Ask Ed: Grow Questions and Answers – Finger Hash

Question: My hands get all sticky from manicuring and the gooey resin gets under my nails. How can I keep the resin off me?

Internet reader

Ed’s Rosenthal: Wear powder-free latex gloves. They keep hands clean and make it easy to collect the very potent resin from broken trichomes. When it is collected it is often referred to as “finger hash”.

Trichomes collect when the buds are handled. Once the gloves are sticky use them only for manicuring as they will pick up impurities if you perform other tasks. Powdered gloves leak their powder into the resin too.

When you take the gloves off, put them in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer for a few hours. The sticky resin freezes and can easily be peeled off the gloves. Don’t re-use the gloves. Once you take them off start with a a fresh pair.

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