Medical Marijuana Providers Targeted?

A lawyer on Thursday said his clients are registered medical marijuana providers targeted by "rogue" federal agent. DEA agents this week arrested several people in and around the city that they described as pot growers.A lawyer on Thursday said his clients are registered medical marijuana providers targeted by “rogue” federal agent. DEA agents this week arrested several people in and around the city that they described as pot growers.A lawyer for some of the pot growers busted by the DEA earlier this week said his clients are registered medical marijuana providers targeted by “rogue” federal agents ignoring a directive to leave such people alone.

But a spokesman for the DEA said the raids on multiple locations in and around Fort Collins have “nothing to do” with medical marijuana.

The DEA has refused to comment further on the raids, declining to provide the number of busts or if any arrests were made late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. At least one Fort Collins resident said she called police after seeing men – who turned out to be drug enforcement agents – moving through her backyard early Tuesday morning. She said her home backs onto a home raided by the DEA.

A Coloradoan reporter documented one of the raids, at 2206 Suffolk St. in Fort Collins. In that case, a DEA agent, a Larimer County Sheriff’s deputy and several plainclothes or undercover officers had laid out about 20 small marijuana plants on the home’s driveway and were processing them.

“The DEA showed up to execute searches. They raided multiple medical marijuana gardens. Most of them are linked to Larimer County, as far as I can tell,” attorney Robert Corry Jr. said. “We’ve got a set of rogue agents from the DEA who are blatantly … violating the express explicit written directives from their own bosses.”

Corry said his clients — who he declined to name – are registered with the state as both medical marijuana users and caregivers, permitting them to possess, grow and sell small amounts of pot.

Colorado-based DEA spokesman Mike Turner denied the raids were linked to medical marijuana. On Monday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder issued guidelines telling federal drug agents to effectively de-prioritize enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized the drug for medical purposes.

But the guidelines also make it clear that federal agents will enforce the federal laws when they find “commercial” pot-growing enterprises or when state marijuana-legalization laws are being invoked as a “pretext” by large-scale growers.

“What we were doing has nothing to do with medical marijuana or marijuana dispensaries,” Turner said. “We’re not targeting marijuana dispensaries … regardless of what that attorney is telling you.”

Turner declined to provide further information but said the investigation is ongoing and more details would be released at the “appropriate” time.

Jeff Dorschner, a spokesman for Denver-based U.S. Attorney David Gaouette, said investigators are “intimately” familiar with Holder’s order. He declined to release further information about the investigation.

“We are following those guidelines,” Dorschner said.

– Article from The Coloradoan.



  1. FoosMaster on

    The problem is that even after the people of those states have spoken overwhelmingly to support Medical Marijuana many government officials that were opposed to it are trying to make laws that are so restrictive that most businesses and patients will not be able to comply, thus effectively undoing the laws the people voted for.
    Total legalization of Marijuana is the Only sensible answer. It will solve a multitude of current problems and most people realize this. I truly hope that California can show us the way in next years elections by passing total Marijuana legalization, but until then, we will have to listen to commercial misinformation and lies told by the drug enforcement agencies and lobbyists that actually work for the cartels who have massive resources to pay for the air time.

  2. Ozlanthos on

    Obama made it very clear that he had absolutely no intention of doing what many many voters thought he would do :legalize marijuana. If about 40% of the people who voted for him knew he wasn’t going to legalize marijuana, they would have voted for someone else! I think that Ron Paul was the only candidate who talked openly about the absolute failure our drug war has been. I also think that the only way to get what we want is to vote for officials who openly claim the legalization of weed as a major part of their platform!

    Save your Country in 2010! Find an Independent candidate who resonates with your THINKING (as opposed to your FEELINGS) and vote for them!!!


  3. Cremater on

    I hate to say I told ya so but….

    Well actually I didn’t tell YOU so, I told them over at stop the drug but still…

    I KNEW that there would be raids of patients, providers or legal dispensaries (maybe even all of the above) within a week of the release of that memo everyone was oh so happy the Whitehouse put out. I knew it the day the memo was released and seconds after I finished reading it on that day.

    Please tell me that everyone else here wasn’t so gullivle as to think that memo actually meant anything. Please!

    Empty rhetoric and business for the drug warriors goes on as usual.

    Now I will make my next prediction and I will do it here.

    Looking beyond these raids in Colorado that occured within a week of the memo release, you can bet that the number of raids on precisely these same types of people and grows will grow with rapidity.

    THAT was the reason for the release of them memo I have decided. I couldn’t figure it out until these raids, but now I understand.

    They have every intention now of hiding behind the fact that they ONLY raid people and business that are high profile and working on a large commercial basis. This frees them up to raid anyone they like that has more than 3 or 4 plants growing.

    They can do this because people who do not use marijuana or specifically grow it have no idea what amount of plants should be considered large or commercial. To the uneducated 20 or 30 plants seems like alot.

    Even those with a limited knowledge of marijuana and its sale think that 20 or 30 plants is alot given our governments and law enforcements exageration of harvest amounts and street value.

    These are the poeple that by thier pot an 1/8th at a time for 30 bucks and that lasts them for a week or more. So when they hear numbers like 1 Lb. per plant and two plants with an estimated street value of 10k (both of which are highly exaggerated) they think 20 plants equates to 20 Lbs and 100k street value. That would be alot, if it were even remotely true, for the average smoker.

    so I say again..


  4. joe on

    What a bunch of fools going after a plant that kills zero people and can not even get you as high as a six pack of beer. It is because marijuana can kill cancer tumors it is all about big pharmacy.
    check out http://www.vitamin
    the cure for cancer has been around since the early 1950

  5. Anonymous on

    But you wont here everybody’s boy Obama say anything. That’s how it goes he says don’t bust them but you can and if you do they cant say anything about it being medical in court wow great new policy for us to get raped with fuck Obama until he gets some balls and fires these dea ass holes!