Day 12 without my husband at my side

I woke up this morning alone, for the 12th day. I get to wake up in a big, soft, warm bed, with the sunshine outside the window, and a hot shower to start the day. Marc wakes up on a narrow steel bed in a tiny cell, with a thick metal grate showing just a small glimpse of the outside world, and an open-space jail shower. It’s not fair.

I feel guilty that I am still at home, that I get to read the newspapers in bed, and sit on the couch with my laptop. Marc is in a place for bad people, a maximum-security remand centre awaiting extradition, but it could get worse (or better?) when/if he’s sent to the USA. Of course, the first few weeks or months are hellish, being shipped around to different holding centres and jails before being settled into whatever Federal US prison they send him to… at least now I get to hear from him and visit once a week.

Marc just called me right now, as he does every chance he gets, and told me that he got two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Sometimes they get just a sugary muffin, or slices of white bread. Today is better in that respect. He’s still feeling weak and sick, as he was very ill yesterday, throwing up, dry heaving, gagging, unable to get out of bed… he thinks it might have been the multi-vitamin he took, as he once had a bad reaction to them years ago. So much for trying to have a healthy lifestyle when surrounded by junk food and sickness…

It’s the weekend, and that means he and other inmates are locked into their cells for 20 hours each day — that’s 20 out of 24 hours, confined to a concrete cell! He calls me every time he gets to leave the room, so I’ll hear from him 4 times today. He keeps photos of me at the head of his bed, and tells me that every morning and every night he looks at my photo, kisses it, and says “Good morning miss!” or “Goodnight, miss”, and “I love you” — and I say the same to him every time he crosses my mind, every single moment of every day.

Tommy Chong saying "I'll take care of your wife!" while I hold a partial cut-out of Marc (to be used in our window display)Tommy Chong saying “I’ll take care of your wife!” while I hold a partial cut-out of Marc (to be used in our window display)There was a reason to smile recently, though: yesterday Tommy Chong came by the store to see me. He emails Marc regularly asking what was going on, and often shares his own plans and ideas. When he came to see me, he took two FREE MARC shirts (which you can get from at the link provided) to wear on his tour, and told me about his next tour project. He said that Marc’s story and situation will be part of that tour. Tommy says that Marc is “blessed” and will be protected, and that his story will be a feature movie after this is all done. I already know that, but it’s good to have our friend Tommy Chong assuring me everything will be okay.

I cried when Marc called just now, because I expressed how much I miss being naked with him, as we always are at home (who needs clothes in their personal space?) and how I miss snuggling up beside him, at his side and in his arms, every morning and night and all day long… it’s painful to realize that we won’t feel each others’ touch for months, years… or smell each other, or taste each other’s lips and skin… Yes, those are intimate thoughts, but they are what made every day so good when he was here. And now he’s gone, and I’m unable to get that energy from him (and vice versa)… But that’s motivation for me to get him out of prison as soon as possible. I hope you, reading this, are doing something to help!

Marc sent a letter with “72 Things You Can Do to Free Marc Emery”, which I will flesh out into 100. I’ll be posting it on in the next day or two, and soon after that we’ll be expanding and promoting the new website. Be sure to take at least one form of action every day! Intensity counts; it’s the only thing that makes changes happen. Be intense. Couple your sympathy for Marc with actual actions. Be the change you want to see in the world!

And as Marc says, “It’s possible that one person can undo the evil of several thousand people. You should never underestimate your power.”

I love you, Marc Emery, with all of my heart. I miss you so much…

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Zigzagfreeburning on

    They toyed with him. no doubt they knew there decision right from from the start . They let him out on bail the first time to think the Extradition might not be singed and gave him hope, so at the end when they took it all away it would hurt more emotionally. Now it has nothing to do about being against the cannabis culture it has to do with be a Canadian and standing up to our government for our rights.
    This goes to show how they can play with our lives like we are there puppets ,which I guarantee we are not. Even though it was a hard blow for Marc it will help us . Now there are more people helping not only from the cannabis culture ,there also people that are out there that seen what the government did and they don’t like it ,we are the ones that gave them the power we shall be the ones that take it away.
    It goes to show that the Conservatives are only out for them selfs they do not care about us. If it is good for them who cares what the down fall will be for us the people .When it comes and believe me it will come .There is a big down fall for them to. They can sit back laugh and giggle at us as much as the want. It just shows us and re insures us that they are not the people we want to run our country.
    The Conservatives may not be able to read this it is Canadian English format not US

  2. dontbitch on

    you cant have it both ways he chose to go to prison and you supported him and now you want to make people feel sorry for him and whine all day about how lonely you are. its just pathetic stop whining and buck up! unless of course you think it was a mistake purposely rubbing against the grain till the justice department snapped.

  3. Aw Yeah on

    Marc’s in jail for half a decade.She’ll snag a boyfriend soon.

  4. Anonymous on

    They’d BOTH be doing something like working in a car wash or driving a delivery van.
    They’re BOTH a couple.A couple of Johnny One-Notes.The show’s been over for a generation.Stay down.Stay down.Take your tasteless adolescent drug humour and leave.

  5. Don't call me Jodie,it's not my name on

    Will do,Cementhead.

  6. Eh on


  7. Anonymous on

    Yeah, it’s like, “let’s just get RID of this…” LOL

  8. Lesaonar on

    Show some respect for god sakes!

  9. We could have it ..right...HERE! on

    Give Seeds a Chance.

  10. Anonymous on

    “Tommy Chong” and “mastermind” never should be mentioned together.

  11. Johnny Bravo on

    Bravo,clap clap.Bravo. Bravo.

  12. Anonymous on

    Ok, for the sake of arguement, let’s say you are right. So what? What business is it of yours?

  13. Anonymous on


    Please relay to Marc that I recently received a Buddhist blessing and I dedicated it to Marc. Also I prayed for him during the Thanksgiving ceremony at my church.
    Blessings to you both


  14. Anonymous on

    Yes and President Bush was surprised on 9-11 when he was reading “My Pet Goat” to that elementary school class and the planes hit.

  15. Anonymous on

    We might not think it’s appropriate for someone to swoop in as soon as Marc is out of the picture. I’m still looking for where she ASKED to be taken care of. In addition to being a nice looking lady it seems to me she can take care of herself. How about doing something for Marc — remember him Tommy?

  16. Dan-o on

    Tommy Chong is a great actor and an intelligent man. And if he DOES want to get his hands around Mrs. Emery it is probably for dancing. Mr. Chong is also an accomplished (salsa?)dancer and friend of Mr. and Mrs. Emery.
    Your statements reflect poorly on you, not Tommy Chong.

  17. Anonymous on

    I think, yes we have (manners) but i’m affraid these guys are up to something. And what if it ‘s now only flattering her a bit, uh how bad could that be?

  18. one12alpha on

    The article I speak of is in issue #68. The cover is white with Barry Cooper of Kop Busters and Never Get Busted.

  19. one12alpha on

    Cheech would still be installing carpet if it weren’t for Tommy. Not that I don’t think he’s a good actor. Its just that Tommy is who made Cheech a celebrity, not the other way around.

  20. one12alpha on

    Tommy was the mastermind behind Cheech and Chong. If people would actually read Cannabis Culture, rather than look at the pictures, they would have read the article about Tommy. They would know the “stoner” character was inspired by someone he met (who was on LSD) in Vancouver while he ran a night club. If they actually watched all his movies, they would know about some of the non-stoner movies they made (Corsican Brothers, Yellowbeard), and that he also does other characters as well. Cheech, too, has more depth than the pothead Mexican role (Nash Bridges?). If they would do some research, they would also know that the Chong’s Bongs business was ran by his son, Tommy went to jail to keep his family out since the “pipe dreams” operation was aimed at him (much like Marc was the only seed vendor sought after)

    But, I suppose maybe some of the propaganda is true. Maybe there are a lot of marijuana users who are just plain ignorant. So, go ahead people, act like morons, learn nothing, research nothing, and perpetuate the stereotype of a “pot-head”. Give the propaganda some truth, and cannabis will never be legal.

  21. Anonymous on

    >>I don’t see him the type to do such a thing


  22. Anonymous on

    He could barely contain himself when he was visiting before. Hey Tommy, HOW’s YOUR WIFE?? LOL

  23. Johnny Pot Seed on

    May I suggest you research things before you make a fool out of yourself. Find out who directed some of the movies. I doubt he has a “mortgage” I am sure he has made enough money to pay for his house. Mr Chong is a brilliant man with great talant. His acting, in which he played the part of a “stoner” was fantastic. Anyone who smokes marijuana knows how funny it all was due to the propoganda that leads you to believe it was how “stoners” are.
    When in fact, it does not turn you into an idiot.
    I can not wait to watch the next movie he makes. I sincerly hope Mr Cheech agrees to make the movie with him, it would not be the same without him. I wish I could be a part of it. Maybe if Mr Chong reads this and has any part, no matter how small, heck, I would even be the joint roller for the movie, (I think they will need lots and lots of rolled joints.)
    Or, maybe there can be a small part for a character named Johnny Pot Seed. I can picture Cheech and Chong following a line of marijuana plants growing wildly as they run into a character named Johnny Pot Seed.

    I will work for seeds 🙂

    Johnny Pot Seed.

  24. Paddy on

    Jesus, do you guys have any sense of what is and what is not appropriate?

  25. Anonymous on

    Marcstock? lol

  26. Anonymous on

    Tommy Chong is a Has-been at best, he just wants to get his hands around Jodi. He’s no Actor, he only played a bit-part. How many times can the “Far Out Man” line fetch him money. No, Cheech was the talent, Tommy was the side-kick. No talent there, just bongs. His goal is simply to pay the mortgage, and maybe get laid. We’d do the same thing.

  27. Anonymous on

    Jodi is an extremely, EXTREMELY, sexy woman. What do you think Tommy means when he says he’ll take care of her. C’mon.

  28. Anonymous on

    Dude, look at the picture. Tommy wants to screw her. Who wouldn’t. It’s no disrespect, it’s nature. Jesus Christ, look at her!

  29. one12alpha on

    For Tommy. For Marc. For Jodi.

    Yes, Jodi is a very lovely lady. But there’s no need to carry on like that. Would you say such things in their presence? Tommy is a married family man, and his old lady is quite foxy as well, I don’t see him the type to do such a thing. He went to jail for 9 months to keep his family out of it… Remember the golden rule? Do onto others as you wish done onto yourself….Its a two way road.

    May others do onto you, as you have done onto them. In other words, what goes around comes around. Its karma, your disrespect will come back to bite you on the butt. Remember this the next time you have someone treat you like crap.

  30. one12alpha on

    Back in 1971, John Sinclair, an anti war activist, was arrested and jailed for selling 2 joints to undercover officers. After massive protest, and concerts dedicated to his freedom, he was released.

    That is exactly what we need here. Another HUGE movement like that. We need very popular bands to promote Marc’s freedom(like John Lennon did). We need actors and actresses to promote. We need another hippy revolution! If we could free a man then, we can do it again. We need a voice louder than the internet. We need a massive crowd, all in one place, all for one reason….Freedom! Not just for Marc, but for everyone.

    Spread the seed, free the weed.

  31. Anonymous on


    Tommy just wants to screw you. And what man wouldn’t?

  32. Johnny Pot Seed on

    Hi Jodie,

    I may have another item to add on your ways how to help Marc list. Marc wants us to “plant the seeds of justice and overgrow the government.”
    I have known Marc for many years, I lost touch with him after he left London where he had his City Lights Book store. I believe Marc is very much like myself, I dont believe he is politicaly motivated, I do not believe he is a criminal. I believe Marc broke the law and should be punished, as all people who break laws should be. Even if the law is unconstitutional and of no effect. (hmm, where did I hear that before?) I believe his punishement is far too harsh, perhaps a fine, or community service, tending public gardens might be an appropriate punishment for an offence such as this.
    I believe Marc has issues with grey areas, and things that do not make sence. Things are black and white, right or wrong. Marc questions things and pushes buttons until he figures out the how and why of things. A complex man with simple ideas. I could ramble on about character values for hours, like Marc, I tend to ramble on, talking to who ever will listen to me.
    I want to tell you of what I am doing. I grow my own marijuana. I am pollinating a few females and making “seeds of justice”, I am going to GIVE them to people. First, to friends I know are not going to report my illegal actions. I will ask them to give some of the seeds to friends and ask them to give some to other friends and so on. I know how many seeds a plant can produce and can not see this as a problem to be able to provide hundreds and thousands of “seeds of justice”.
    I believe this is what Marc has asked to be done, let Marc know it is being done. My idea, and challange to anyone and everyone who can, when you get one of my “seeds of justice”, please plant it, let it grow, feed it, love it, care for it. I ask anyone who can, if you grow marijuana, make some “seeds of justice” do the same thing I am, give them away. Let us get the laws changed so there can be no more wasted time on silly issues like this, it is insane to think this is actually happening.
    I will email or call you in the near future, please say hi to Marc for me and let him know, the “seeds of justice” are being sown. Keep your head up, one little step at a time, you are so overwhelmed right now with so much to do.
    Damn Marc for doing this to you, although you already know this has to happen before the change can occur. Marc is right, and right is right, black is black and white is white
    try to relax, smoke a joint, we will help take some of the weight from your shoulders.

    Johnny Pot Seed

  33. Anonymous on

    why the fuck would they put marc in a max security prison! even in a min security prison he would not try to escape. HE IS NOT A CRIMANAL!!! they put tommy chong in a min security for 9 months for selling bongs and that was total injustice! this is just fucking bullshit what they are doing to Marc. if Marc deserves 5 years in a max security prison, than a guy like Jaffer deservs crucifixtion!!

  34. Anonymous on

    lose your pacifistic nature, lose the war. That’s what the war on drugs is fighting in you.

  35. Anonymous on

    Thank you for sharing Jodie. I am so glad that Tommy came and saw you, they are definetly a couple who can understand and empathise with your plight at this time. Be strong, and remember you are not in this alone.Peace and Love

  36. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery is in jail so that all the pot prisoners can be freed.