Ask Ed: Grow Questions and Answers – Finger Hash

Question: My hands get all sticky from manicuring and the gooey resin gets under my nails. How can I keep the resin off me?

Internet reader

Ed’s Rosenthal: Wear powder-free latex gloves. They keep hands clean and make it easy to collect the very potent resin from broken trichomes. When it is collected it is often referred to as “finger hash”.

Trichomes collect when the buds are handled. Once the gloves are sticky use them only for manicuring as they will pick up impurities if you perform other tasks. Powdered gloves leak their powder into the resin too.

When you take the gloves off, put them in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer for a few hours. The sticky resin freezes and can easily be peeled off the gloves. Don’t re-use the gloves. Once you take them off start with a a fresh pair.

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  1. Anonymous on

    narc alert

  2. Anonymous on

    No they cant you have to start them in coco coir from cutting or seed the same wth transferring coco to soil it cant and shouldnt be done

  3. Anonymous on

    When about 50% of the hairs turn brown pull it at night and no dont hang it by its root stake the branches off one by one and hang it in a cool dark wardrobe NO LIGHT AND NO HEAT AN NO FONDLING set an oscillating fan on the floor in the corner of the wardrobe go back 1 week later and u will have dry fresh potent bud when trimming the bud keep contact between hands and buds to a minimum put in a clean glass jar for 2 more days then smoke…………………………….enjoy

  4. Anonymous on

    I have clones in soil and i’m wonderig if they can be trasiferd to coco?

  5. Brian Kerr on

    Some people like and want a body stone. Stress releif and sleep come to mind.

  6. Anonymous on

    Finger hash is excellent! Once a lump of it is gathered, a small piece can be broken off, pressed flat on a table (eg. with a spoon), and vaporized very efficiently. Generally has a sweet taste and is very potent for the weight & size.

  7. mary james on

    when you’re ready to take it out, trim all the bigger leaves off whilst it’s in the pot and cut somewhere near soil level and hang upside down (for convenience). the longer you take to dry it the better. 10 days is good. too fast and it’ll take your throat out and taste chemical from the chlorophyl which hasn’t broken down. the plant continues to live for quite some time after you cut it and is still breaking down sugars etc to make it a smoother smoke for you.
    if you can bear to, leave the dry crop around six weeks to ‘cure’ and gain it’s final strength.
    hope this has helped.

    buy that book, the more you learn about growing stuff, the more you realise there is to learn.

  8. mary james on

    wait until two thirds of the hairs have turned brown then harvest. if you have a magnifying glass check whether the trichomes are starting to go cloudy or are turning amber, if they are, harvest immediately. leaving it too long will result in the THC starting to turn to CBD, meaning that the stone will change from a clear, head stone to a heavier body stone.
    as the man said, there are some very good books around – you’ll need them if you’re going to be getting better at this pastime. apart from ed rosenthal, jorje cervantes does a very informative “bible”.
    good luck.

  9. Dan-o on

    I don’t know…maybe you should check the local book store for a book by Ed Rosenthal. I hear they are chock full of useful information.

  10. Anonymous on

    I’m growing a plant in a pot on my porch. It budded, but it had all these little white hairs, then it filled in, and now the hairs are starting to turn brown. When should I pull this plant? Day or night? And do I hang it up by it’s roots like we did in the 60’s?

  11. Anonymous on

    Ed is a fuckin genius! A veritable Ann Landers of cannabis. Thanks for another useful tip ! : )