Video Shows Violent B.C. Police Takedown

Police in Abbotsford, B.C., are investigating after a video was posted on YouTube showing an officer stomping on and kicking a drug suspect who is lying face down on the ground, while another officer walks on the back of the suspect’s legs.

The incident happened Oct. 9 during a police takedown of three drug-trafficking suspects near a high school, according to a police news release.

The two officers involved reported that they witnessed a drug deal and then moved in and applied a variety of physical tactics to keep one of the suspects on the ground.

The car that the suspects were forcibly removed from can be seen rolling out of a driveway, unoccupied.

The video then shows one officer twice stepping on the head of one suspect and kicking him in the side three times while another officer walks on the suspect’s legs.

Abbotsford police have notified B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, but also said the actions might have been justified under the circumstances.

“They are challenged, not only by the fact that they are out-numbered in terms of three bad guys and two police officers, but they also have the suspect vehicle rolling into the street,” Abbotsford police spokesman Const. Ian MacDonald told CBC News.

Transparency is key: police spokesman

The incident was recorded by professional cameraman Ryan Skeete, who posted it on YouTube. Skeete declined to comment when contacted by CBC News.

One of the officers involved in the takedown found the video on YouTube and brought it to his superior’s attention, MacDonald said.

“Our chief constable ordered our professional standards section to make contact with the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner to start a Police Act investigation,” MacDonald said.

“We want to ensure we have public confidence at the end of the day and we are a transparent organization.”

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association said the incident involved an excessive use of force, which was not being addressed by police.

Association executive director David Eby said the way the Abbotsford police force was handling the situation was an instance of police “getting ahead of the message rather than responding to the core issue, which is they have two officers that basically beat up a man lying on the ground.”

Both officers seen making the arrests were still on duty Wednesday.

Police have recommended that two of the three men in the video be charged with drug trafficking.

See the video on YouTube.

– Article from CBC News.



  1. ex fbi agent on

    r u kidding me? all of that shyt is BS. the guy never resisted one time and was treated like he fluck the officers mother, twice. i k all to well how much police brutality there is going on in this country. they are getting to be like legal criminals, period. so stfu idiot

  2. Anonymous on

    thats BS and should be made public and handled by the IA. this kind of garbage happens to people all the time. innocent people are treated that way that are no more a suspect in stealing a piece of gum off the ground. if more videos were made on this type of crime police offers would actually do their job instead of being bullies to the public. i have made it clear to my child to better themselves and not become an officer of the law because they are brutal and dont protect or respect people period. someone needs to let them know they are being watched also and to remind them they work for us not against us.

  3. Anonymous on

    Even more clearly, the person posting is a pig.

  4. Mario on

    That guy was checking out his car getting crashed after he was pulled out by the officer which was then trying to stop the car. After that he run back and kicked his head even the suspect did roll over on his belly to submissive position. Surely that guy was talking to much but he was in anger of the brutality. There was no need to kick his head!!!
    100% Police brutality.
    100% Idiot on street.(but no need to kick his head)

  5. Wayne on

    I use to live in Abbotsford British Columbia, and I disagree in the way the two suspects were taken down as it was a clear case of excessive force. In the past ten years, Abbotsford has gotten quite violent with the drive by shootings and the exess of Crystal Meth, Crack Cocaine. Abbotsford use to be a nice placce to live, but today it’s getting to a point where you wonder if your going to get assaulted or shot at

  6. From the 70s on

    We have come a long way. We now have cops using their guns to bust street dealing. Wow.

    The cops are totally out of control.

    The Abbotsford Police have always been a little nuts even before their current Chief.

  7. Anonymous on

    Running your mouth does not constitute getting physically abused.

  8. Hairy-legged Abbotsford female police officer on

    Gee, looks like they’re big on hiring female officers as well as minorities.I wonder if they have problems with their staffing?
    Some of that gummit minority money sure helps things out.
    What a bunch of dicks, dykes, strap-ons and losers.

  9. chase on

    That’s funny, no taser this time…

  10. Anonymous on

    What happened to “innocent until PROVEN guilty?”.

  11. Anonymous on

    ever watch to catch a predator? I never seen those would be child molesters thrown down or kicked in the side of the head they get questioned and released with a court date on a ticket and you know exactly what them sick son of a bitches would of done to any child. they just found a little girl dead in a landfill in florida. you fucking cops make me sick.

  12. Peter Angelini on

    I actually got the departments phone number and their slogan “There is no second chance, after making this first impression.” That’s an image right on their homepage.

    So I called the department, asked for a supervisor that was not in.

    So I proceeded to leave a 5 minute phone message, urging them to look in to their departments civil respect/police brutality.

    There was absolutely no need to kick the suspect’s head in, REPEATLY, and think it’s okay.

    Then laughing with their arm’s crossed after.

    I personally (probably a duplicate complaint) complained about the male officer and stated the car number.

    I doubt this will have any action plan by the department in Abbotsford but they now have to listen to a 5 minute complain-message from me calling from the United States.

    It’s like the Jimmy Fund Foundation – a little [complaint] in abundence is a lot.

    I urge anyone else to call and complain. – Department’s Website.

  13. Anonymous on

    sure bud you might think your right,
    but the guy was on the ground, he moved his head up to see his car rollin down the street and he got it crunched to the ground,
    then the officer has his hand pinned beneath his foot and the other cop walks across his legs.

    this is not disicipline, this is bullying.
    these cops probably get beat up and teased in highschool and they were losers.
    now to feel better about themselves they think they can become a cop and take the law farther then it should go.
    cops in canada should be in like europe. they shouldn’t be able to carry guns in my opinion.

  14. Dan-o on

    There are good cops and bad cops, and good cops who act badly at times…probably bad ones who do good too. From all appearances the above mentioned officers should be investigated (do those EVER turn up a bad cop?)then dealt with accordingly. They are doing a very stressful and tough job, we should give them the benefit of a doubt. The ignorant cannabis laws are our enemy not the people hired to enforce them…usually.

  15. Anonymous on

    The real problem we see, is in the police training, all trainees receive in academy. They are taught to view all citizens of the United States, as their own personal control subjects. If they were taught that the people they collar are their first priority, (FELLOW) Citizens, not drug dealers,crooks, murderers, or robbers maybe, their respect for citizens would increase. Anyway this is a massive problem for us, THE LAW ABIDING CANNABIS USING COMMUNITY. We are the reason for all this nonsensical WAR ON DRUGS according to PROHIBITIONISTS they turn us into drug criminals instead of citizens who know the benefits of using Cannabis. They gave it a Mexican term. Marihuana was the original Spanish spelling of the word. They did not like the seasonal farm workers who brought their local weed with them. On this planet every thing comes down to our personal pre-juding of others. Mexicans had it right. This same weed of the plant Cannibis is not truly a weed. As a weed classified, is useless. The only people who know the benefits of it are the people who use it and the people who study it and those who do not want us to use it for these same benefits for us…because of the stock prices in the oil, pharmaceutical, police, and private prisons. We should quite literally smoke them out of their stupidity and evilness. I am not a criminal because of my Cannabis use. I happen to know the Benefits of using it to replace my over charged health coverage that cost me an (arm and a Leg)pun, Because of the wrong belief of people trying to save a fallen planet these troubling times exist. They do not know that this planet belongs to Satan and soon will become the Lords. They who are trying to stop us from using because it is a sin in their eyes are quit blind. Eye have the words of Jesus The True Judge. You say you see, therefore your sin remains. When we judge others we lose every time at least in the case of this God given Plant on this Planet.

  16. Mr Skunk on

    Fuck the law

  17. Anonymous on

    its realy not that bad, the walking on the leggs was childesh for sure tho. dude was moving around alot instead of positioning out to a more comfy pose it looked like he was reaching for his pocket. point is, we all have seen worse. wasnt the 100% rite actions from the police but wasnt exsesive wich is all their superiors care about.

  18. Wow on

    If anyone who watched that video thinks that there was justification for those thugs’ actions, I feel sorry for you. That situation was under control and yet we see a face get stomped and ribs get kicked. The second cop proceeds to walk across the first guy. After that he drops a knee into the guy’s back for shits and giggles.

    Until you go through an episode of police brutality you won’t know how sadistic these cowards really tend to be.

  19. Dave on

    First of all, if you believe your right why do you have to hide behind Anonymous. If you fear life then maybe they can provide you with some kind of protective custody? Your siding with your oppressors. I think they call that type of behaviour the “Stockholm Syndrome”?

    Secondly, most of us who have been at the receiving end of a bully encounter are very familiar with the “DON’T RESIST” mantra.

    Thirdly, we empower police with tremendous powers to help reduce violence in our communities, not increase it.

    Finally, you mention schools and kids. Well we didn’t see that kind of take down of that pedophile bishop. Damn he didn’t even get tasered at the airport. So don’t be getting all righteous on us here.

    Furthermore, I firmly believe that police structure and behavior is a hotbed for pedophiles. I’m sure once they rid the churches, orphanages and junior hockey leagues they’ll need to have a close look at abusive police.

  20. Anonymous on

    It’s like this pretty much wherever you go.A bunch of small-peckered Gestapo wannabes feeling the need to bear malice beyond their “job” as a fucking PUBLIC SERVANT.
    That copper wanted to shoot Suspect 2.

    The sniveling hate-the-world demeanor is the cause of a lot of managers in the private sector to be basically derailing their organization.These MFers are are a detriment to society.
    Abbotsford, you’ve got a problem.
    People of Gotham,behave yourselves.

  21. Anonymous on

    There’s a lot we’re missing from this scene. Cops usually won’t get physical and draw their weapons unless they perceive they are dealing with someone who might flee or try to fight them. There’s an entire scene before this that we don’t have on video. There were words, and that idiot who got kicked and stepped on kept running his mouth the whole time and making sudden movements.

  22. Anonymous on

    I’m the same guy who left that long post above. He’re one more thing:

    If I were the police, one of the very first things I would have done was to locate the guy who filmed this and ask him if he has ever filmed those two guys in that location at anytime in the past. If not I’d be giving him the third degree on what he saw that day and has seen previously.

  23. Anonymous on

    I know this won’t be the popular view, but I’ll tell you what. I’m on the side of the police in this video.

    Prohibition created every dynamic in this event, but it is not the atrocious injustice that the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and legalization activists will try to paint it as.

    I’m on the side of the police in this scene only due to the behavior of one of the suspects. His behavior should be a lesson to every activist minded individual who invites encounters with police. Here’s the title they should give this video. In fact, I suggest somebody edit this with the following text flashing on the screen: WHEN A COP DRAWS HIS WEAPON, BECOME PUTTY IN HIS HANDS. DO EVERYTHING HE SAYS AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Oh, and another thing: Never do anything to entice an officer’s rage. You’re not dealing with your fucking parents. These are the police. They’ll eat your parents alive.

    So how old are these chumps? Anyway? 18? What are they doing fucking around with drugs near a highschool? Why is that acceptable behavior to anybody who dreams of a peaceful and orderly world of happy and legal cannabis use for all?

    Don’t get me wrong! I know it all comes back to the ramifications of prohibition, but I don’t think it’s too much to have a little gravitas in our relationship to this reality and the fierce powers we’re up against even for merely sharing a belief in what Cannabis Culture represents to the world.

    I give the police a D+ for not losing it, but my vote goes to the police. If you have your weapon drawn, and you’ve got a guy who won’t comply, you might have to use that weapon and that is the last fucking thing in the world you want to do on yours and this stupid chump’s beautiful Tuesday afternoon. (or whatever day it was) So what if the cop used his foot to goad this moron into submission. This could be a very important lesson for this guy, or he could be spending some time in prison for dealing drugs near or within the culture of a highschool. Every school in my city has signs posted in the vicinity of any school that state drugs near the school means felony convictions and severe penalties.

    If you’re stupid, you’re stupid. I have no sympathy for the guys on the ground, except maybe a little respect for the guy they uncuffed and let up for a smoke. His behavior is an example of how things should go. He was much more compliant, kept his mouth shut, didn’g have any sudden movements like his numbskull associate, and they stood around and treated him like a human being in the aftermath. Not bad.

    Here’s what we’re not seeing: What caused the cop to go so far as to reach in and pull this guy out of his car? Don’t you think he probably said, “Stop. Get out of the car!”, before he just ran up on the guy and threw him to the ground? What was said in the seconds leading up to this scene. Why don’t we have that portion of the video? Do you suppose this film maker had an angle? What would have seen in that moment? One guy standing on the lawn. The other guy sitting in his vehicle. How big of a deal does this appear to be? Could these guys be armed if there’s enough cash involved? And there was also a third suspect somewhere off camera. So what’s going on? I’d need a lot more information and hopefully the police and everybody else will get what they need, but this just looks like filmmaking by an amateur.

  24. Anonymous on

    Until recently I thought Canada was a peaceful place to be all I can say is I was wrong. you people better do something and soon to stop these dictators or you will just be another neighborhood in America. your government is just as fucked up as ours. they will soon open the border to all American cops to come in any time they want and drag you to Jail. good luck you need it

  25. NotSure on

    when he was layin on the ground he moved like he was gona try and run but stepping on and kicking a person is pretty sick.
    dont those cops have tazers or pepper spray? in america, that little flinch he made, while laying on the ground, wouldve gotten him tazed in a instant.

    yea those cops should be fired though.

    and that third cop is the ugliest woman ive ever seen, at first i thought she was a samoan man with long hair.

  26. indijo on

    The cops love busting nonviolent possessors of mj. Why? Because they are never violent and never actually pose any real resistance. Cops know they have nothing to worry about when they bust people for possession of pot. Notice how they like to make it look difficult though, by using the tiniest excuse for applying violent methods. The guy looks up from the ground, so he steps on his head and crushes it into the dirt. How does looking up from the ground constitute a threat to the cop? It doesn’t. He is just using it as an excuse to brutalize and humiliate the guy, to make the guy look difficult.

    That gray haired cop was a sadistic pussy-ass. He probly couldn’t win a fair fight, that’s why he is so cruel when he has a gun and a badge. I hope he gets his ugly head chopped off. They laughed at the end. That’s because they were relieved to discover the guys were not as dangerous as they thought they might be.

    The cops are idiots. They drink the kool-aid, they buy the bs. They are told that all mj possessors are potentially violent and dangerous, and no matter how many times they bust people for possession of pot, and meet with little or no resistance, they continue to believe the lies. Why? Because they prefer it that way. It makes them look bigger than they really are. It makes them feel stronger than they really are. They are wimps hiding behind guns and badges. F__K them all to Hell!

  27. David Malmo-Levine on

    … the doctors found that possession of marijuana caused brain damage.

  28. Anonymous on

    hey are out-numbered in terms of three bad guys and two police officers” So where was this third “bad guy”?!? These cops are totally out of line. “Stop resisting” if you are already in cuffs, you are already arrested. By definition you cant resist. look at the gray haired cop laughin at the end “i got those dirty dopers, i kicked em right in the head.” then one guy is let go. Did they even find anything on them??

  29. TazeMe on

    ….and….it is quite normal for NORML to collaborate with LEAP…..

  30. 420Pug on

    Stephen Hitler would be proud of this takedown… i mean harper

  31. Caber1 on

    The Gestapo would be proud.
    Our police forces are just thug filled organizations who can never be wrong or accountable.
    I feel as safe around cops as I would at a Hells Angels party with a DEA jacket on.

  32. Anonymous on

    Son igual de cagaos de la cabeza que la policia chilena. Conchadesumadres se creen civilizados yankis y la chuchadesumadres , hijos de putas