potcast #4 – Stephen Harper and The End of Days

CANNABIS CULTURE – In episode #4 of the Prison Potcast, Marc Emery reads his new essay “Stephen Harper and The End of Days (of Canada as we know it): Revelations about the Conservative Party’s direction for Canada”.

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“End of Days” is an comprehensive analysis of the Conservative Party of Canada’s new “tough-on-crime” laws, and Stephen Harper’s demented vision of Canada’s future as a Neo-Conservo-Christian paradise, where corporations profit as non-violent Canadians are locked up for smoking marijuana.

Marc discusses the hypocrisy of Conservative Party members who want to increase arrests and convert the country into a Super-Prison-State – and then get busted for drinking and driving, cocaine or other sordid offenses. Marc paints a disturbing picture of Harper’s plans for Canada as he stacks the Senate, Courts, and other governmental agencies with friends and fellow evangelicals.

Marc Emery is a marijuana activist imprisoned at North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, B.C. awaiting extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund pot activist groups.

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